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I have been talking to this guy from church for over a year now. We have been through a lot the last year. We started talking to each other around August of last year while in a missionary trip to Niger, Africa. I thought he really liked me back then, but he ended up going out with this other girl as soon as we got back from the trip. His mom did not approve of it and they broke up. January of this year he apologized for everything, and I forgave him. We have been talking since then, and he changed a looooot! He is one year older than me, but everyone thinks I am older because I am more mature. He really wants our relationship to workout, but I have been holding back. I feel like I am still holding on to what happened, and all the stories, but I dont have the guts to talk to him. Even if I did how would I even start the conversation? His mom is the youth leader at my church and his sister is one of my closest friends, I am scared that if I mess things up with him I am going to loose my relationship with them to. Any advices ?