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A few things to consider:
1.) Don’t freak out! I know it’s hard when you haven’t received this kind of attention in the past, but do your best to honor the young men who are pursuing you. Don’t lead them on if you are not interested. Respect yourself and them. Don’t make rash decisions. Think before you speak.
2.) Is he a Christian? I would watch out for this one. Most guys who are willing to step out there and tell you that you are “cute” are probably not looking for the right thing in a woman. Also, does this sitting in the back of the class indicate he is “pouting?” What do his actions say about his character?
3.) What are you looking for relationship wise? Are you looking to get to know this young man as a friend? Is there a possibility of something in the future? You need to make sure to communicate your thoughts clearly so as not to lead him on. If you don’t know yet, that’s OK! Let him know that too.

Hope this helps!