Girl to Girl Talk: Is Miley Cyrus’ New Song “We Can’t Stop” Promoting Rebellion?

    Every week, I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and council. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian life and walk of faith! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions.

    PI readers, this week I heard the new Miley Cyrus song “We Can’t Stop,” which seems catchy and upbeat at first listen. But then I listened closer and heard what the lyrics were saying, and it pierced my heart. I am disappointed because it seems that, again, another young role model is promoting a “no filter” message to this young and impressionable generation.

    Check out the song for yourself below:

    (Note: Some of the lyrics may be inappropriate for younger viewers, so use caution when listening.)

    Do you think Miley has changed as a person and artist? Obviously, she has grown up from her Disney days, which is understandable, but do you think the music is a form of an outlet, such as a cry for help? This week I started a topic in the Girl Talk forum regarding the song; click here to read it.

    Some people may defend the lyrics as coming from a postmodern worldview that dictates, “What you believe, YOU believe, and what I believe is what I believe.” My worldview is different; what I believe is the Bible. As believers we know Jesus is the way and the truth, and that there aren’t a thousand ways to get to God. The song has a somewhat postmodern and rebellious worldview, but I can’t claim that as I don’t know Miley’s beliefs. I think it’s food for thought. Do you PI readers agree?

    I strongly feel led to pray for her. Let us pray for Cyrus for her to return to her positive, wholesome and family-oriented roots. No one knows what she is going through personally or what message she is trying to send out, but let us pray that she finds Christ. Also, that God is able to change the entertainment industry with positive, loving music.

    PI readers, do you think the song is promoting rebellion, partying and a negative message? Do you listen to mainly secular music or Christian?

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. The scary thing is that Miley isn’t even of legal drinking age yet… This song worries me. I’m learning that what I watch and listen to really does affect me. This song glorifies partying all night and talks about being “turned up.” I’m tired of hearing this crap. Why can’t people create music about things that matter?

    2. At one point in the song it says “Only God can judge us.” as soon as it said that I thought of a picture I saw that said “You say only God can judge you, but will you be ready when He actually does?” I love Miley but I don’t care to much for this song. 🙁

    3. I think this song is awful! Like Allison said, she’s not even 21!!! So she’s singing about drinking, partying, and God knows what, and she’s not even old enough to drink. She’s promoting disgusting, and even slutty, behavior to all the little girls (11 12 13) who used to watch her show! It’s crap!! It’s too bad she turned out like this!

    4. I agree that she’s changed, but I still think that a lot of people stopped liking her just because she grew up. Other people don’t like her because of the types of songs she writes and clothes she wears, but others are just judging her, I think.

    5. The song is bad but nobody can look at her with the image of “Hannah Montana” anymore. She is older, people change. I’m not saying that what she is promoting is good but i do believe you have to cut her some slack. People go through rough patches, especially celebs.

    6. This is just really sad and I have lost all respect for Miley. And I agree with the “only God can judge us” points above. I mean, if she were as committed to God as she “used to be” (since no one really knows) she would have thought twice about that line and gotten rid of the entire song completely. I really think she needs to open her eyes and look at what kind of a model she’s portraying herself to be for young girls. What I love about Taylor Swift (not to change the subject completely) but I watched an interview with her one time and the interviewer asked her how she felt about setting an example as a role model, and she said that she should always be aware of the way she presents herself to the public because girls do look up to her as a role model and I think it’s amazing that she realizes that…although she could be a bit more modest with her recent clothing choices. But I definitely think a lot more celebrities should see themselves that way and realize what type of an image they’re selling.

    7. Don’t judge her harshly saying that God will judger her badly because he forgives ALL sins. The song is very bad and references to drugs, but I read parts of her book a long time ago and she talked about reading her bible and loving God and stuff.

        • Her actions don’t show what she does??? Uh… Your actions DO show what you do. That’s why they are called actions. Did you misphrase that?

      • yeah, she’s pretty much gone off the deep end (i’m not saying she’s so bad she could never be a Christian again, but currently it’s pretty clear she’s not following God)…i’m not judging her (i don’t think anyone here is), because we do all sin.

    8. This kind of music is depressing. So many wonderful role models have fallen under the pressure of Hollywood. Brittney Spears, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, and so on…

      I am just so glad that Nicole saw this would have happened to her at some point if she stayed to her modeling career in Hollywood. Can you imagine her acting like this today?

      If only more of these celebs in Hollywood would find God and not have to go through what they are going through right now… Miley included.

      • she’s actually 20, but that’s still not legal drinking age…and even if she WAS the legal drinking age, it’s still wrong to imply drinking in a song, and really it’s wrong to drink at all….

        • Well, it isn’t totally wrong to drink, since Jesus did (getting drunk is another thing…), but I do agree that the way she implied the topic of drinking was inappropriate.

    9. I just checked it out,and I do think that it promotes rebellion. How can it not? To me it feels like she is blatantly saying ‘I will do what I want,’cause it’s my right. But once again,that’s just me.

    10. This song…It’s so upbeat-sounding so it covers all of the crud in it that (hopefully) makes you sad. It’s just….wow.
      But honestly, looking back, she wasn’t a good role model since she was fifteen (I’m talking about the magazine where she’s clothing-less but has her arm in front of her chest).

    11. I used to look up to her so much. I loved her in Hannah Montana, I still think it was one of the best, family oriented show, but she’s strayed so much and it makes me sad.

      The fact that she’s singing about drinking, and strip clubs is scary. She shouldn’t be going to strip clubs, or drinking.

      She has such an amazing talent that she should be using to praise God…

    12. I don’t think she’s serious. But that doesn’t mean I approve of her behavior. It would shock me if her parents did. Have you seen the music video? Disgusting.
      She’s another Disney star trying to lose that “goody goody” image, and unfortunately she’s not doing it correctly.
      A good example of a Disney star that stayed out of the media and remained a good example for Christ(since I’m pretty sure she’s Christian) is Hilary Duff. The Mowry sisters(Sister, Sister) didn’t do too bad either.

      • Yeah, I hate when “child stars” try to prove they are “grown up” by acting… immaturely! Because while the world says opposite, spending your life hooking up, and getting drunk is not a very mature thing to do.

      • Not to throw a damper (since I actually was a Hilary Duff fan myself) on, but a couple of Hilary’s music videos got a bit inappropriate towards the more recent end of her music career. However, those were a few years ago, and she hasn’t made anything since then. Also, she married a nice hockey player and had a baby, so she’s a mom now. ^^ I’m just happy the baby came like a year after the marriage so you know she wasn’t pregnant. I don’t know anything really if she believes or not, but I’d be happy if she did.

    13. The sad thing is this is my friend’s favorite song lol. People say that music doesn’t affect them, but really, people are just being brainwashed by this trash. But this song is pretty catchy:) But Miley Cyrus songs haven’t really been “uplifting” since “Can’t Be Tamed.” I don’t know why she would say God is going to judge you, then sings about going to the bathroom hungover. I think she is trying to make a point that no one can tell her what to do besides God, but she’s not following what He says, so its sort of sadly ironic. I reccomend watching Hell’s Bells (a docmentary), its a little old, but it objectively adresses the topic of the way music affects its listeners.

      • yeah i have noticed how music effects me, it is DEFINITELY effective in how you act…it’s pretty freaky when you actually experience it and realize what’s happening. O_O i mean, i listen to Christian and non-Christian songs, and though none of those non-Christian songs are inappropriate, i do realize that when i listen to Christian songs, i’m actually in a better mood. and that actually says something, because listening to any of my music makes me happy, but for some reason, when i listen to Christian music specifically talking about Jesus, it truly does make my mood better!

        • I’ve found music I’ve really come to enjoy is actually stuff without words. I really like soundtracks to different things (including video games), and movie trailer music (there’s a bunch by Two Steps From Hell – which, before anyone finds the duo’s name inappropriate, means “heaven,” as earth was considered one step from hell in the old days. Not saying they’re Christian, just thought I’d clarify).

        • yeah…the only reason i listen to non-Christian music (and like i said, none of it is inappropriate, it’s just not necessarily talking about God) is because i think some songs are catchy…definitely not because i like the artists or whatever. but i mostly listen to Christian music. and i like all music (even stuff without words), but for some reason i prefer music with words. but it’s good that you like listening to just soundtrack…that takes away the risk of filling your mind with bad things and your actions being affected by it. (:

      • i know. O_O it’s looooads worse. i watched the whole thing, and seriously…even if you only picked out 5 seconds of any part of it to watch, you would be able to tell the video was inappropriate….and if anything it gets MORE inappropriate as it goes along!!!!!!

    14. Ugh! I just looked up the lyrics to this song and I’m like… wow…. its sad she took such a turn… and in the the lyrics it says “Remember only God can judge us, Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya”… wow. WHAT is she trying to represent God as in this song?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    15. In my opinion, Miley has ruined her image. Mothers, STOP your kids from listening to this music. I know I’m much too young to be giving advice, but because I’m young I know that it is a TRAP. It’s amazing what fame can do to someone like Miley. Run as fast as you can!
      She’s not like Katy Perry of Lady GaGa. They use innuendos to make their music sound ok, and that way young people are totally oblivious to it. I used to like Katy Perry until I really read the lyrics. I can’t believe what she was putting in her songs! But Miley, she’s giving it how it is. And it worries me, because Miley used to be a positive role model for young girls.

      • your right i don’t blame a smart person to notice that i with you on this she changes a can do it sis are i think we can put her back to god u know that song by life house everything mircales are real don’t crush people dreams we can change them

    16. What a shame. I remember reading a 17 magazine article with an interview with her a few years ago, when she was probably about 16. and she mentioned that in a guy, she was looking for a man who loves God. I have no clue what happened, but let’s keep her in our prayers.

      • no kidding. O_O it’s so disturbing…and oh my goodness don’t even get me started on Ke$ha. O.o her songs are catchy and her voice is addictive to listen to in my opinion (though it’s clearly extremely auto-tuned), but her songs are sooo inappropriate, and EVERYBODY knows most of Ke$ha’s songs no matter how young they are. people like Ke$ha bug me beyond words.

    17. At first when I heard the song, I just thought it was a fun summer anthem about having fun and hanging out with friends, but the words also started to worry me shortly after I downloaded it on iTunes and listened to it a few more times. I mean, it could be interpreted a ton of different ways and it could have been written differently than people are thinking it means, but the music video definitely speaks to say that the song is pretty innapropriate. I feel that it’s about rebellion and partying. Her recent behavior has also been slightly rebellious. I’m not here to judge and say she’s a bad person now, but I’m sure being in the spotlight can change the way you choose to act and the things you do. I think the best we can do is pray for her. But I sure do miss sweet little Hannah Montana.

    18. demi lovato did not do what she done even though she cut herself but she don’tt do nothing like her and taytay (taylor swift) are still good they don’t drink and smoke like miley don’t be stupid they sing about some thing that happening in real life

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