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Joanna V

For me, I normally wear short shorts and tank tops around the house/through out the summer when I don’t see people I know. At school I follow the dress code and try to keep not much cleavage showing but it is hard for me to not show any because of my shirt choices and my breast size. I wish I could find cute shirts that are cut higher. I really try to cover up myself at school because I don’t feel the most comfortable with my body and I don’t think it’s appropriate for everything to be hanging out. It upsets me that most girls do that, even with stomach cutouts and crop-tops. I like people not to see my bra but my thought is that if I strap is out it’s ok because they know I have to wear one anyway. So, I pretty much like to keep everything in when I will be seeing people that I will see again. I don’t always dress like that because I don’t have time to get new shorts (I’m growing out of the ones I have), it’s hard to find non awkward length cute shorts, and I get hot super easily.