Girl to Girl Talk: Is Homeschooling Better than Public Schools?

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    This week, a PI Girl asked for people’s opinions on homeschooling and whether it’s okay or if public school is better. What do you think?

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    Personally, I believe choosing whether or not to homeschool is a case-by-case situation. Some people like public school, and believers can be a light to nonbelievers. Also, public school can make you well-rounded, and as one girl said on the forum, not in a bubble away from society, in a sense. I think it depends on the student, really.

    You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

    You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house… (Matthew 5:13-15)


    Homeschooling can also be good for a season or for a couple years, and you could transition into public school. Something similar happened to my cousin, who is 11. She wasn’t homeschooled, but she attended a private Christian elementary school and now attends a public middle school. I feel like she is strong enough to be salt and light in her school (Matthew 5/6), but at times I wish she was learning more scriptures and around like-minded believers.


    In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)


    I think if you can experience both, it makes you see the difference and appreciate one or the other. The people I know from my hometown and from the church I grew up in who were homeschooled are very blessed, live pure and godly lives, and have good fruit. Homeschooling is a great thing, but when it’s time to transition to high school or college, it’s okay to go to public school as well.

    On the other side of the coin, some believe homeschooling can be restrictive. I read an article recently on The Guardian website called “The Dark Side of Home Schooling: Creating Soldiers for the Culture War.” The article was a commentary on someone who actually was homeschooled and was reflecting on her experience, now as a 28-year-old.


    “The Christian home school subculture isn’t a children-first movement. It is, for all intents and purposes, an ideology-first movement. There is a massive, well-oiled machine of ideology that is churning out soldiers for the culture war. Home schooling is both the breeding ground—literally, when you consider the Quiverfull concept—and the training ground for this machinery. I say this as someone who was raised in that world.” (




    What an interesting perspective. I am sure there are positive reasons for homeschooling and more inclinations for people to want to homeschool, since they are taking God out of the school systems more and more, and there is an increase in campus threats. There is a lot happening in our culture and more rapidly, so I’m sure there is a desire as a Christian parent to want to protect your child, too.

    This could be controversial…what do you think, PI Girls? Comment below!

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    1. I’m Home-schooled and I like it…sorta. I do Monarch virtual school and I do all my lessons online except math. The things I hate is that my mom has a computer in her room (desktop) So I have to go in her room and in a corner to do my school work. Also while I do my school work she ALWAYS comes into the room and sits on her bed and crochets. Shes super loud. Like she will come into the room and start randomly talking about stuff. Its a major distraction and I tell her that. She tells me she will be quiet but never is. Btw I have asked her to take the computer out of her room or to give me a laptop but NO. Ugh…I would also like to get on more things on my account rather than Webkinz and google and whatever else is on here.(Sadly my mom does not realize I am a 15 year old ALMOST ADULT…NOT 5.)I can still get on Project Inspired which makes me happy. 🙂 Even on her account I can’t get on face-book or twitter anymore.Not until my grades go up. Which will never happen cuz I suck at school. Even games or random sites I either need on or just want to look at something. Another thing is that I want friends. I am always wishing and praying that a girl or even a guy my age would move next door or in the house behind us. I never have ever had a true friend who will stick with me. Not even at church. I was friends with this girl for like 6 or 7 years and then POOF she was gone. Then another girl got mad at me because when we were 12 we went trick-or-treating together. So I went to like two houses by myself because she said that one person who lived there bullied her and another had a dog that mad her dad get really mad. After that night I never talked to her for a long time. I saw her a couple times. Once at a store and also at a different church my mom was considering going to. I was also trying to call her MANY MANY times. To apologize. It was very clear she wanted nothing to do with me. Church friends to me never last. Unless the two people are desperate. Lol. Soo anyway (sorry this is long) just to be clear. I had been switched back and forth to public and to home. I started in kinder-garden then my mom pulled both me and my brother out to come home. Then later we both went back to public. My brother was in 6th grade and I was in 3rd. I could not have been more miserable. It was nice my brother and I went to the same school I guess but it wasn’t the same. I had no friends at that point. I was constantly crying. My teachers name was Mrs. Cioffi and she was the worst teacher I had ever had. She was so mean. One time I was crying while taking a spelling test and I had messed up the order or something and she pulled me out of the room and told me to look her in the eyes (In a very angry tone) and I said no. She poked her finger in my face while I was looking down and told me again. I said no and I think I told her something else like I hate you or something while I ran down to the office. She followed me. I hid behind the desk behind the lady who was there. She was nice until she let me be physically abused by some 50 year old. My “teacher” or “witch” whatever you prefer to call her took me by the wrist and and sat me on a chair in the principle’s office. I’m not kidding when I tell you I was CRYING. I was traumatized. I had never been treated by someone like this I didn’t even personally know. I think my “teacher” told me. “Stop crying you aren’t a baby!” I said “I’m my mommy’s baby!” I said that because my mom had always told me and her 6 other children that they were her babies. I’m pretty sure they called my mom down to the school. I remember being in a small room hugging my mom begging her to home-school me again. Mrs. Cioffi was behind me. My mom just told me no. That I had to stay here. I don’t remember what they talked about. So later I switched classrooms. Next room actually. The teacher was nicer. Later I found out she had a temper and lots of threats. Not just to me but the whole class. My mom told me that my new teacher Mrs. Jones said that I could stay in her class if I did my work. My mom has always been bothered by that. Anyway just to let you know. I cried in that class too. Many times. One time I actually RAN OUT OF THE SCHOOL. They called my mom and called a cop. I got down a sidewalk. I think one of the counselors walked over to me. Then my mom pulled up. I started to beg my mom again and this time she was mad which made me feel worse because I wanted her pity and I wanted comfort. I went over to the cop and she got on my level. She said,” You know…we all can pick a favorite song…color…But you cant decide about this. You can come with me to a place where other kids are. You won’t be able to see your parents for a long long time. You can come with me or you can go to school.” I said school. When I think about it. The cop that spoke to me was very kind. You could hear in in her voice. She cared. Unlike other people. She was probably 27 or 28. Funny now that I think about it. I did the same thing in kinder-garden. The kinder-garden was a different school btw. I had gone into the school and nobody was in the room. It hadn’t even been opened. So I was off! 😛 Ran out of the school crying and saying “mommy” over and over again. Running in the direction of my house. A woman yelled at me from her car and asked why I wasn’t in school. I told her about the classroom. So I got in her car with her and her two kids and she took me back up to the school. My mom found out later and was furious. Ok moving on. Lets fast forward to 4th grade!!! Ok sooo I had this friend and she and I were outside at recess and we were freezing so we asked this one lady. (Idk if she was a teacher or not) We asked to get our coats. She said no. Which makes no sense. You are basically saying no that you could not care less of two people freeze. So my friend needed to go in and take a picture with her sister or her friend er whatever for the day you and your friend could dress up in the same clothes and get a picture taken for the year-book. So they had to do that so I tagged along with them because my friend said while were in the school we could grab our coats. When they got their picture and we got our coats. The woman got soooo mad and blew her whistle at us. Get this…MY FRIEND RAN AWAY WITH HER FRIEND AND LEFT ME THERE TO FEND FOR MYSELF!!! Some friend right? The woman gave me the why you do dis and why you do dat and I answered. She told me I had to sit down on the black tube things that ya know went around the playground for the rest of recess. I think I started crying.When it was time to go in Maddie (my friend) was kinda like..Why are you there? So the woman handed me over to this teacher that I knew of. And idk what she said but I told her,” Im glad you’re not my teacher! If you were I’d be sick!” So yeah 4th grade was fun. I always got in trouble for some stuff I didn’t even do OR say.I never really defended myself.I got into trouble so many times and cried a ton. I agree that it depends on the person. If you like being home and you don’t care about socializing a lot (in my case I don’t) Then maybe home-schooling is the right choice for you. It all depends. I started high-school last year (public) and I sat by myself at lunch and I was terribly miserable. So I am staying home for sure. I will be home-schooled all throughout high-school. Also another thing. My mom likes the fact that I am home because what she sees on the news is terrifying. I’m also glad I’m home for that reason. Well I hope you enjoyed my looooong list of whatever. 🙂 In the end I’m glad I’m home-schooled. Its where I am comfortable. There are still going to be those nagging pros and cons like dating and friends and school social events like dances. To me once its past nobody will remember my face 5 years after its all happened. People will be graduated and going to collage or just deciding their life plan. I am a mommy’s girl and I’m always going to be. I don’t cry as often. Unless its the time of the month or my feelings or hurt or something. Then I go into my room to be alone for a while or keep it in. 😛 I want to thank those teachers for making me stronger. For making me realize that when its all gone…My Lord Jesus is the only one I am trying to please with my life decisions.

      Yours truly ~Sarah

    2. As someone who has been at a public school and been homeschooled both for more than 5 years I’d say I have enough experience to give a comment. I was at a public school first and that was great. Then God told my parents to homeschool me and my siblings. That started out horribly, we had no idea what we were doing. But as the years went by, it became clear that homeschooling was the best option for us. I have a great social life, have more time for sports and even though people think homeschoolers are sheltered and conservative, – some are, don’t get me wrong – most homeschoolers aren’t. It’s set me up great for life. I’ve got a job and a good education. So what I’m basically saying is listen to God and don’t doubt. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. They’re both too different to compare.

    3. I am personally home schooled and there are so many benefits. I miss out on a lot of drama, but I still have my share of it. I get to go to some schools and classes that are just for Christian home schoolers and it’s amazing. I have been in college-prep school basically since I was in 6th grade. No kidding that’s how insanely hard the classes are. But I’m a better student and way more well prepared for college. And honestly I know I am getting a better education than even the top-ranked high school in my state. That doesn’t mean I’m the smartest kid (I am definitely not! Lol) but I am getting a great education and learning many, many things I wouldn’t be able to learn at public school. And contrary to popular opinion, home schoolers have incredibly social lives!!! I know I do!! Also, popular opinion is that home schoolers live extraordinarily sheltered lives, and I can tell you this: I have parents that are careful and try to protect me from secular and worldly things that really aren’t appropriate, even though I’m almost graduated. And I really appreciate that. I also am perfectly fine with that. Ok so maybe I am a bit sheltered, but it’s truly for my benefit and I know my parents know a lot more than I do and know what’s best for me. That’s why God put them in my life. 🙂 And I still get to see tons of amazing movies and things! (Thank God for ClearPlay®) 🙂

    4. Call me biased in favor of homeschool, but….. I think it’s way better. I went to public school for grades pre-K through 7th, and middle school in itself was a nightmare. My brother was bullied, and I never hung out w/ anyone, I was quite literally a lone wolf. When a few people whom I THOUGHT were friends of mine found out that I had Asperger’s Syndrome, they whispered behind my back about it; I could feel their eyes boring into the back of my head. I was somewhat mistreated for that and for being from their former rival elementary school, the latter which I was treated well and actually had a couple of friends. I eventually had enough of it all, and begged my mom to homeschool us, which she did my 8th grade year. I was homeschooled until I graduated, and am now attending my local community college (am planning on transferring to Geneva of Messiah in the fall, though). (I like college in the fact that it combines independent homeschool work and public school classmate relationships, although the work’s sometimes a bit difficult.) Homeschool does not have to be your “own little bubble”, that, I must disagree w/. There is CHAP, a Christian homeschool convention where homeschooling families get to meet up, attend classes, purchase curriculums together, homeschool co-ops (which I made SEVERAL new besties who love and accept me for who I am– in fact, got teary-eyed when one of them told me that she LIKED my being and Aspie!! #feels ), and other organizations you can join for extracurricular stuff and socialization (i.e. IK one girl who plays soccer, and my brothers and I are all first dan black belts @ Taekwondo Chung Do Qwan ). You just need to look harder and find your niche in hoeschool, is all. 🙂

    5. I was in public school from the beginning of my education until 8th grade, in which I transitioned into homeschooling. One reason for this is that I was surrounded by bad influence and was often learning more about the gossip at school than my subjects. However, I was pretty mature for my age and would’ve probably done fine. The biggest reason, I suppose, was because my family was at a place where homeschooling became possible, and my parents felt that God was calling them to do so. In this article, it’s mentioned that homeschooling can be too restrictive. This is actually true in some cases. I see this often when around a large group of homeschoolers. However, there are many more who are very social and confident, and have had the freedoms that a public schooler experiences. I think there isn’t a question of whether homeschooling or public schooling is right or wrong. I think it depends on whether or not God is calling a parent one way or the other. I know from experience that there are benefits to both education systems. Also, as far as a homeschooled child becoming restricted or sheltered, it is up to the parents to push their kids while they’re young to do and experience new things. By the time they are older, they’ll make the decisions on their own and know that it’s not scary to go out in public or do something they haven’t done before. Unlike public school, in which you have no choice but to be around other people your age, homeschoolers have to work to make friends and boost their confidence in the outside world. 😉 It is true, however, that because it is easy to just stay at home and not put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, many homeschooled kids and teenagers become “unsocial” and unable to react well around many people. Anyway, I know this is a long comment, but this is a subject that I encounter A LOT. I remember when my parents first decided to homeschool; most, of our extended family thought they’d gone crazy and were depriving my siblings and I of life itself! I certainly do not feel deprived in any way and I try to help my family and friends understand this. I know I probably didn’t explain half as much in this comment as I wanted to, nor explain what I did as well as someone else could. However, ultimately and most importantly, I believe that God can work through us in both public school and homeschool. As long as God is alive and working in your heart, I don’t think it’s too crucial where you go to school or how you do it. 🙂

    6. I appreciate that you share pros and cons of each side. I was homeschooled completely through elementary school, and in Junior High I started transitioning to public school a few classes at a time. (Our local jr/sr high school is small and welcomed homeschoolers taking as few or many classes as they wished.) This fall I will be a full time public schooler as a sophomore in High School. Personally, I’m glad I was able to be homeschooled for so long, but I’m glad to be able to go to a public school for high school. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be restrictive, and it can actually lead to more perspective on the world. But I definitely think that which is better definitely depends on the situation. 🙂

    7. its depends on the saution at times, again its not always a good idea for Christian Parents in Public Schools if their faith isn’t strong enough to handle the tempetions from their peers., I got a lot of bad memoires lets say I was treated poorly because I was different in a Speical education that stunk really bad, I ‘d not trust it, a lot of young people who graduate high School leave the church parents with young children to teach them h.w. to defend the faith!, that’s not being done, my time in public school last few years was a nightmare I ‘d not want to re live again, with very few good memories,. its was pretty bad, I ‘ve emoital scars from those years., not funny., homeschooling is better! with my experinces public school I remember is a like one fits all program its not does not work with students who ‘ve learning disablites,., half of U.S. history is missing, gym has been cut a lot & recess for the kids middle school I heard its worse barely any breaks they got rid of recess why I don’t understand., there’s no equal rites for special needs students half the time., after seeing that at a hs for a berif time that horrible summer program my father put me in against my will., that stunk., I was feeling useless., there., not treated like a typical young person., no thanks.,

    8. Homeschooling doesn’t put you in a ‘bubble away from society.’ Homeschoolers can be lights to non-believers as well. I don’t know how homeschooling restricts you from being well rounded in any way.

      The source you posted from the Guardian talks about the website “Home Schoolers Anonymous.” It portrays it like that kind of narrow-minded teaching is what is most common in homeschool families. This is far from the truth. The article acts as though homeschoolers have this agenda to essentially take over the world. It quotes various HA posters as though they are the norm for what the homeschool community is like. But they’re not. We’re not all families of 20 who teach nothing but apologetics with no questions allowed to be asked. We’re not trying to take over the world; we’re trying to take control of our education.

      I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, so maybe I’m a bit biased. But that does mean that I’ve grown up around other homeschoolers. Yes, I know families with 11 children, but I also know families with one child. Yes, my science books taught 6 day Creationism, but it gave both sides of the issue while acknowledging that both sides are theories, something many secular curriculums fail to do.

      I’m in competitive homeschool speech and debate. I travel to different cities and states and compete against other homeschoolers from around the nation. S&D, and homeschooling in general, has taught me to ask questions, to not believe everything I hear, to think on my feet, to look at both sides of an issue, to think on my own, and how to communicate effectively. It’s taught me how to be a better light to the world, even if I’m not in a public school. Because of homeschool speech and debate, I have friends of all ages, from Tennessee to Washington state.

      I’m not trying to say that homeschooling is better than public schooling. It works for our family. It works for the families of most of my friends. This idea that homeschooling ‘puts you in a bubble’ is simply false. Public schooling is what works for many families. After seeing facts and statistics, and from my own personal experiences, I haven’t found that public schooling is in any way superior to homeschooling. They’re just different. Homeschooling hasn’t left my older siblings, who are now in college, socially or culturally inept. It’s given them and myself the skills necessary to go through our lives.

      I don’t wear denim jumpers. I don’t have fifteen older siblings. I am not in some world-proof bubble.

      I have friends. A lot of them, from all around the country. They’re all different. None of these kids stay at home in training for some culture war. We’ve learned to think for ourselves. We haven’t been sheltered from reality. Most homeschoolers haven’t. A few have, sure. I’ll give HA that. But the vast majority have not.

      I am homeschooled, and I’m glad for that.

    9. I have personally been homeschool my whole life up until this year (my freshman year in high school) and the public school I now attend is very small. I still would like to be homeschooled because I think it was the best experience for me. I’m an introvert and I get concepts very quickly so sitting in a classroom for an hour when I already understand is hard for me. And being around people is hard. And I enjoy english and spanish but i’m not very good at math so I liked homeschooling because my mom could tailor my work to help me learn what I needed to learn. But I’m glad I’m at public school now because it has helped me learn how to meet new people and how to cope with change. It is hard sometimes because my parents are missionaries so we travel a lot but we can’t now cause I’m in school. So it all depends on your situation. My brother who was homeschooled with me went to public school earlier but that was good for him because he likes people. Again it’s all about what your situation.

    10. I’m 17 years old and have been homeschooled for all of them. I honestly can say that my experience has been amazing, but that is because I have wonderful parents who work with me and fit my education. We went through so many math curriculums trying to find one that worked but we just kept looking. I’ve done many extracurricular activities (all kinds of sports, art, plays), I’ve been in a co-op for 8 years. The thing I love about homeschooling is the flexibility. I am taking college-level classes with some friends and then testing out to earn credit. We can fit the curriculum to me and my preferences and where I want to go in life. Last spring, we took a 3-week vacation across the country to the Grand Canyon and that was school! Some people think that you have to be in a building for 8 hours to learn so that is maybe what is best for them. I love how open and full my education has been (even the stuff I didn’t care for as much has positives). I am going to homeschool my kids when I grow up. But I do have to say that my cousin is a senior and she thrives in public school. It really does depend on the personality of the kid (even though my cousin and I are a lot alike, I would not do well in public school) and I personally think, when you go to public school or start homeschooling. I think the older you are, maybe the harder it would be to switch. I don’t think we can say that one is better than the other for everyone. People are unique and don’t fit in a box.

    11. I have been homeschooled since I turned eleven. Personally, I like it much better than the private Christian school that I previously attended. First of all, I always finished my work really quickly, and I spent half of my time doing jobs for the teacher, so I was wasting a lot of time. Second, there were a lot of teacher issues, and it was hard to learn from them. Now I love homeschooling because I can learn more what I find interesting, and we create our own schedules. I feel like my time is used better. I would not necessarily feel like I have to homeschool my children though; I don’t think school is evil or anything. I will say that Christian school is not necessarily safer than public school though. There are different problems, but they are big problems. People there can be just as hurtful as public school people. Sometimes the adults are a major part of the problem. Finally, I do know people that homeschool so they can influence their children the way they want, but my mom is not like that at all, and I think children should be talk to think well and make their own good decisions.

    12. It’s hard to be home-schooled when you’re in Year 11 and require something to get into university. The Christian home-schooling curriculum is, I think, ATI. I’ve been in public schools for the majority of my schooling and I’m not near like-minded believers, sure, and sometimes that gets me down, but really? I’m there to learn. I have yet to join a youth group, because there’s no churches with a youth group near me.

      I’m home-schooling my kids, despite wanting to become a teacher. Maybe not necessarily a Christian education [unless something more trustworthy comes around] because I believe in evolution and the big bang theory [to an extent] and I want to let them play with science and whatnot.

    13. im 13 and have been homeschooled my whole life. I have never set foot in a public school but I feel after so many yeas of staring at my sister across the kitchen table I need a change and I need friends. I have spent the last 9 months with no friends so next year I will be starting in a private high school for my freshman year. im a little nervous because ill be so much younger than everyone else… any tips? please reply

      • Don’t self isolate out of fear. The best way to meet new people and get used to the new environment is simply by introducing yourself to people. It helps take away that fear. When the barrier of silence is broken between you and the other kids, they no longer seem so scary and unknown. Trust me, God has some awesome friends and plans for you. Just be open! Thats the key. Take each day one at a time. One bad day doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. It’s a journey. God bless!

    14. I don’t think either one is better. Homeschooling is not right for everyone just like traditional schooling is not right for everyone. I’ve been both public schooled and home schooled. Home schooling is just the right choice for me. I went to traditional school from Pre-K to 2nd grade and I have been homeschooled since then up until now (my senior year of high school)
      There are a lot of things people assume about you once you say “I’m homeschooled.”
      1. You’re a genius
      2. You’re super religious
      3. You have at least 10 other siblings
      4. You’re parents think they’re smarter than teachers.
      5. You are extremely talented at something.
      I have meet families where these things do apply (these types of families also get the most attention by the media) most homeschoolers are not like this.
      Some have parents who where homeschooled and loved it and some wanted to try it out to see how it would go.

      I’m homeschooled because I have a learning disability.
      I have CAPD, which stands for Central Auditory Processing Disorder.
      (You may Google or reply to this if you’d like to know more)
      I cried every single day after school. I couldn’t spell basic words, remember simple math facts and I never understood the homework.
      At the end of 1st grade my mom meet with my teachers and the principle to talk to them about me repeating 1st grade. They said nothing was wrong. I just couldn’t focus because of ‘this circumstance’. My mom while frustrated accepted this. After all, she is a working single mother raising two kids.Then came the fall of 2nd grade…
      I came off the bus in tears and inconsolable. I asked her “Why am I so stupid??”
      A week later she pulled both my brother and I out of school and we’ve never looked back.

      It was rocky start but we got through it. By the end of that year I could finally spell candy (not Knady).

      Honestly, being homeschooled has made me into the person I am and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

    15. I have been in public school my whole life (I’m a high school senior). While it is difficult not always being around like minded believers, it’s a great field to interact with non-believers in order to build trust and a relationship, and later lead them to God. One of my best friends and her sister have been homeschooled since 4th (and 6th) grade. As a result, I’ve noticed that both of them are slightly maladjusted. Both are so used to being ‘on their own time’ that it’s difficult for them to ever get in a hurry when necessary or meet a deadline. They also have a hard time contributing to conversations in a normal manner. Although I don’t believe that educational standards are adequate (and I also think the ACT isn’t the best way to measure someone’s readiness/aptitude for college) both of them scored relatively low and lack fundamental math skills. Like I mentioned above, even though the ACT is not the best standard, neither of them have good test taking skills. I’m also relatively sure they have never written a research paper (except the sister since she is now in college) evidence of this being that I’ve read short stories my friend has written and it was subpar. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that homeschooling is any better or worse than public/private schooling. I do however believe that it’s important to encourage your child to become a member of local clubs or programs to compensate from lack of peer interaction. And if you decide to homeschool your child, make sure to spend an ample amount of time instructing them so that they learn a sense of perseverance. For example, I can’t put off my Calculus homework for more than a few hours, though it seems my friend can ignore her pre-cal work until she feels ready to complete it. My cousins were also homeschooled by their mother who is a math/English professor. She was extremely involved in their studies and as a result, they both scored high on the ACT and have ended up with fully developed skills. I guess it depends on the child and the situation. I don’t mean for it to sound like I’m bashing my friend or her family’s decision to homeschool her and her sister; it’s just what I’ve observed. Sorry for the short novel this ended up as.

      • I also want to add that I noticed a bunch of people say they were homeschooled and enjoyed having classes tailored to their interests. While I agree that that is a useful strategy (I’ve had the opportunity to take cosmetology classes at the career center of a different high school since that’s going to be my career path and the course has helped me learn needed skills), I think that it’s important to keep subjects you’re not interested in at the level of public/private schooling. I just mean that in the real world, college, jobs/careers, may require you to learn something you have no interest in and might not need.

    16. I was in public school practically my whole life except middle school when I went to private school. I have friends who are homeschooled and they love it. It just depends on the person as to which type of school is best for them.

    17. I went to a Christian school through sixth grade and have been homeschooled ever since and am now a junior. Homeschooling is by far, in my opinion, better than a regular school, if you do it right. I’ve seen the extreme side of homeschooling and sheltering, it’s just like anything else, too extreme isn’t good. However, it’s been the better choice for me, I’ve always been “ahead” of the curve and got bored a lot in school waiting to move on to the next subject and such. As a junior, I have all but three of my credits required to graduate and after this semester will have ten credits toward college done. There are just so many more opportunities with homeschooling. My mom talks to my younger brother’s friends’ parents and the stuff they tell us about how their kids aren’t allowed to take home their textbooks even though they’re failing the subject are awful.

    18. I’ve gone to a private school my entire life and wouldn’t have it an other way. 🙂 We study theology on a deep level and have great theological discussions. We are also surrounded by other devout Christians who train us by both word and example. My teachers are all excellent, and I am so grateful for their guidance and what they have taught me. At my school, we are not sheltered from the world, but are formed academically and spiritually into young men and women who are ready to go out and preach the gospel.

      If you’re considering private schooling, please make sure that the school you’re interested in is rock solid; not just Christian in name, but Christian in everything.

    19. I agree that whether homeschool or public school is better is a case to case situation, but I would like to speak up for good homeschooling. I was homeschooled all of my life and I really enjoyed it. I was able to work at my own pace once I got older and get done earlier in the day. I was also blessed that I was part of a homeschool group in KY, and even took classes taught by fellow parents with degrees in those subjects. I made a lot of friends through homeschooling, and for some it helps because of the one on one learning it can provide. Some people do over-protect their children while in homeschooling, but you need to see the other people involved; the more normal ones.

    20. I personally don’t think it matters.I am homeschooled and honestly, its just a different kind of education. You get more one on one time and you don’t have to follow a schedule.
      Its fun as well. However, it is somewhat harder to make friends and be social. Thats the only downside for some people. There is plenty of homeschool groups where you can make friends. That is my opinion.

    21. I am home schooled, and when I started to attend a large youth group, I found it really difficult learning how to be myself around other young people. Also with homeschooling, there are so many more things at home that can distract you from studying that just wouldn’t be there at school. On the other hand, it is a good way of building a string character without worldly influences and temptations. It’s a tough choice with lots of pros and cons for both sides!:-)

    22. Homeschooling creates anti-social people and doesn’t prepare children for the real world. Also, I am a firm believer that children should at least learn the same fundamentals. If a child is homeschooled, there is no guarantee that they will learn the same things as someone who is attending public school

      • “doesn’t prepare children for the real world” um, homeschoolers are more in the real world than public schoolers! at a public school you sit in the same place for 8 hours, how is that the real world? in homeschooling you learn to balance checkbooks, organize a home, cook, get a job, talk to adults, run errands, travel, go on wayyy more field trips than public schoolers, etc. Also, anti-social, no way! sure there are some homeschoolers who are, however, you can’t base a whole group off a few people. all three of my older siblings went to college at 16/17, and my oldest sister is a qma at 18. I understand there are some homeschoolers who are weirdos, but all of the homeschoolers I’ve met have been well-rounded, intelligent, and creative individuals.

    23. I am homeschooled and I absolutely love it!! I’m part of a co-op and I am involved with many clubs for homeschoolers!! I personally believe that I am more rounded because of my situation. I’m not saying you can’t be rounded in public school, but looking at my activties I know that if I was in public school I wouldn’t have as many opportunties. Plus I get to sleep in and work in my pjs!!! I’ve been in public school and I didn’t like it however that is my personal opinion. I personally recommend homeschooling to anyone who asks but I realize that may not be the best option for everyone

      • It’s true some homeschoolers are anti -social , but the reasoning behind it is the way they were raised. I know some homeschoolers who are pretty social and you probably would second guess yourself on weather they were or not. Unlike me you could call me anti -social but that’s only because I’m very shy and am very very interested and that’s just my personality! I was the same way when I was public schooled to so I blame my anti-social life on my personality, but I can get a long with practically anyone and I have some pretty good friends

    24. I’m a homeschooler and I love it! I went to public school in 3rd grade and I got picked on a lot and my teacher did nothing about it! In 6th grade I went part time and I kinda liked it,buy I liked the fact I wasn’t stuck in a building for 8hr and a school bus for almost 2. So with almost ten hours of school plus other school activities what time is left for going into the REAL world. See public schooler get it wrong in one area! They think that we homeschoolers live in bubbles but that isn’t true! We actually experience a lot more real life situations without having to go to a classroom for an hour each day to learn it. For example I know how a baby is born and how to take care of one. I know all that by the age of 12( I’m not saying my parents let me watch one for a day by myself though) we actually have better social skills with people older than us too. I also can take my time to learn something fully before moving on without presser. I’m not saying public school is horrible, there are actually pros to public school too! Like I said I did like it a little in 6th grade! I’m a strong believer homeschool is the way togo ,but I’m not going to dog someone who’s public schooled either.

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