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Mandi and Merry…Come my loving Sisters. If Eurydice and Slinky want to act like babies…let them. They are both “grown” women who fight with those younger then them. They whine and complain ALL the time, i guess they just keep getting out of the wrong side of the bed every morning. They always look for ways to fight like babies and whine and complain and pretend to be the victims. But just ignore their childish behavior. You both have better things to be doing with your lives. Just ignore them.

I would suggest a good laugh because their comments are super immature and it’s funny when adults pick fights with teenagers. But seriously girls, move on and don’t let them get to you. Don’t be afraid to act mature.

If they wish to be babies and pick fights and suck their thumbs…So be it. But we all have better things to do than get offended by their so called “threats. LOL. I’ll have to keep adding all their “mature” behavior to the list of things for the teacher to read. I’m done babysitting them. I love you Mandi and Merry. Get ready for some more “mature” behavior. LOL.