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I haven’t really had any rules (since dating hasn’t been an issue, seriously only one guy has shown interest and I don’t like him back), but I would totally suggest waiting until your at least 17 (that’s my age). The teens are a time when we as girls (and guys, but I only know my side), are figuring things out, spreading our wings, learning to fly, and it’s a very confusing time. As much as I would LOVE a boyfriend, I’m grateful that God kept me from a road of broken hearts that I know I would have gone down had I tried to date or court earlier. If you and a guy like each other, then be friends until your both old enough. Life is crazy and you never know what changes will happen. It’s cool to sit together, talk a lot, etc. It’s not like you can’t see each other at all, just be careful how quickly you take it to the next level of bf/gf. It’s okay to wait.