Girl to Girl Talk: “Help! I’m in Public School, But Feel Called to Homeschool!”

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    Recently, a PI Girl wrote to us about her struggle with being around poor influences in public school and really just not feeling called to be there. She posted:

    “Due to events at the public school I’m going to (such as teachers showing racy videos in biology class, showing pictures that need not be shown, the fact that I’m physically and emotionally drained every day, constant cussing and dirty talk around me, etc.), my family and I have decided to take me out of this school and put me into homeschool.

    “Before this decision, I had been praying to God for a good Christian friend to stand by my side during my trials through public school. Just recently, I started talking to this girl I’m partners with in my biology class and I’ve found out that she’s a Christian and that she shares the same beliefs that I do. I believe she is an answer to my prayers, but now that I’m going to homeschool, I feel like I’m just leaving her behind. I’ve prayed about this, but I still feel lost. Part of me wants to stay with my new friend, but a bigger part of me wants to leave this horrible school and do homeschool and join Christian dance classes, etc. I could probably still contact my friend even after I leave the school, but I wouldn’t see her every day like I do now. I’m really lost on what God wants me to do. Any suggestions from anyone?”

    This is a great question, and I want to just say thank you for posting your question and being honest about school.

    In some public schools, they may teach some things that do not line up with scripture and/or there may be an environment that causes you to feel out of place, but God is with you wherever you go. In one breath, we need the light to shine in the dark places, but we also don’t want to conform to the darkness, if that makes sense.

    This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

    Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. (Ephesians 5:11)

    The next point I want to make is that it’s great you wanted to make a Christian friend, and praise God, He answered your prayer!

    If you don’t feel like you are called to public school and it is affecting you so much, then I would say maybe homeschooling is better for you. This decision is up to you and your parents, because ultimately you make the choice.

    The next point I want to make regarding public and private school is that we do need people as salt being sprinkled into society sharing God’s love, producing a thirst for the Word and sharing Living Water. We need to shine like a city on a hill so that people may know the Lord. If we don’t shine and we don’t share the Gospel or the good news of Jesus, who will?

    You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. (Matthew 5:13)

    How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Romans 10:14)

    If school grieves your spirit that much and you feel like you would flourish and grow better in a home environment, then I would suggest you ask your parents to keep you at home. On the other hand, for those who are bold in sharing their faith and are called to evangelism, I would say to stay in public school and remember that Jesus was persecuted, overlooked and misunderstood. The Bible talks about being aliens and strangers of the earth (1 Peter 2:11), and that we are called to God’s purposes to share His love and the light of the Gospel.

    Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls. (1 Peter 2:11)

    For this particular situation, it seems like you found your answer—you want to be homeschooled and take Christian dance classes, but also keep in touch with your Christian friend whom you met in biology class. It’s always good to even have one Christian friend who can encourage you, pray for you and be there for you!

    PI Girls, what do you think? Do you feel called to public, private, or homeschool?

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. I used to be homeschooled up until high school (I attend public school now), and honestly, I can say that homeschooling is definitely the best option for your education. However, it gets tougher when you get to high school work because then you have to do labs and go on field trips, as well as handle scientific equipment you don’t have access to unless you attend a co-op with the money to buy those things (and you have the money to attend that co-op as well). It might be harder for your parents to teach you difficult math, science, and history concepts and they may have to buy a video or online curriculum for you, which, again, costs money. But even if I’m not being homeschooled for my high school years, I would definitely say to at least try homeschooling. You can always stay in touch with your other friends if you want to.

    2. Homeschooling is AMAZING and I feel like it exposes you to the world in a way better way than public schooling does. Contrary to popular belief, homeschooling doesn’t really shelter you from the outside world, especially if you do other things like a sport or you’re part of an extracurricular club. I’ve been homeschooled since middle school and it was honestly the best thing for me. I hear so much stuff about things that go on at public schools, it honestly appalls me sometimes. I got way better educational opportunities through homeschooling than I ever would’ve gotten while going to public or private schools and I’ve been exposed to the REAL world not just the little high school bubble. High school is a cruel world either way, however, you’re going to get so much more life experience when you’re out in the real world, and, in my opinion, homeschooling does that way better than public or private schooling does. In your case, I wouldn’t blame you at all for wanting to go to either. I don’t think you’re leaving your friend, you don’t have to lose touch with her! Keep in touch with her, invite her to your house or youth group or something, let her know that she isn’t alone even if you leave! You never know, you might just love homeschooling and not want to go back, that’s what happened to me! It’s definitely worth a try 🙂

    3. I feel like God has called me to go to a private christian high school but my parents aren’t sure about the cost. If I don’t go I would end up at a high school that according to online reviews doesn’t have a family environment and small class sizes the things I really want. Along with bible class, worship band, along with God in everything. I don’t want to burden my family but I feel like it’s something God wants me to do. I’ve been praying for 2 years, any advice?

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