Girl to Girl Talk: How Do I Overcome Fear?

    Every week I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and council. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian walk of faith and any miscellaneous topics! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions and become bold in your faith. We love you, PI readers!

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    Here’s a question from a girl who commented on a post regarding fear and anxiety.

    She shares: “Tonight after praying, before I went to bed, I was dealing with a certain anxious fear earlier and started to shake a bit. Does anyone feel that way? As I prayed tonight, I’ve got to let go and let God be in control. Because He is! He knew I was dealing with this, and before I prayed He led me into a word I really had needed to be reminded of in Chap. Isaiah 41. It had talked nothing but GOD BEING OUR STRENGTH and He will HELP US! 
I give all glory to God because He was right there when I needed him. Love all you sisters! Hope this may encourage you

    I feel that most people have dealt with some kind of fear or uncertainty in their lives. But we know, according to the Word of God, that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

    My aunt used to read the below scripture to me when I would get scared; she would tell me (and I paraphrase) “God has not given us the spirit of fear, that is of the enemy.” God is for you, He is LOVE and He doesn’t want you to worry about your life. Of course, we all have uncertainties and face doubt about our futures, but ultimately we know God is our strength and He does help us out!

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

    Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? (Matthew 6:25).

    The Lord also tells us to not be anxious but instead to pray! When we do that, the Lord tells us we will experience His supernatural peace that goes beyond our understanding! Isn’t this reassuring and a great exchange? God loves you and doesn’t want you to stress, be fearful, nervous or worried! He is your heavenly Dad and wants you to know He will take care of you! If He takes care of the birds, the flowers and the grass, won’t He provide for you and be with YOU? AMEN!

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God (Philippians 4:6).

    We all have had our doubts, fears, questions and uncertainties about the future. I personally struggled with the questions of “Will I finish my degree?” “Will I be successful?“Will I be able to serve God like He desires me to?”When will I marry?” The truth is Jesus knows every day of our life and He is the author and perfecter of our faith!  We just need to believe, do our best and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the comfort and strength we need each day. It is human nature to ask questions and sometimes worry. But we can OVERCOME fear and worry with the Bible and the Holy Word of God.

    Can you relate, PI readers?  When in doubt, or when fear arises, think about Philippians 4:6 and John 16.

    I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

    Take our poll about fear and comment below if you have a prayer request! God bless you and may you overcome fear, doubt and worry!

    What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by fear?

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    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. i have a huge struggle with worry…. it gets soo bad sometimes i cant even think clearly… sometimes i feel like im drowning in a pool of doubt and worry…. i pray and remember God is with me but sometimes i forget or my feelings are soooo overwhelming … yes these things help but they DONT fix the problem permanently… i guess its just a character flaw… that’s okay because everyone has 1 or 2 of those…. im better now than i was back then though… because through experience i’ve been able to cope with it….

      • Hey. I struggle with this as well. Last week was a time when I was especially. One thing my youth leader said was that God was Holy. And I’ve begun to realize how important it is that we just take time to affirm God’s goodness. I’ve begun to just remind myself of God’s goodness throughout the week. If you don’t know where to start, or need some new ideas: scripture uses so many adjectives to describe Him–it’s amazing! You can also always read a psalm that praises the Lord! Worship music helps to.

        • But don’t feel like you have to hide part of yourself from God–that He doesn’t want to hear your sadness, that you’re not supposed to be sad before Him. If you feel sad, take it to God. That’s a form of praise. But like the verse says “by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, take your requests to God.” (Phillipians 4:16). Thanking Him doesn’t only honor Him, it reminds you of how good He is! And I think we all need a reminder of that.

    2. I have anxiety, and panic attacks come and go as a part of life for me. Luckily, I don’t need to be on medication for it because through the help of my family, boyfriend, and of course God, it’s gotten much better. Whenever doubt and worry hit, we need to remember that God works out ALL things for the good of those who love Him!!! I tend to worry about the future a lot, so this was great to read 🙂

    3. I thought I was the only one with this problem! When I either come from church or when I pray before i go to sleep, I lie awake in bed with this fear. My heart pounds really loud and I can’t seem to fall asleep.When I sometimes miss church I don’t have this fear. I pray and try to go to sleep.

    4. But what about fears like of heights or getting kidnapped or chased by a dog. I am scared of all of those tings. my friend is trying to get me to go on a rollercoaster someday, but i cant, and whenever i leave the house i feel like im gonna get kidnapped of attacked by a dog (i was chased by a dog once and i almost got kidnapped coming home from youth group one night).

    5. When I have fear, I always ask myself if this fear is because of God or is it just me worrying about something. Most of the time after I think about why I have fear, I realize that the fear I have was not because of God. It was because I worry too much about what I want my life to be, not what God wants my life to be. A lot of times when I am fearful I pray and ask God if the fear is from Him. When I pray I can feel some of my fear leave because God is always with me.

    6. I feel like that sometimes, but you got to remember have faith in God, trust him. If he brought you to it he will BRING it though it! God wants you to go to him and tell all your worries make him your first priorities, like praying and asking God to give you a good day at least 5 min a day.

    7. I get anxious about all kinds of things. In certain situations and around certain people, I have really bad social phobias. I worry that people are always talking about me and laughing behind my back. I’m constantly paranoid that I’ll slip up and say something stupid, just so people can make fun of me. I’m afraid people don’t like me because of the way I look. I have this weird fear that everyone has something against me, no matter how small or insignificant it is.
      If you have a moment, could you please pray? Thanks so much.

    8. i have a ton of things to worry about like if i write a comment i go on and on about i am sorry if bla bla bla was offensive when it realy wasn’t but in my mind it was thanks for writing this! i realy needed this 🙂 i love you sister in CHRIST! <3

    9. This is just what i needed to read(: cause ever since I was little I struggled with this.Every time I leave the house I feel really sick to my stomach:( sometimes I shake or feel like I’m going to pass out.I pray God saves all of us from this anxious fear.

    10. This is just what i needed to read.cause ever since I was little I struggled with this.Every time I leave the house I feel really sick to my stomach. sometimes I shake or feel like I’m going to pass out.I pray God saves all of us from this anxious fear.†

    11. Tell me if I’m the only one that feels this way. Every time they say that bad weather is coming my way I get anxious and shakey and I can’t think straight! I know that it’s silly but I’ve had this problem for about two years and it’s driving me crazy!!!! I let it go all the time but it keeps creeping back into me…

      • You are not the only one! I have felt that way for as long as I can remember! I hate thunderstorms so much! I was taking a practice ACT and there was one in the middle of it. Lets just say its a good thing that it wasn’t the real thing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 🙂

    12. Sometimes we do feel fear, but we arent suppose to go according to our feelings. Our feelings could make us make some bad decisions rather than using logic or walking that path of righteousness. Jesus will help us,as long as we trust in Him.

    13. Whenever I’m really nerveous or worried or scared the only thing that calmes me down is saying this “God will take care of it.” Its the only thing that relaxes me and let’s me know its gonna be ok.

    14. I have a big struggle with shyness and overcoming it. I recently saw the Phil 4:6 verse on pintrest and I liked it so much that I wrote it down and it is on my wall in my room. Every time I look at that verse, it reminds me that I should pray to God and He will help me.

    15. Because of my family’s difficult circumstances in the past several years, I have been having extreme amounts of worry and fear. Please pray for comfort and peace. Thank you very much! God bless! 🙂

    16. I have panic disorder and have struggled with panic and anxiety attacks. I encourage any of my fellow sisters who struggle with overwhelming fear and anxiety to also get professional help or counseling. Counseling really has helped me with anxiety and it’s been an absolute Godsend! I just also have to remember to not worry – we’re in the palm of God’s hand!

    17. Wow! I have struggled with severe anxiety ever since I started doing college full time in my junior year of high school! It’s so bad that I will go to bed at 10pm and be so anxious that I can’t fall asleep until 3am. I don’t know if other people out there have this problem but this post helps so much! It’s crazy cause I haven’t even thought to rely on God in a long time! Instead I’ve just been taking different sleep aids and relying on those. I think remembering that God is in control and He wants what’s best for me will definitely help me sleep better tonight. (:

    18. I struggled with fear for a long time too, and still do sometimes. Fear started as a tiny seed in my heart and began to grow bigger and bigger. I knew that I had no reason to fear. I knew that God was in control of my life and had always had me in the palm of his hand. But the enemy had planted that seed of fear within me, and when I could no longer take it I told my mom about it. She said she had the same exact problem for a long time when finally she went to see a pastor, who after telling him about her fear, prayed with her. The very moment he finished praying, that fear that was planted in her heart vanished and never came back.After telling me this, she prayed that God would take away that fear from within me, and He did. Fear does enter my mind now and then, but I immediately pray that God would give me strength. That is the power of prayer. In John 16:23 it Jesus says: “I guarantee this truth- if you ask the Father for anything in my name he will give it to you.” Sometimes we may feel as if God isn’t answering our prayers, but NEVER give up on God- God has never given up on you! There is a time for everything- a time for sickness and a time for healing. A time for gladness and a time for sadness. God has a time and plan for everything, and will answer your prayers in His timing. So trust in God, and he will give you strength!

    19. I am in constant worry that I will not get things done, or I’m failing. I am worried so much that all that anxiety turns into a panic attack. If you’ve ever had one, you know it is very scary and it’s hard to calm yourself down from having it. I got them so regularly that I had to go to a doctor about it. My doctor said that I should think of something that is Peaceful, when I’m feeling that fear. Most people will think of the beach, but I knew that God would help me more than anything. I prayed to Him over and over, whenever I felt bad. He helped me immensely. I haven’t had a panic attack for months. When you think there is nothing to help your constant fear and worry, God will always be there for you. There is NOTHING to worry about when you know God is there. 🙂

    20. This is good advice! I looked up Isaiah 41:10;13 a couple of days ago and it gave me the encouragement that I needed along with crying out to God. What are/were your fears or worries?

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