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Hey Victoria, I recently have been through that whole jelly, mixed messages, kind of thing. I really like this guy basically since I met him. Not long after that he found my number and we started talking. It was pretty much an on and off thing nothing ever really happened. Since were in the church band together we were asked to play at a conference in a beautiful area, long story short he basically spent the whole week in the beautiful mountain filled scenery with a girl he met there and me on the sidelines, and after that he asked me out again. I learned not to waste time playing games like that, your young! enjoy your youth with fun, friends and with God at the center of it all. I learned that I am so much more than a rebound or a plan B. I don’t care if he notices me or not if he REALLY likes me he WILL go out of his way and respect me as the princess that I am and that’s exactly was you should do. And I always think the best way to get back at him is to not flirt with other guys but to show him that you can be happy with or without him, and you CAN!!! Girl Gods got your back and the perfect guy for you don’t settle for anything less 🙂