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I honestly believe that God brought me to this post because I’m going through the same thing right now. And I was just thinking about this guy and searching through the post for anyone who was going through the same thing.Your story is so much like mine, but my father’s not a Pastor. Just like you, I’ve been stuck on my guy for three years as well. I know how difficult it is when you can’t move on and it’s been so long. I’ve asked God for signs and prayed that he would help me move on if this guys isn’t the right one. And God’s not being so chatty with me either. Lol.
My advice is just to keep praying. God created someone for everyone and trust me, I know it hurts like crazy right now, but you just have to trust that God will bring your Prince into your life when HE’S ready! He’s created and set aside someone special JUST FOR YOU!!! And it may be the guy you’re in love with or it could be someone different. Just remember, that you are God’s princess and you are worth loving and deserve a Prince.