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I’m super, super introverted as well! I have gone through almost EXACTLY what you’ve mentioned.
The best thing I know to tell you is, learn to be comfortable with yourself! I’m sure you’ve heard you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. (whether this is actually true or not is debatable in my opinion) If you don’t like who you are, make the effort to change yourself; within reason though. Don’t completely remake yourself to get people’s attention/acceptance.
I was the girl who was terrified to even order food at restaurants because I would have to talk to strangers. But I gradually tried to talk to people and, while I still have a LONG ways to go, I can actually carry on a conversation with people!
The trust thing? I’ve been there. Don’t be afraid of being hurt by everyone. Yes, some people will hurt you. Yes, it will feel like you wont ever be able to get over it. But you will. And if you do open up to some people? It can lead to the best friendships of your life!