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I know how you feel! Until a year ago (I’m sixteen) I had one friend. Literally, one. And before that, none. I’m a writer and hopeless introvert, among other quirks, so I assumed that because of my personality- because of who I was- no one liked me or would be friends with me. People would pick on me, snub me, and leave me out. Like you, I couldn’t even remember doing anything to them! Again, I assumed that it was just me.
But it wasn’t me and it isn’t you, either. This is a fallen world, ChildofGod, and people will attack whoever they can. It’s their way of trying to make themselves feel more secure, so in reality they are the ones with problems. I know this is easier said then done, but ignore them! You are worth so much more than they could ever know! Hold your head high and take comfort in God’s endless love for you, and eventually try to come to the point where you can share God’s love with them.
I don’t know what you posted on Facebook- but frankly it doesn’t matter. We all break down sometimes, it’s called being human. To use a personal example- I am an officer on board a sailing ship, and once I had a series of days on board where I was struggling emotionally and physically. No one noticed, not even my friends. Finally I made a bad call. A REALLY bad call. It was dangerous and stupid, and to make matters worse I broke down crying right then and there in front of people I was supposed to lead. I felt like dirt, and I assumed that no one there would ever trust me again. Like you, I felt like I had a problem. But you know what? Real friends helped me dry my tears, never brought up the incident again, and gave me a second chance. Later I realized that it wasn’t completely a problem with me- I had been just too tired and emotional. My problem was being too stubborn and prideful to admit or show that I was struggling.
We all have things that we need to work on, but everyone does! Admitting them isn’t the end of the world, and real friends will stick by you. To use a clichéd phrase, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. And best of all, God will stick by you no matter what.
So hang on to those who matter and remember your wonderful self-worth! You can and will get through this.
(Songs that might help- The Lost Get Found and Walk on Water by Britt Nicole, God of My Everything by Bebo Norman, Get Back Up by TobyMac, and Perfect People by Natalie Grant.)
Blessings at church, home, and school!