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    Girl to Girl Talk: Are Tattoos Sinful?

    Every week I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and council. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian life and walk of faith! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions.

    This week, a PI girl is wondering if tattoos are wrong or sinful. She wrote:

    I personally think it depends on WHAT the tattoo is. I honestly think it…depends on like what it is, the size of it, and the placement of it…my brother-in-law has a GORGEOUS sleeve tattoo that he designed himself and took it to a Christian tattoo artist (so there was nothing morally wrong about it), plus he also took size in careful consideration and only had the tattoo go 3/4 of the way down his arm that way he can cover up the tattoo with a 3/4 or long sleeve shirt.

    Read the full post here.

    Girls, we all know we need to respect and honor our bodies as God’s temple. We are called to be set apart from the world…but does that mean that getting a tattoo is sinful?

    Leviticus 19:28 states:

    “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

    The above scripture is often cited as a primary reason Christians shouldn’t get tattoos. And for Presbyterian Pastor Joe Mullen, Leviticus 19:28 is something we just can’t ignore.

    I think we need to ask ourselves whether we’re trying to create a special identity that marks us — and really, in Jesus, we have our special identity.(Pastor Joe Mullen, CBN News).

    Others believe in a less literal translation. Randy Mastre, a tattoo artist and founding member of the Christian Tattoo Association, thinks the message of Leviticus is different from that traditional interpretation.

    The word ‘tattoo’ is not in biblical manuscripts…This verse in Leviticus has nothing to do with tattoos (Randy Mastre, beliefnet.com).

    Rather, for Mastre, tattoos are all about the intent behind the tattoo and what’s in your heart.

    My opinion? I’m not against tattoos, but I wouldn’t get one myself. I WOULD caution against getting a tattoo if you are doing it for attention, to rebel against your parents, or if you are just plain bored. Remember PI readers, whatever you tattoo on your body is there for life–that is, unless you want to pay a lot of money to get it removed (and it is never really fully erased!). Also, tattoos are expensive, so think about where you are investing your money and if that is God’s will for you to get it.

    What is YOUR opinion on tattoos? Would you ever get one? What do you think the meaning of Leviticus 19:28 is? God bless you, PI girls! 

    What do you think about tattoos?

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    Christi Given
    Christi Givenhttp://www.christigiven.com
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


      • Not only that, the context of the verse is completely different. This verse is talking about separating God’s chosen people from the Pagen population of the time. Their rituals included cutting to honor the dead and they would mark their skin in rituals to their gods. This was God’s way of allowing people to SEE they were different and easily identified as chosen by God! 🙂

      • No, Leviticus still does apply to us as Christians. The “new covenant/old covenant” has to do with our salvation. In the old covenant, Jews would have to sacrifice animals (usu. sheep), for payment of their sins, while looking towards the coming of Christ and is permanant reconciliation.
        Jesus’ “new covenant” with us was that we no longer have to sacrifice in order to temporarily cover our sins. Jesus paid the ultimate and final price when he was on the cross.

    1. I think what Randy Mastre said is totally correct. The Bible has been translated so many times that we can’t know for sure if “tattoo” was a literal word back then.

      Second of all, this passage is taken from Leviticus with God’s rules for his Hebrew people, right next to proper procedures for sacrifices. The rules in Leviticus do not apply to us as a modern people (and as Gentiles most importantly) In Corinthians, Paul says women should cover their heads. Do we do that now? No.

      • Totally agree with you, @aysiabug 🙂 My mom actually has 2 tattoos…I’d like anyone to claim she isn’t Christian becasue of them. All they are are me and my brother’s names, which I think is kind of special. Which is why I voted “they are okay.” Maybe it isn’t the best idea, but I don’t think you’ll go to hell for having one. What a silly idea!

    2. I find nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. I find them to be cool, but as long as they aren’t inappropriate. I was thinking of getting one of the Triforce symbol from the legend of Zelda and maybe a saying in other languages 🙂

    3. For health reasons- best to not get any, which can lead to infection such as necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria). Tattoos are sinful, because they draw attention to one’s self, which can lead to pride(mindset of “Look at me…)A person with a tattoo is showing art on display, esp. places on the body that are visible to the public (arm, leg…)If he/she covers it up, it has not vanished- God still knows. As humans, we have a nature to be curious of things in the world e.g. tatoos. People with tattoos most likely will get asked why they have 1 and/or explain the meaning. Some have tattoos with a name of a deceased person (for the dead)=>Lev 19:28 Whether a person has a name or cute words (faith, love, etc.) on his/her body- its wrong. A christian shouldn’t get tattoos, because he/she is a holy temple. 1 Cor 6:19-20


      • I really don’t wanna sound rude (the tone of someone is so difficult to convey on the internet) so please don’t take it that was; but you said, “Tattoos are sinful, because they draw attention to one’s self, which can lead to pride(mindset of “Look at me…)A person with a tattoo is showing art on display, esp. places on the body that are visible to the public (arm, leg…)” I see that you have on a very pretty shirt in your picture, and some jewelry (very nice btw, you look lovely:)) but, couldn’t someone use your own idea against you? Say that you shouldn’t “braid you hair and wear jewelry”(1 Timothy 2:9). Our bodies ARE a holy temple. If you feel like getting a tattoo is disfiguring and wrong, than don’t get one! And I’m not saying tattoos are “right”, I don’t want to stumble anyone. And could people use them for vain reasons? Yes! You can use just about EVERYTHING in a sinful way, we live in a fallen world! Does that make the thing evil? I don’t think so. It just proves our sinful nature.

        • I suppose anyone could say that my blouse & jewelry are “sinful,” because others can be drawn to looking (e.g. men). You suggest women have plain or hideous clothes?
          Certain things in this “fallen” dark world are completely sinful. However, some items can be overly-used e.g. we need food to survive, but (gluttony= sin). I can encourage others to avoid tattoos, because I choose to…

      • But your broad statement states that your know the heart of every man, which is God’s place alone 1 Corinthians 2:11. And what is wrong with having tattoos? I’m training to be a pastor an have fallen in love with Hebrew. I have “By faith, through grace” tattooed on my body in Hebrew to represent a mesh of two of my favorite verses “By faith I see, through grace I know” (Hebrews 11:1 and Ephesians 2:8). My sister and I have matching tattoos “Only the shadow knows” an excerpt from a 30s radio show, a line our great-grandmother always said to us while she raised us.
        How is loving the Word and honoring memories of people diminishing the dwelling of the Holy Spirit? Our bodies cannot be made unclean by anything other than who we are! “14 Again Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen to me, everyone, and understand this. 15 Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.” Mark 7:14-24

        Not only that, the context of the Leviticus is completely different. This verse is talking about separating God’s chosen people from the Pagen population of the time. Their rituals included cutting to honor the dead and they would mark their skin in rituals to their gods. And as Jesus came to fulfill Old Law and established a NEW CONVENANT, this verse does not apply to Christians – the same reason why your diet isn’t Kosher and your father/brother/uncle/pastor cuts the hair of his temples.

        • I never claimed to know the heart (exact thoughts & intentions) of every man. “We all fall short of the glory of God,” so I do know that we have a nature to sin (thoughts & intentions stray). Prov 21:2 A person who seeks Him daily will have more discernment (spiritual perspective). U misunderstand “By faith, through grace,” which can lead 1 to do as he/she pleases. Applies to the new covenant. Gentiles, who become christians, are joined together with Jesus & Jewish people. I’ve done research- I understand the covenants, too. Christians needs to learn from Israel’s mistakes & victories. At times, they chose to follow pagans. Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law, but fulfill. Rom 3:23+ 2 Cor 5:17 10 commandments are part of the old covenant- would u say its ok to steal, lie, & cheat? Its wrong to disregard & deliberately break them. They help a person find Jesus through His atonement & change, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Mat 7:13-14 Many things to avoid in the world (viewpoints & lifestyles that are influenced by satan). Everyone needs to check their motives daily, including myself. U disagree- ok, why do u (capitalize= yelling) a few words & exclamation points (riled up). Is this a safe place to share & have respectful? Seems u are offended (sensitive)- u like tattoos & may not want to hear anyone speak against them. Yet, some find a reason to yell at me as if the point will come across better and/or easily. smh.

      • God is holy & wouldn’t lead people to get tattoos, especially christians. It would be pleasing 1’s carnal flesh. If a person has 1 & gives his/her life to God, he/she really shouldn’t get more. Its best to not get any in the 1st place.

        • E.g. my blouse isn’t revealing my breasts, nor skin-tight. I don’t shop for clothes each week, nor am I obsessed w/latest fashion trends & expensive items. If I was presenting myself in a provocative manner w/tons of clothes accumulating, that would be an issue. I try being simple & modest, cautious w/ money. I will get individuals w/comments (mentally in someone’s thoughts & verbally) regarding my dress attire. 1 Cor 6:3 We all have to judge to a certain extent, but not lose self-control & harm others. As humans, we form viewpoints & participate or avoid something. E.g. christians need to avoid bars, clubs, etc. Even alcohol (if abused to the point of intoxication, which can lead to sin). Christians have to be careful w/everything- clothes, books, tv, etc.

        • @ClsPrls, *you* might think that it’s best not to in the first place. But maybe other’s don’t agree. That’s just your opinion. So I wish you wouldn’t act like what you say is the only option.

        • I was not yelling, this forum doesn’t allow for bold, therefore it’s simply emphasis. Having an opinion is one thing, but calling it sin is completely different.

          All I can say is how dare you say my tattoo emphasizes that I can do whatever I please. Did you not see my explanation? By faith I know Jesus is Lord and through grace I experience it. Which is the message between those two verses.

          Exactly, Christ fulfilled Old Law, the law which was in place and no longer applies due to the fact that He fulfilled it! That is why Christians do not eat Kosher diets. We are not bound by the same Law. Matthew 28:26 makes that very clear.

          As far as I’m concerned this is a safe place and yet you do not allow for that to happen. You make proclamations that certain things are sinful, yet have very poor half-baked reasoning behind it.

          “God is holy & wouldn’t lead people to get tattoos, especially christians. It would be pleasing 1′s carnal flesh. If a person has 1 & gives his/her life to God, he/she really shouldn’t get more. Its best to not get any in the 1st place.” How do you know? This goes back to matters of the heart. How do you know what God is and isn’t speaking into other people’s lives. You don’t, which I already stated is against biblical principle.

          By demonizing something that the bible is not against, you’re hurting an entire demographic of people. This is why it’s hard to reach to other groups, accusations like this make them feel judged. Do you know how many people I’ve had to convince to stay in church, even though people were giving them dirty looks due to tattoos?

          There is a difference between cultural expectations and religious ones. No where in the bible does it speak against tattoos. And Mark 7 (which I cited before) clearly states that you cannot make your body unclean by things you put in it. How you feel about them is your personal opinion, that’s fine, you’re entitled to it. But don’t even dare put other people down because they have them.

          You spend far too much time judging people and demonizing what is on their skin to properly show the love of Christ and reach out to anyone who might need Him. And with that, I hope your heart changes.

        • I totally agree with @yackleen
          Another thing to add is that I’m getting several tattoos done when I’m 18. Im getting Bible verses and a tat of africa because my family and i r missionarys. All of the tattoos I’m getting are glorifying God. The Bible says we were made to glorify God! A lot of non believers like tattoos and ask other people what their tattoos mean. What a perfect way to tell someone about our savior! Another reason y I’m gettin tattoos is that I’m a dirty rottin sinner and I need a reminder every day that Jesus died for me. And something that u (@ClsPrls) said which really disgusts me since your supposed to b a Christian is “God is holy & wouldn’t lead people to get tattoos, especially christians.” U have NO power what’s so ever to say that God wouldn’t lead people to get tattoos. That really sickens me. And to think that there r other people like u saying stuff like that out there. No one has the right to say something like that when God controls our lives and if God tells me to get a tattoo, um yea I’m gunna listen to Him, not u, and I hope other people will too. I mean no disrespect to u just FYI but its really effencive when God is supposed to b the only one out there judging us.
          In His grip,

      • If we can’t do anything that says “hey look at me”, you might as well just wear a paper bag to avoid drawing any attention to yourself, since modest clothes might be cute and someone might look at them (oh the horror!) and never accomplish anything worthy of being proud of. I can be proud of art on my body the same way I can be proud of myself for getting straight A’s And speaking of art, why can’t I put put it on MY temple if i want if its glorifying God?

    4. I don’t think getting tattoos is a sin…….BUT we should take into account that we are representatives of Christ. Sometimes, people will judge you because of your tattoo and it could be a serious obstacle for you’re when you try to witness to someone. We definitely shouldn’t judge people for their tattoos……they might’ve gotten it at a point of time in their life when they weren’t thinking straight, and later regretted it.

      • Amen, I agree that there is judgement that can take place because of tattoos. However, they could also work the other way at times… it could possibly build bridges for witnessing and what not, just depending on the situation.

      • Well, I say if people (and especially Christians) judge you for a tattoo, sounds to me like they aren’t being all that Christian. 🙂 You have to accept people for who they are, not for what they look like.

        • Excuse me, I know some disagree w/me. I don’t act as if my opinions are the only option. I share my views as everyone else does, including you. I don’t force anyone to live a certain way, or keep my belifs. “They aren’t being all that christian” is judging, too. If someone has a demon or divination symbol, it reveals a lot *Prov 23:7

      • Bridg, true- it can be an obstacle & may lead someone astray when sharing the gospel. I’ve spoken w/people that like tattoos. I accept their choice & don’t mention tattoos unless they ask for my views. Someone may regret later in life if they become christian and/or don’t like it anymore (I don’t believe they go to hell). Personal experience, I was thinking of getting one years ago. I was thinking of myself, not God’s will for my life. In my spirit, it wouldn’t be right.

        • CisPris, do not take me the wrong way here, i am not taking part in condeming you for your thoughts. however i have a tattoo and i plan on a few more. but the scripture where it says our body is the temple of God, they were talking about sexual sin there. when you read it in context, its talking about the sexual sin. BUT!! if you feel conviction over it DO NOT DO IT!! God talks to us all differently, and leads us in different paths. yes they have things that are the same in them, but something that God has convicted me over, is not always going to be the same as you. so you go girl! you find what God wants for your life and you live it!! dont let what others say bring you down, you keep seeking God and he will show you the way you are supposed to take!

        • For the most part, I agree with ClsPrls (and I’m 19 years old, if that’s important), there’s plenty of passages about how we should honor God, and things that dishonor God too. My body belongs to God, so I won’t risk defiling His temple by putting holes and injecting ink into it for vanity — or any purely cosmetic surgery (I’ve even decided against ear piercings). I find them a turn off personally, tattoos just don’t look lady-like anyway, and the only piercings that I ever liked were the ones in each earlobe. Also, the whole thing about tattoos with Christian messages seems very misleading to me. Sometimes they’re even dangerous! There’s so much risk for infection, I would rather just avoid it. I’m pretty sure that if the Bible seems to restrict our personal behavior in any way, it’s for good reasons. Go ahead and call me a “prude” or whatever you want, but just because the ideas are old/old-fashioned doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. I prefer not to get caught-up in the ways of the world and treat my body the way God would want me to. I am not perfect, I fail Him everyday, but I try my best like every Christian should.

        • Besides, why would a self-respecting girl want to permanently mark her body like that? You’re beautiful the way you are! The way God created you! That to me is one of the best reasons to NOT alter your body. 😀

      • @Meghan, basically: When the Bible is talking about tattoos, it is talking about people with pagen beliefs who got commemorative tattoos for dead people hoping it would improve their afterlife and all kinds of weird stuff….so, it hardly applies. Many customs and laws of the Old Testament and that time period in general don’t apply anymore. As long as you are getting a tattoo doesn’t go against God or is obviously bad, it’s okay. You’re not going to hell for it. And here’s something to think about (I know everyone is saying something different but you can take my word for it on this: We are all sinners. And no sin is greater than another in God’s eyes. Even if getting a tattoo was a sin, people couldn’t really say anything because everyone sins. You know? Of course we should try not to sin, but no one is perfect. Everyone screws up. And no one can judge but God, ultimately.) Just some things to consider. Hope it is helpful.

    5. I’m not for it. I think they look cool, and somewhat painful, but its not worth getting one if you are planning to cover it up, because it will still be there.

      That’s just my opinion. 🙂

    6. i think this is something everyone has to be personally convicted on. i don’t like to use leviticus as my reasoning behind not supporting tattoos, because there’s a lot in leviticus that i don’t feel applies to us today… instead i like to argue that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit… i think there are better ways to express ourselves than marking up our bodies… BUT, i don’t think that Christians who have tattoos aren’t Christians. some of the strongest Christians I know have tattoos. I don’t think any less of them because they do. I just am personally convicted to not get a tattoo on my own body because i feel like it is a violation of God’s temple.

    7. Tattoos aren’t bad, I personally wouldn’t get an actual one. BUT an awesome alternative is Henna. Me and my friends go and get a henna tattoo every once in a while and those fade away after about month usually. Nice way to experiment to see if you really want a real tattoo!(:

    8. In Leviticus 19:28, it says “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.” When I read this, it seems like the tattoo marks it’s talking about (if they are literally tattoos) are ones used in the same way cutting yourself for the dead is. Which has to do with religious activities worshiping other then the one true God, right? I believe it has to do with worshiping your ancestors and all that. Which would mean tattoos are okay as long as they’re not for the purpose of worshiping someone or something other then God. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but it’s what I’ve heard from a source I trust.
      I’m not against tattoos on other people, though I don’t personally want one. My only caution to anyone thinking of getting one is to make sure it’s in a spot where it can be covered if it has to be. Also, remember that it’s permanent, and pick a design accordingly.

    9. I was talking to a pastor who had a sleeve tattoo that told the CHRISTian salvation story, and was absolutely beautiful. He cited that verse as having to do with a secular practice where they would take the ashes of the dead and carve them into their bodies.
      I think that having a tattoo is a great way to witness to those who need it most, and is an opportunity for them to ask about your faith. “to the weak I became weak to win the weak”. I don’t think it’s for everybody, but even the Temple in Jerusalem was beautifully decorated…

    10. I’m planning on maybe getting a couple of tattoos when I’m eighteen, I believe that it’s fine if you get some. But, it’s best to ask God about it. And I respect other people’s opinions on this, because I used to be against it (I also was against piercings, but I have my nose pierced now) 😀

    11. I am in total agreement with Maste’s statement. The Bible has been interpreted and reinterpreted that I am sure many words have been lost in the translations. I have wanted to get a tattoo that represents my faith, but at the same time there are so many things that are meaningful to me and I do not want permanent ink to show up in my wedding photos or cost me a job opportunity, so I probably won’t get one.

      I think they’re good when you have a special reason for getting one, but just to be rebellious or feel different is not a good enough reason for me.

    12. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to have a tattoo. But I change what I like so often that I would get bored of it and want it taken off. I mean even wearing a temporary tattoo is kind of annoying, so I don’t think I would ever get one.

    13. First of all I wish people instead if posting comments would read their Bibles first. I have done a Bible study on tattoos and this is what I have learned. That verse in Leviticus does not apply at all to tattoos. People read that verse and go oh we there it says not markings ok that means no tattoos, but you have to use the verse within context. Go up and read the other verses first. It says (and I’m paragraphing) that we should not eat red meat. Whoops! We are all sinners there. And if you don’t eat meat it says that our fruit we eat needs to be cultivated for 5 years. Are our fruits cultivated for 5 years, nope! So we’re all sinners? Not exactly. See these verse don’t apply to our daily life’s. what was happening in these bible times. The people didn’t know what it was like to live in the wilderness by themselves. They had been in salvery. Everything had been done for them so God was giving them instructions on how to live. The cuts/marking is a verse God used because it was a Peagan worship (on a side not i always find it funny how people with percings always criticize tattoos but have “cuts” on the flesh) . Now unless your going to get a tattoo worship the Peagan God your good…kinda. Now the other verse about we are the temple of God also doesn’t apply because that verse is all about sexual sins. So, there. Also, there is a verse in Revelation that says God will come back with a mark on his thigh. Now it doesn’t say written on with a sharpie so who knows maybe God does have a tattoo. But, I said all that to say, what is the whole purpose of our life’s? To bring glory and honor to God. So when you get a tattoo and someone looks at it and ask you what it means you should be able to spread the gospel in some way. I had my best friend killed in a horrific car accident. It was really hard on me and I always wanted to get a tattoo in her honor. But really? Is that the highest honor I can give her is a tattoo? The type if tattoo you get is between you and God. My friend has in that says forgiven and loved. So when he’s all old and wrinkly he still going to want to know he’s forgiven and loved. So I guess just think before you get the tattoo and will you be able to spread the gospel in some way. And for all the other people, dig into your Bible first before you start writing your own opinions.

      • that is completly true! I have done my fair share of studying this and I love what Jefferson Bethke says about it! For those who dont know, he is the I hate religion but love God guy! he has lots of other poems and spoken words too. you should YouTube him!

        • Oh my! I love him!!!! He was a big inspiration to me, not only behind tattoos but so many other things! Glad to know another Jefferson fan 🙂

    14. It depends what it is. For example, in January I am getting cross on my back. I don’t see anything wrong about it. It’s not like I am bashing my faith. I am putting it on my body to honor it.

    15. I’ve been definitely considering getting tattoos, and I am really intent on getting a cross on my arm. I love tattoos, it’s basically artwork on your body, which I find fascinating. I personally don’t think it to be a sin, but to each her own.

    16. I think if you’re going to use Leviticus 19: 28 for this, then also consider verse 27 “‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” We’ve all cut our hear, and guys their beard. Leviticus doesn’t apply for us today, thank God, because we have Jesus Christ and the new covenant. I want a tattoo myself, a cross on my wrist. But I do agree with some people to not do it out of boredom or rebelliousness; it’s going to be on your body and reflect you for people to see!

    17. I’ve been a little on the fence about this subject lately. I had never thought about getting a tattoo until recently, but it’s been something I’ve been considering now. I wanted to get a cross with the word ‘faith’ along the side of it on my foot to represent 2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight) as a reminder to myself. But I know my parents wouldn’t like it, and a lot of my Christian mentors say they don’t personally condone it, so I’m not sure what to think. But I don’t believe tattoos are necessarily sinful (depending on what you get and where, that is). However, I do think if you go behind your parents back to do it, then it’s sinful. God wants us to honor our parents.

    18. I voted that No way would I ever get a tattoo, and that is true, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I like them on other people. Even though the Bible clearly states in Leviticus 19:28 that we should not tattoo our bodies, I am still human and think that certain ones are kinda cool. That does not mean I think they are Biblical or okay to have especially as a Christian, I just think some are cool, but would never have one and don’t encourage others to get them. I mostly agree with Christi about this subject, but I still think it’s kinda hard to witness to someone with an ink stain on their body. We are suppose to be different. Be in the world not of it.

      • Actually, Ashley, that statement in Leviticus doesn’t apply. God was laying down the laws for the Israelites to follow. Right above that verse it says not to cut your hair, and we do that now. Those laws don’t apply today, that was the old order of things. Read the above comment by madisynn_7x, it will help explain things better.

    19. I think tattoos are very ugly and I don’t believe I would ever get one, however, I don’t believe they are all wrong. I think I all has to do with the thinking behind it and te reasons you are getting a tattoo. I know a girl who got one with a bible verse on it, but her parents had told her by to get a tattoo. Even though it was a verse I don’t believe it was good because she was knowingly going against her parents. So before you get a tattoo, maybe just think about why you’re getting one. Make sure you put a lot of thought into it.

    20. okay, so i have a tattoo and i put a lot of thought into it. it is my moms hand writing. another thing about Lev. is that it is talking about the PEGAN ways, they were marking their body in WORSHIP to the DEAD! they were literally doing it to worship those who were dead, they cut themselves and inked themselves for the dead. it also says not to eat meat that has not been drained fully of its blood, do not eat fruit or veggie that has not been cultivated for at least 4 years. the scripture was taken out of context.

    21. I think a tattoo can be okay if it means something special. I’m not talking about the name of a boyfriend or something, but for instance, a mom getting the names of her kids as a tattoo can be cute. Not something big though. I wouldn’t want my whole body covered in them. Someday when I’m older, though, I might consider getting a tattoo to match the one my mom wants to get: a breast cancer ribbon with 3 hearts around it to represent her, my aunt, and my memere (who are all survivors).

    22. Tattoos are like anything else in the world, such as money, popularity, or television: a tool. They can either be used to honour God or to disgrace him. And as long as we use it to honour him, it was given to us by him.

    23. I dont believe tattoos are sinful and i have never even heard of that verse before. but,i can see why some people think its wrong to mark their body in such a permanent way. and i see why others think its ok as long as the motive behind it is godly. personally, i think tattoos look pretty and cool, but i think if you’re a christian and get one, it’s kinda hard to really decide what is really the intent on getting one. like other girls have mentioned, i know someone who’s an extremely strong christian youth leader who has a tattoo but it doesnt affect what i think about her. i wouldnt mind it on someone else, but i wouldnt get one myself…so yeah, im really on the fence for this topic. :/

    24. So, i read some of the back and forth between you girls, and i think i need to share something with you. Paul had problems like this in the early church, one group said you had to still eat the strict kosher diet, others said it didnt matter, some said you still had to respect the sabath, some said no you didnt, and they were constantly fighting, paul’s responce fits in here, because, i see one group that says tatoos are completely bad, and another saying its fine, im not sharing my opinion and where i stand, but what i want you each to think about, is mabye, all of you are right? mabye, the ones with tattoos are gets it “to the Lord” those who dont, also “do it for the Lord” the same concept paul was trying to say. if you dont observe it, you dont observe it FOR the Lord, if you do, you do it FOR the Lord, so, (romans 14:1-6) if you want a tatoo, make sure your reason is because it is to honor God, if you dont, you dont to honor God, either way, its about God, and how God is leading you if He’s leading someone another way, do not judge them, they are following what He is telling them, and in the end, thats all that maters, did you listen to what God has asked of you? not what God has asked of your friend, but, what He has asked of YOU?

    25. There are a couple people who have tattoos at my church… awesome people to. 🙂 You know, my mom puts it like this… since she doesn’t like tattoos… why would you want to stab yourself and hurt yourself and bleed for beauty? I don’t really have a huge issue with tattoos, and even if I’d consider it (that’s a big fat maybe), but it is painful and it actually stabs your body and hurts it. Kind of like causing intentional pain for no reason.
      Personally, I might get tired of the tattoo, so if I do decide to do something like that I’ll get something temporary. Henna, it’s an herb ink think that you squeeze out of a tube onto your skin and it dyes it. Eventually it washes out.

    26. The people that think tattoos are sinful should really check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN3voADV14Y

      I personally have 2 tattoos and my next 4 planned out. The stories of my life are hidden in my ink.
      And if you’re going to cite that verse in Leviticus to me to make me feel bad about my tattoos, I would hope you’re following all other rules found in Leviticus 19. Such as not cutting your hair, not wearing clothes woven of two kinds of material, not eating fruit from a tree less than 3 years old, ect. You can’t take that verse out of context and use it against me like that, cause I’ll just throw all those other rules back at you. Plus, you have to look at what was going on during that time period. People were tattooing as a form of pagan worship and God didn’t want us to be part of that (or associated with it). Tattoos aren’t associated with worshiping false gods anymore.

      Also, check out Isaiah 44:5 (Amplified version) “One will say, I am the Lord’s; and another will call himself by the name of Jacob; and another will write [even brand or tattoo] upon his hand, I am the Lord’s, and surname himself by the [honorable] name of Israel.”

      And Isaiah 49:16 (Amplified version) “Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands; [O Zion] your walls are continually before Me.”

      In Isaiah, God has tattoos and Gods people have tattoos. Therefore, it stands to reason that there is nothing wrong with my tattoos.

      • I promised myself I’d NEVER get a tattoo that had no real significant meaning.
        My first one is a crown of thorns with the words “long live the King” below it. Its there because I was so horribly bullied in school, and I still have issues from it, but my King is alive and He’s whats keeping me alive.
        My second one is a henna flower with a gray ribbon woven into the design. The gray ribbon is the symbol for diabetes awareness. I got it when I’d had type 1 diabetes exactly half of my life, which to me was a huge milestone in my diabetic life. I didn’t want a just a gray ribbon, though, because to me that was too plain. I got it as part of a henna flower because I’m half Indian and I love learning about the Indian culture. And henna is a big part of the Indian culture.

    27. I would like a tattoo, but I know that as soon as I got it that I would want something else, so I just draw on myself with pen ink that washes off. Something that can be changed everyday.

    28. Leviticus 19:28
      Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

      I feel that the Lord puts things in the Bible for a reason and we cannot say “Oh, God didn’t really mean that”.
      He is specifically saying that we shouldn’t print our bodies…now, everyone has convictions and we shouldn’t tell each other what to do….but..
      As Christians, we really should just go by the Bible and go by the way the Lord wants not what we want.

    29. Sinful? Not necessarily. It comes down to the heart. When we focus on the outward action we are putting ourselves under the law, when we examine the heart we find the freedom that can only be found in grace. Lev 19:28 is referring to pagan practices at the time in which the Amorites would cut themselves after somebody died. It was also common practice among idol worshipers to make a mark or “tattoo” on themselves of an idol to show who they belonged to (read more: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/gills-exposition-of-the-bible/leviticus-19-28.html)

      Now Christ has us “tattooed on his palms” (Isaiah 49:16) which shows WE BELONG to HIM. As with anything Christ is concerned with the heart. What is the motive for a tattoo? Anything can be holy or perverted. “To those who are pure all things are pure. To those who are defiled nothing is pure” (Titus 1:15). For instance, sex is holy. God made it holy, but we see constant reminders of how the corruption of the flesh has perverted that which is holy.

    30. I think a tattoo should mean something to you, especially if you’re going to stab yourself and be put in immense pain for it. I know a lot of people who get tattoos “for fun” and because they are simply bored, and that’s not the way to go. It should be something that will have meaning for the rest of your life. I don’t think I could personally do it. I can’t even paint my room a color without wanting to change it!

    31. I love the Lord with all my heart and if I ever want to get a tattoo, I will pray about it. I do think about when I get older and thinking about a tattoo and if I ever did get one, I would want it to be something like Love.

    32. When the Bible says “don’t cut your bodies or get tattoos” it is talking about the pagan tradition of that time. In that time, non-believers could cut their arms and mark their bodies (or “tattoo”) to grieve for their recently passed loved ones. The Bible is not talking about what we think of tattoos as today.

    33. When I’m 18, I will get three tattoos, and each will tell a story. I will design each of them so I know I like them. My first one will be a butterfly with a torn wing on my wrist. My second one will be the word love on my other wrist. My third on will be on my back, not too low on it, and it will say “My scars won’t define me”
      For me, it depends on the motive. If the motive is for attention, to rebel against your parents, then no, don’t get a tattoo.

    34. Thank you for this — “I’m not against tattoos, but I wouldn’t get one myself.” that is how we should be. I love tattoos, my dad is a Pastor who has a sleeve of tattoos but it doesn’t mean he is a bad person. I feel too many Christians judge people because of tattoos.

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