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Forever 21 Fall Haul 2018

Forever 21 has such cute things right now. In fact, there is a sale happening and there are great deals on sweaters, boots, scarves and more. There are great purses, wallets, jewelry and sewn headbands that are adorable. Definitely check out the store for new deliveries weekly.

Trends/Looks for Inspiration

Here are some outfits and deals I saw when I was there. I just snapped photos of some of the new styles and many colors, themes and looks that are cute. The “clueless” look, gingham pattern, skirts, leggings, puffy jackets, streetwear, fur coats and faux-fur vests are in right now. Yellow, wine colors and tan are really in for the season.


1. Puffy Jackets


2. Cute Boots



3. Fur Vests



4. Long Jackets/Smocks



5. Burnt Orange Colors/Body Suits



6. Checkered/Tied Pattern Blouses



7. Gingham Checkered Patterns and Skirts



8. Cute Purses



9. Backpacks and Scarves



10. Tassel Earrings and Jewelry



PI Girls, what’s your favorite item on the list? 

Image: StockSnap | Rawpixel.com


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