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Girl Talk: First Kiss Stories

PI Girl “IamofEternalEthnicity” started this forum in Girl Talk, which has received all sorts of sweet responses. Here’s what inspired her:

Ok, I just recently had my first kiss. Like the total girl I am, I NEED to talk to other girls about it!! Here’s mine and if you want to, post yours.

For our third date, he invited me over to his house for his older sister’s graduation party. It was really fun. We went swimming (me in a modest shirt and shorts, of course) and had supper with all his uncles and cousins and brothers-in-law and people like that. After supper we jumped on his trampoline and then walked around the pasture behind his house. Behind a barn, he asked me if it was okay to kiss me. I said yes, and it was really sweet. Now I can’t stop thinking about it and how much God has blessed me through him! What are your stories?

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