FTC Forces Cosmo to Respond to Me and FTC Secretary Donald S. Clark!

    Cosmo is trying hard to ignore us, and it took the FTC to get a reply out of them. But this is big news because it means that the FTC has the power to put it in a bag! I know this letter is Cosmo’s effort to blow us off while not upsetting the FTC. But it doesn’t understand that we are going to KEEP AT THIS until it are forced to be in a bag to protect kids from porn tips!

    It’s funny–the letter says that Cosmo is empowering women through advice on relationships, careers, health, beauty and other issues, yet it didn’t mention the SEX and porn tips it focuses on!

    Cosmo is “proud” of its tradition of service to readers? It teaching young girls that the only way to get a man to notice you is through sex!

    They have no idea that we are starting a WAR on this magazine and that this mission is going to succeed because we have the POWER OF GOD  with us!!

    I don’t know why the letter is uploading small, but just click on it and it shows you the full image!

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    Please take 10 minutes and file a complaint to the FTC. Click here to file the complaint!

    They look at every single complaint, and this will bring it to their attention. The information you need to fill out:

    Step 1.) “Let’s Get Started”–fill out your name, address, and contact info.

    Check “other” when asked what your complaint is about.

    “What kind of company are you complaining about?” Click “other,” then “magazines.”

    When asked how you were contacted, check “not applicable.”

    When asked “Did you experience any of the following? Please select all of these that apply:” Check “The magazine is advertising/ offering innapropriate content.”

    When asked if you know the name of the company, “Check Yes.”

    Step 2.) Fill out the name of the company:

    Company Name: Cosmopolitan Magazine published by Hearst

    Company Address: 300 West 57th Street new York, New York 10019-3791

    Company phone number: (212) 649-2000

    Company email address:

    Company website:

    SKIP STEP 3!!

    Step 4.) Fill out your info again

    Step 5.) In the empty box, write something along the lines of “Cosmopolitan is marketing dangerous and graphic explicit sexual material to children under 18.”

    Step 6.) Review your complaint, make sure it’s correct and click SUBMIT!

    Please fill this out, it only takes 10 minutes and it will be such a big thing you can do to support me in this Anti-Cosmo Mission. Your letter IS read and will make a difference!

    Make sure to check with your parents that it’s okay to fill out your address, but show them that it is a government website so it’s secure and safe.

    Comment here your thoughts, and if you did it please let me know!


    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Hey! I am planning on writing a complaint letter back to the FTC, but I want to know if you could possibly type up the letter as another article? I’m having a hard time reading it when it’s blown up. Congrats on this major achievement, even though the Cosmo reply letter seemed very hypocritical!

    2. Seriously, it’s a womens magazine. None of your “proof” showed in any way that Cosmo is targeting children. If it’s at a childs eye level, take it up with the supermarket, not Cosmo. They put blockers on it to cover the words up. What more do you want? Now no one has to read the words and the people who want to buy it can flip through it. No one here would even given Cosmo a second glance if you hadn’t ranted about it. The woman posing while sending a sext is used as an example, not to contradict what the editor said. Cosmo is for grown women. Young girls should not be reading it. They’re not making it appeal to people who don’t read it in the first place. The new design looks like ANY other womens magazine. They’re not targeting a younger audience, they’re being unoriginal copy cats. The editor even admitted doing something “similar”. IF a kid is in line at the grocery store, they’re more concerned with the candy and toys in line than a magazine. And I don’t know anyone who’s two feet tall and can be influenced by words since they’re most likely sucking on a pacifier. Cosmo appeals to women who have sex because (believe it or not) grown women have sex. Grown women who have questions or who want to read stories and experiences from other women can go to Cosmo. Some woman might have health concerns or maybe needs advice. A girl who reads this magazine regularly either does not care or is allowed to.

      Not every one is a Christian. Not every one was raised like us or has the same values. Not every woman has morals. Cosmo is not telling young girls to act like sluts. They’re giving sex tips. If you don’t like it don’t buy the magazine every month and complain about it. There are tons of people out there who look for advice in all the wrong places and Cosmo is one of them. They have other things besides sex; that topic is focused on most because millions of women are sexually active. Most of the tips are for women who are in relationships. Not every man will leave after sex. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Women can have a secure and stable relationship while having sex. You’re exaggerating. They aren’t showing girls how to be used or played. They’re sex tips for crying out loud. Get a grip!

      Honestly, I think the plastic bag idea is terrible since a parent should be the one filtering out all the garbage for their children. They already have blockers on them. Just get it limited for people who are eighteen and older. Problem solved. You’re addressing about the girls who make poor decisions anyway. It’s ridiculous to add to the metric tons of plastic already in the landfills. Plastic bags cause over 100,000 marine animal deaths each year because they mistake it for food. Manufactering plastic adds to the tons of carbon emmisions, contributing to global warming. 60- 100 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s plastic.

      Most people don’t recycle and many of them don’t care. Plastic takes over 400 years to biodegrade. Four hundred years!! Cosmo has the right to print what they want, and since it’s not targeted to children, it’s completely legal. You’ll just have to learn to deal with it just like I dealt with an atheist roomate who I’m sure would love to have the Bible or scriptures on billboards blocked because it’s against her own views. It’s bad enough they got the 9/11 memorial changed and are trying to get God taken out of the pledge and money. The age limit is fine but the plastic isn’t. If it’s the covers that’s a problem, then more magazines besides Cosmo would be having the same problem.

        • I know you’re getting an age limit since you’ve stated it many times before. You also want plastic bags over every single copy. Not many people recycle and some people just don’t care. Getting a plastic bag over 80 million copies of Cosmo? Are you trying to make the Pacific garbage patch bigger?

      • Cosmo putting “(X amount) Sex Tips” on, quite literally, EVERY issue, is inappropriate. It is teaching young girls (NOT toddlers, as you mentioned) that we, as women, must hand over our body to please or keep a man. It doesn’t matter if the kids reading the covers of the magazines are Christian or Non Christian, it is inappropriate to be on newsstands. You mentioned that most supermarkets put a blocker over the cover. In nearly every Barnes&Noble, Wal Mart, Publix, etc. that I’ve ever been to, you can see the cover, plain as day. They do it because they CAN, it’s legal. The majority of store owners will do anything to make money. (For Example, sell inappropriate magazines to underage girls.) However, If we put Cosmo in a nontransparent bag, they can’t. On your argument about environmental issues, it is very simple to use recycled materials, or biodegradable paper. As long as it’s nontransparent, that is all we’re looking for.

        • Not everyone thinks it’s inappropriate. They’re just sex tips. They’re not meant for or targeted to young girls. If someone doesn’t want to read them, they don’t have to. Cosmo isn’t making people perform these acts. You saw the video and the captions Nicole used. Did you want to go out and sleep with a guy? No! It’s a magazine! Cosmo is not the reason younger girls make stupid decisions. And paper is being over used- it’s become just as bad as plastic.

      • Amari,If you’re so against the campaign and you think that none of the evidence is even worth mentioning, then why do you feel compelled enough to write a post like this EVERY DAY. It really sounds like you don’t think this would even become a movement, so please give me a reason WHY. Are you trying to persuade us to think otherwise? Are you just giving your personal views? If that’s the case, then I think you done a good enough job.

        • Did you bother to read what I even posted? The plastic is going to be catastrophic if 80 million people who read the magazine are just going to rip off the cover and throw it away. I don’t care about the age limit since Cosmo is not forcing people to act a certain way. I care about the fact that hundreds of thousands of animals will be hurt and killed because of the plastic covers that will contribute to litter. Plastic doesn’t even biodegrade- it’s built durable to withstand anything. It just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, running off into water supplies and harming more organisms.

          It’s not just my personal views. These are actual facts. Many animals suffer before they die from the plastic bags caught in their systems. You’re the pot calling the kettle black. Isn’t it your personal view that Cosmo is a disgusting magazine? Because I’m pretty sure some woman who subscribed doesn’t think so. Aren’t you signing the petition EVERY DAY and sending it around to people so they can sign it too? Aren’t all of you filing complaints? How is that any different than what I’ve been saying? Don’t you think you’ve done a good enough job with all this?

        • I agree, Stephanie. Whats the use of constantly fighting with Nicole over this and Lady Gaga?? And for the record I think the goal is to keep it away from teens, NOT people who are “two feet tall” because insecure girls DO take those things to heart, whether they are Christian or not. Cosmo is saying “do this and you’ll be able to be loved” which is totally false. Sex does not equal love, and Nicole wants to show people that. Why is that a problem??

          Sorry for the rant I’m just a bit frustrated.

        • @gracie_smith- Isn’t that what you’re doing right now with Cosmo? Constantly fighting a magazine that’s in it’s right top print what they want? Cosmo is giving sex tips. It’s up to the person to follow them or not. We all saw the video right? Did you want to go sleep with a bucnh of people? Don’t blame Cosmo for the fact that people make dumb decisions. If Cosmo was actually affecting girls the way you think it is, this would have been done years ago.

          Again, I do not care about the age limit. I’m trying to get you to understand that the PLASTIC is harming the environment. If constantly posting to get my point across (because you all seem to be ignoring that obvious fact) is what I have to do then so be it. Some of you were writing on the editors facebook page. Some of you sign the petition and write letters. Please explain how that is any different than what I’m doing? We disagree, so what? I don’t buy into the fact that people are “getting hurt” by a magazine. Cosmo has never said “do this and you’ll be loved.” That’s just bull.

        • I do agree with the plastic thing, that comment was not on here yet when I posted. That is one thing about the petition I’m not that pleased about.

          However, Cosmo IS telling people that sex will get guys to love you, just look at the covers. “50 sex moves that he’ll keep coming back for”? To an insecure girl the idea of somebody “coming back” for them will most likely draw them in.

          I’m sorry. I have no intention of offending you or your views, I just want to share mine. I do agree that this can cause some issues concerning the planet, so thank you for bringing that to my attention!

      • Amari, if you’re SO concerned about the world and the animals, instead of ranting on how to dislike the idea of us trying to put a magazine so no underage teenager can read it, why not start your own project on how to help animals. And stop littering. Instead of putting someone’s idea down, start you own, and be SUPPORTIVE. WWJD? I mean this is a Christian girl website, and God should be proud of what we do, which is supporting and comforting. Not ranting and trashing.

        • I’m a member of Stop Chinese Fur Farms, Defenders of Wildlife, and Pet Pardons. And how is my ranting any different from Nicoles? We’re both trying to change something aren’t we? Just because we don’t agree on a topic doesn’t mean my cause is any less than hers. I have never once discouraged or tried to make her give up. I don’t think underage people should see it, but I also don’t think they’re hurt by it since a magazine cannot force you to do something dishonorable.

        • @Amari. I have to say, I do respect your opinion and I can see how you can be right but right now, all I’m thinking about are the women out there who are single, alone, and ashamed about themselves. There are so many girls out there (teens too) who would be willing to do anything to have a boyfriend and feel like they can be loved like that. OVER HALF of the teens at my high school are not even virgins anymore because there are people and magazines all over the world telling them that they are not good enough.

        • @Kathrie- how is that connected to Cosmo? What does half the girls at your school who are no longer pure have to do with Cosmo? Cosmo cannot force you to do anything. It is a magazine- paper and ink. The media in general is wired to keep people feeling low enough so they spend money on something they don’t need. It’s marketing. It’s not pretty, but that’s how it is. I cannot support something that attributes to thousands of animals being further killed because of something as simple as a plastic bag.

        • okay! 🙂 Thanks so much for what you’re doing, my mom has been turning magazines like this one backwards in the newsstands for so long, now maybe she won’t have to! haha 😀 I’ll be praying for this petition & the complaints to work!

    3. Umm not to burst anybody’s bubble but I think this magazine should be changed by April or before… Why? Well cuz Selena Gomez is gonna be on the April one.., and that means little kids are gonna want to look at it… So there is the proof that Cosmo is targeting little kids… Who cares if Selena is 19 about half her fans or more are under 18 & under 13… So pray that this gets sold in the paper thingy before this issue comes out or little kids are gonna be looking at this!!!! P.S. for those of you who don’t believe that Selena is doing Cosmo…
      SHOCKER! she was one of my role models…

    4. I filled out the complaint form. I can’t stand the fact that they are putting those sexually explicit things on a magazine for young girls. I support you 100%. I went through a struggle with pornography at a very young age because of companies just putting it out there for all eyes to see, but I thank God for delivering me from that addiction. Thank You Nicole for doing this, God Bless you!

    5. Oh my goodness, really? They’re defending themselves? Wow. Well, they can try and hide the truth, but anyone with eyes can see it for themselves, and it’s obvious to me that this is a public concern. Keep fighting, Nicole! You will be victorious!

    6. Just submitted mine. I said, “Although the sexually explicit material Cosmopolitan continually publishes does not at first glance appear to be targeted to girls under 18, there is no restriction against them buying it. It has graphic descriptions and is the equivalent of pornography, but in words. Young girls buy it and read it, and find out about these things in a wrong and distorted way. I have heard of even preteen girls being hurt by the material. Cosmopolitan continually brushes off warnings of how dangerous their articles are to girls and refuses to take action to protect them.” They are hurting us with words, and we will fight them with words (and more importantly, GOD).

    7. Just did it!! It’s so good to be proactive, and if I have to walk by those disgusting magazines in grocery stores, I will glaaaaaaadly fill a couple dozen more out and send them to all my friends. 😀

    8. Everyone, please remember that though others may have opinions different from your own, there’s a graceful way to deliver them. You don’t have to point out the other’s failings and inconsistencies; note the good things about the comment and add to it. God lives in us, He’s watching us and loving us every minute. Please Him.

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