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I’m fifteen, and I’m worried I might never meet that “special someone”. I know it sounds weird because I’m only fifteen, but hear me out. I go to a tiny church in a small town, there are no teenage boys at the church. I don’t have the choice to change churches either. I’m also home schooled because the distance from here to the nearest school is nearly 40 minutes, and it’s just to much gas money to pay. I ride my bike around and meet ppl a lot & there are teenage boys I know, it’s just that none have the same morals as me, so i refuse to date them. Sometimes I wonder if I should lower my standards, but I can’t do that, & then I get really depressed. I’ve only met 1 boy that didn’t cuss, was republican, was christian, and he had also listened to christian music(Christian music’s a plus not a must). After 2 yrs. of liking him, I confessed & he rejected me 🙁 I can’t tell if I’m unlikable? Ugly? Annoying? Or is it really just my standards? Should I lower them?WHAT AM I DOING WRONG TO WHERE I AM NOT MEETING THESE GUYS. People say God is just waiting to give me to someone special, but I’m almost not caring anymore. I just can’t get a guy even though all my friends have them, it feels like they’re rubbing it in my face sometimes. :'( I feel really lonely and confused. I just want to know what I’m doing wrong? Is it my fault?