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Girl to Girl Talk: How to Deal with a Difficult Teacher


Recently, a PI Girl asked me about how to deal with a strict teacher who is challenging to communicate with and teaches an academically hard class.

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Have you ever had a difficult teacher? Here is some advice for learning how to cope in those harder classes with the intimidating teachers or professors.

1. Show up to class and be on time or even early: If you have a teacher who is strict, most likely he or she will have a zero tolerance for tardiness and/or being absent from class. It’s hard at times, but aim to be early if you can.

2. Turn in ALL assignments on time: Make sure to turn in all projects and homework early or on time. If you have any questions, make sure to clarify BEFORE the project is due.

3. Ask the teacher for extra-credit opportunities: Be ahead of the class and go above and beyond by asking for extra homework or credits. The teacher may not offer EC, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

4. Ask to meet with the teacher: Email the teacher and ask for advice on the subjects and/or the projects given. Going the extra mile to meet the teacher will show him or her that you care about your grade and that you care about the class.

5. Study, study, study: Make sure you read and review all the required assignments and materials. Be proactive and don’t wait to cram materials into your memory bank when it’s the evening before an exam. Use flashcards and organize a study group—especially if you are enrolled in a more challenging course.

PI Girls, do you have any ideas or advice regarding having a strict teacher in a hard class? Comment below!

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