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Hi 🙂 I hate to burden you with this, but I have no one to talk to. 🙁 Earlier this year my uncle was thought to have died during a police investigation and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily(or not so luckily?) he was alive, and it was his blood sugar from his diabetes. He was a children’s pastor at one time and was taken straight to jail for child molestation after he was conscious. His blood sugar is constantly having prob.’s and they think he will die soon. My cousin had a baby last year and said she would stop doing marajuana 4 the baby. Well she didn’t & what’s worse is she brought her boy friend who does heroine into the apartment. They did all that stuff in front of the baby, & the mom didn’t clean up, so the baby literally doesn’t know how to walk, bcuz the mom never cleaned the apartment. The mom also became a postal worker and stole peoples checks. She’s now in jail facing federal charges. The baby daddy wants nothing to do with the baby, so now the baby is staying at a very strange person’s home, and though my great/loving aunt has always wanted a girl & is trying to adopt her, the ppl who are housing the baby now are saying they want to keep her, when their own children turned out… let’s just go with awful. My aunt’s boys have straight A’s and r super christian and awesome, she’s the perfect candidate. Anyways, my question would be, how do I deal with it? I can’t talk to anyone bcuz my parents don’t want me to tell my friends or anything, and I get really depressed bcuz I know both my cousin and uncle very personally. I just have no one to talk to, and I’m scared my uncle my die b4 his next hearing, and my cousins daughter might not go to the right mom, and my cousin might got to prison for 5-10 yrs., and I’m just… just scared. So would I talk to my pastor or something? I don’t really know… I know I can’t talk to the ppl around me though, and I don’t want my parents to feel worse about what’s going on… but I don’t really know where to go…