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The 5th commandment, “Honor your father and mother,” is there for a reason. Your dad is worried about you and he has his reasons for not liking this young man. Communicate clearly with your both your parents. First, listen very carefully to what your dad is saying and what behaviors he has witnessed that would justify his fears. Don’t justify, don’t defend, just listen first. Show him that you do respect him and his experience. Evaluate those things. Love truly is blind and he might be seeing things that you aren’t. You might want to even sleep on it so you have time to think. After you have evaluated his observations, talk with your parents more about what you are feeling and seeing.

If you still feel that this young man has truly changed and that a relationship could work, tell your parents. If this young man has truly changed, he is not going to want to pursue you without your parent’s blessing. Set up some dinners with your family and this young man. Allow your family to get to know him for the man he truly is. Again, communication here is so important. If you feel like your father’s presuppositions from this young man’s past are clouding his ability to see him as he is currently, tell him respectfully. The fact that your father loves you enough to be paying attention to the men you want to date tells me he should be willing to listen to you. Just make sure you are listening too.