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This will take a while! There is this guy that goes to my church and we have youth together. He is two years older than I am, and he went out with my older sister a long time ago. I am very good friends with his mom and dad and his cousin. Before we went to church camp he started flirting with me….. keep in mind all this happened a long time AFTER he went out with my sister. Anyways, he started to talk to me a lot more, flirt with me….I think, say give me a hug which i did, and give me high fives. And then that stopped. Then he started flirting with my sister knowing that she has a boyfriend who happens to be one of his friends. I was well aware of this and so was my sisters BF. I distanced myself between me an him and he was like why? And then we left to church camp. He started to flirt with both of us on the bus to church camp. While we were at camp, he told my sister that he liked her. She didnt know how to respond, but I think she still had feelings for him. Then he left to Alabama for the summer, leaving my sister, myself, and himself confused. He cam back and starts to talk to my sister again but not ¨flirting¨. Recently he has flirted with me and I like him. He hugs me and tries to interact with me. And he came up behind me and hugged me and kissed my neck and kissed my hand and I wanted too! And then he puckered his lips up to mine and was like ¨feel them¨. I felt so special, and I wanted to but I didnt because we were at church and we were in front of friends. i dont know what to do. Hes older than me and Im pretty sure he still likes my sister. And he talks to a lot of girls too. I think im being played. Advice please?