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To “remember” God in what you do, is to carry the task out in the way he said to do it, in an upright manner (be diligent, honest, don’t cheat, don’t lie, seek to edify others with the task, etc…).

Like vanilla was saying, it’s not a literal praise song 24/7, but how you do a certain thing. Do it godly and you’re remembering God. Do it in a worldly fashion and you’re forgetting God.

A few examples:

a) you’re tutoring somebody: forgetting God in that scenario would be, losing your patience, condescending their intelligence, teaching that person to cheat during a test, or providing answers to an upcoming test. Remembering God in that situation is to teach them in a way that is honest, that makes them memorize the information for themselves, encouraging, instead of insulting, with lots of patience and gentleness.

b) you seek out entertainment: let’s say you pirate music/a movie instead of paying for it: engaging in theft for entertainment purposes, means you forgot God; if you paid for it and sought the honest, legal way, you remembered God.

c) you were given a homework assignment and you’re asked to write an essay: you take a worldly stance (you forget God); you take a spiritual stance, one that adheres to his commands—that would be remembering God.

As for Proverbs 17:27, that means a person who has knowledge is very careful about the words they choose to articulate and does not react out of impulse, but thinks it over. Remember that every idea you express will have an impact on another’s life. There’s no such thing as chit-chat/small-talk. We will be judged for every word we ever spoke (Matthew 12:34-36). Speaking a lot, in and of itself, isn’t the problem. The content of what you’re saying is the issue and thinking carefully about what you say is what a person with knowledge does. Not every thought that comes to mind has to be articulated, especially if it’s coming out of an impulsive emotional reaction.

Other verses that speak the same: James 1:19; Proverbs 10:19; Ecclesiastes 7:9

I hope that helps. 🙂