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Hey Alli! Look it’s really simple, I have had plenty of guys I dated, and I got hurt and courted with a guy I seemed to really dig him. As I got older I’m 22, and I am so blessed I have not had a boyfriend since I was 16. Don’t look for a boyfriend, guys still need to mature like around age’s 25. My advice to you is seek God, fall in love with him, and the right guy will come along when you don’t expect it too. I know I know… it’s hard but in able for you to meet and date the right guy, pray that you are content being single. I am so happy that I haven’t had a boyfriend, a few of my older friends are married and have kids. But I’m still in college [well I haven’t started but I will maybe in winter or spring.] It’s hard to see several of young girls rushing to find a boyfriend. Girl you don’t need a boyfriend! Fall in love with God so in love with him, that you wouldn’t even care you have one. Pray and read scripture get to know God… I pray that it opens your heart! If you are not content with single life and in love with God, a boyfriend will well let’s just say disappoint you or hurt you. Since I dated a lot of frogs, but girl boys are dumb! This is my friend on the link. Hope my advice helps….