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Hi, I know this is a little late from when you first posted, but I feel impressed upon to reply. It’s easy to feel sort of let down, and in shock, so to speak, after having left a youth camp and having spent much of your time there focusing on God and feeling His presence. So when you come home, it’s understandable that you feel far from Christ. You want to feel His presence in every single moment of your life and love Him. But it’s different. A thing that you may be forgetting is that your relationship with Christ is just like any other. I feel like God has placed special people in our lives so that we learn how to develop a loving relationship that we can reflect in our relationship with Christ. If you want to love Christ and be close to Him, you’ve got to do the same thing you would with the relationships you have with people: you’ve got to cultivate it. You have to get to know Him, just like you would with any other person. You don’t just automatically know everything about God right away. Do you know everything about a person when you meet them? No. So if you want to love God, you must get to know Him. Just like with other people. You start to love them more and more as you get to know them. While God isn’t a human being, it’s sort of the same dynamic. And people are made in Christ’s image. So getting to know Christ, is like getting to know a person. It just takes time, and you should care for Christ just as you would with people here on Earth. Nurture the relationship you have with Him, and you will come to love Him. Ask for an eagerness for His Word. Remember, you get to know Christ by reading His Word. He is the Word. It helps if you think of reading your Bible in another light. A lot of times, we tend to think of reading the Word as a task we must do for the day, the good Christian thing to do. We think,”I’ve read my bible today, I did good, and God will be happy with me.” But we’re forgetting why we read the Bible. It’s not just something good we do. We read the Bible because we want to know Christ. We want to know why He loves us so much and how we can love Him in the same way. That should be enough motivation to read our Bibles. A thing my pastor always tells me is this: “Seek Jesus in the Bible.” Read the Bible to seek Christ. Otherwise, think about it this way…why do we read out bibles? Is it not pointless to read them if we are not trying to seek Jesus in the Word? Reading our Bible does not create any favor in God’s eyes. Anything good that we have done does not make us any better in His eyes. But because Jesus paid the price we could never pay, we now have favor with God. Just keep that in mind when you read your Bible. Make sure your heart is in the right place when you read. Take these words into consideration. And if your heart is not in the right place, ask God to change it. He listens. He knows the nature of our flesh and how it causes out hearts to be hard. He is the only one that can change it. I understand the way you are feeling right now. I’ve been in that situation many times. I’ve gone to youth camp and those experiences are the best I’ve ever had so far in my life. I learn so much and have such a great desire to follow God afterwards. But the situation is different when you get home. You are so pumped up and when you get home you feel sort of let down. In shock, in a way. And then you sort of wane off and eventually shut Christ out of your life. Then you figure you can wait until youth camp rolls around the next year and rededicate your life to Him next year. But that’s not the kind of person He calls us to be. There is no in-between ground with Christ. We can’t continue to live in half-faith, loving our sin but still trying to live for Him. It just doesn’t work that way. He is a perfect God, blameless and absolutely holy. He can’t accept us that way, it’s against His nature. He hates sin, and the sin that lurks in our heart, even when we try to come to Him. That’s why it’s important that we give everything to Christ. To confess of our sins. Read Psalms 66:16-20. It’s not too long but I really feel like this will speak out to you and touch your heart. You’ll find that the pain of pouring all the evil that hides in the heart and laying out everything to God will liberate you from your flesh. And you’ll feel God pour out His loving mercy on you and you will see Him. That’s what you learn from those verses. Confess, cry out and the Lord will listen. That’s what it means to take up our cross. It’s a high calling and a painful sacrifice, but think…what did Christ do for me? That’s a far greater sacrifice. He was perfect, and still is perfect. He gave up a perfect life, severing the perfect relationship that He had with God. Our sacrifice, on the other had, seems meager in comparison. Our sinful and imperfect life as a sacrifice to God? We cannot compare to Christ’s sacrifice. It definitely was the ultimate sacrifice. All we can give is our hearts to Him, even in all it’s imperfectness. Thank the Lord of above that He gave us His Son. That is true love right there. And think, who or what is worthy enough to give our hearts to? Is it an object? Certainly all the riches of the world can’t save a rotten heart. Is it a friend or perhaps a boy? They are just as imperfect as us, a sinner without any merit. Just consider how valuable is the thing you place your heart on. Our lives are valuable, are they not? So what is valuable enough to place our heart in? Christ is, for He was perfect on this Earth when we never were. He was what we could never be to God. Just keep that in mind when you start trying to love something more than God. Sorry that I got a bit off track in helping you out, but remembering what Christ did is always a topic we need to revisit in our hearts. I really do hope these words were what you needed to hear. I know it’s a tough journey with Christ and I want to encourage you as much as possible as your sister in Christ. Know that you are not alone and He is the sure promise we are waiting for. Continue to persevere in the Lord, for your faith will be rewarded by the Father.