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Okay (I’m new to this site so idk if I’m submitting this correctly lol), so there’s this guy that I am REALLY attracted to. We went to middle school together and didn’t talk very much but he always made me laugh and I developed a huge crush on him. When it was time for high school, we went to different (rival) schools and I didn’t see him or hear from him for years. And now it is my senior year and guess who runs into me in the hall, screams my name and hugs the daylights out of me? He does!! I had forgotten how attractive he was and now it feels like the crush i used to have on him is coming back. He is a minister now (at 17!) and I REALLY adore that. We never really see each other but I really am starting to like him again. I have had multiple dreams about him. I feel I am not good enough though because he’s on the football and basketball team and I am a nobody at my school.
Could you please help me?! Are the dreams signs? Should I be attracted to him after years of no communication? Am I good enough? Would God give me these feelings though I asked Him to not give me these feelings for anyone else anymore besides my future husband?