Finding Your Signature Style

    Your “signature style” is your personal brand. Maybe you’re still exploring different looks and love to change it up—that’s great, too! We’ve rounded up some looks here to give you fashion inspiration!

    Not sure what your signature style is? Here are a few quick ways to find out:

    • Look through your social media profile pictures. What’s your look in most of the pictures? The photos you choose as your profile pictures are your favorite snaps of yourself, so you probably feel great in that style.
    • Think of the last five to ten clothing or accessory purchases you made. Notice a pattern?
    • What is your favorite outfit—the one you have to stop yourself from wearing every single day?
    • What are your favorite stores and the types of clothes they typically sell?
    • What celebrities do you always think look great?
    • What are your favorite types of events to get ready for? Youth group? Concerts? Formal occasions?

    Below are some examples of different looks.


    Casual: You love comfort and practicality. Shoes you can walk in all day, and outfits that will work no matter the weather or activity.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.50.31 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.49.25 PM


    Hipster: Earthy and modern, you love your look to reflect your artistic side.

    hipsterScreen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.51.35 PM


    Vintage: You would rather spend extra on an item from a consignment shop or thrift store than buy something new. You prefer classic looks and old-school beauty.

    vintage 2 vintage


    Glam: You love feminine chic and dressing up. You feel best when you are polished and wearing a little sparkle.

    glam 2 glam


    Professional: Your looks are tailored and mature. You invest in quality pieces and feel confident that you could wear most of your outfits to church, work and interviews.

    professionalprofessional 2


    Fashionista: You love to read up on the latest trends and styles. You like to experiment with new brands and to have your fashion always evolving.

    fashionista fashionista 2


    Sporty: You’re into action and functionality. Whether you work out a lot or just love flexibility and activewear, tennis shoes and exercise gear are your thing.

    sport 2 sporty


    Edgy: Whatever you feel like wearing, you do. You don’t like wearing a uniform and get a kick out of expressing yourself with your outfit.

    edgy edgy 2


    Urban: You love bright colors and fun streetwear. At any moment you want to be able to quickly walk a city block and maybe even break into a dance battle.

    urban urban 2


    Did any of these looks jump out at you right away? Do you know your signature style?

    What is your signature style?

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    1. *I LOVE glam… I have tons of sparkly jewelry and everyone knows I would rather wear a completely bejeweled dress then a plain t-shirt… I LOVE high heels… I could wear them forever! lots of people at church call me sparkle, because I always am wearing something sparkly, and sparkles describe my personality too! 🙂 *

    2. I’m definitely comfy casual. T-shirts, sweaters, and loose jeans are 80% of my closet. I love lightweight sneakers and suuuper comfy flats. I like the idea of wearing girly dresses but it almost never actually happens. I buy them….and then opt for jeans and never wear the dresses. haha 😉

    3. This is kinda a nit-picky thing, but the bracelet on the left edgy outfit is a bit triggering. It resembles far too much as a razor blade commonly used for self-mutilation, and I myself struggle with cutting. I just wanted to throw this out there as a warning in case anyone else gets triggered easily…

    4. It is possible to be all of them? XD I like to mix up my look and wear a little bit of everything! I especially like to mix different pieces together! Like vintage, yet edgy, or casual, yet fashionista 🙂

    5. My style is a bit of a hipstery professional casual. I love wearing beanies, boots, and cardigans, but I also pull off baseball caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the occasional hipster glasses. Typically, when I put an outfit together, it ends up looking exactly like something I would wear to church, and, if spruced up with a scarf or something, an interview. 🙂

    6. Is it alright to wear all different things? I don’t have to just pick one style right? I love vintage, edgy, urban, casual, hipster and sporty looks. I just didn’t know if wearing multible styles was not being true to myself.

    7. my favourite is the hipster but the casual is sooooo me!! I sometimes feel embarrassed about what my parents might think about my clothes ( don’t panic they’re always modest). I guess it’s because I was tomboy all my life but now I’ve changed my style as I’ve grown up… from sporty to I don’t even know what!!!!

    8. My style is kind of a cross between country and edgy, and I throw in some vintage for church sometimes. I looked up Asking Alexandria because that was the style I liked most and the shirt looked cool. I figured, “Hey, this is Project Inspired. It’s probably some really cool Christian band that I haven’t heard of yet.”
      Boy, was I wrong…

      The first song I clicked on had several f-bombs. The lyrics, beyond the cursing, were not… hmm, I was going to say uplifting, but metal and rock aren’t usually very uplifting anyway. I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t think the topic of the song was one I could really get behind, relate to, or enjoy listening to.

      Anyone who was going to look them up, too, just thought I would let you know. Also, I would have liked a head’s up, PI.
      Just saying.
      A good alternative band would be Flyleaf. They have really awesome band merch.
      And I’m not really into the skulls.

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