Girl to Girl Talk: Should Christian Girls Wear Bikinis?

     Every week, I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and council. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian life and walk of faith! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions.

    This week’s question comes from a PI Girl who is asking if bikinis are too risqué and immodest. Since spring is already here and summer will be approaching before we know it, I thought this topic was quite relevant and also fun to discuss! Here is the question she posted:

    Hey guys, I’ve been struggling with this topic for quite awhile now and I was wondering what your intake was on it…bikinis. Are they okay? Everyone wears bikinis and I know that’s not an excuse to be allowed to wear them but they aren’t as hot as tankinis and they are cute. But the problem is, I feel like whenever girls wear bikinis, all the guys care about is her body. Any opinions??

    This is a great question and one that likely will elicit a variety of responses. I think it definitely depends on your age, your style and whom you are around. If you are with some close friends and go to a spa or to a private pool with family, a bikini could be fine. If you know you are going to be around a lot of boys and it might make them stumble, then you might want to wear a cover-up, a wrap skirt or a tankini.

    I personally grew up at the beach, so I am used to two-piece bathing suits. When they are tiny bikinis that are inappropriate, or if you are showing so much skin that it is tasteless, then, yes, I agree that you should not wear them.

    Too many girls nowadays want to grow up so fast, look more mature and “hotter” or “sexier” than their age, but sometimes it’s too much. With peer pressure and the desire to be accepted, this can be a hard thing to understand.


    I really like this tankini set from Kohl’s…what do you think PI, girls?

    If you are a teen or a pre-teen, it is age appropriate to wear a tankini or a one-piece bathing suit. Nicole loves the one-piece now because they are more modest and don’t show so much skin. Nowadays, there are so many cute one-piece bathing suits and so many options for tankinis as well.

    If you wear a two-piece I don’t believe you should be judged, AND if you don’t wear a two-piece you shouldn’t bring down someone who does. It is all about wisdom and wearing what is appropriate. Also, your mom or parental guardian probably has an opinion on this as well! Trust an adult’s opinions since they have some extra perspective.

    For most girls on this site, I would recommend a tasteful tankini or a cute one-piece. Maybe a polka dot one, or a cute striped one. Patterns are fun and so are bright colors!


    I love this picture of Nicole…wear a fun hat with your one-piece for a more fashionable, fun look!

    [Image Courtesy Nicole Weider]

    PI girls, what is your opinion on this topic? Do you think bikinis are too immodest? Are tankinis are better for teens? Take the poll below, then share more of your thoughts in the comments!

    What do you think about bikinis?

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    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. Plus the Bible says that if a man lusts after a woman bc she is dressed immodest it is just as much her fault as his. I would rather not be blameable for his lusting. If he lusts anyway that’s his problem! Love your bodies, but don’t give way to peer pressure just bc everyone says it’s ok to do. And don’t make excuses. Pray about it. God will show you what he wants you to do. If u have the slightest hint of conviction follow it.

    2. I believe that there is no such thing as a “modest” bikini. I have three brothers and they all agree that weather you are showing cleavage or not bikinis can be a temptation. A girls midriff, especially if she has been swimming and is wet, can be a huge stumbling block. I am by no means shaming girls bodies, for they are made by the hand of God, but I am saying that we should think about pleasing God more than how cute or comfortable we think something is. The bible says in Mark 9:42: ” But whoever cause one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and if he were thrown into the sea.” Your heart doesn’t matter when it comes to how you dress and if you are dressing in way that cause someone to stumble you will be judged. It’s not just the guys fault, as it is not just the girls. A guy can lust no matter how you dress, but if the way you are dressing is provocative then you are helping him. I’m blessed with brothers and a dad who look away when a girl is dressed immodest and that has made me not want to be someone that they would need to look away from. Just some food for thought. 🙂

    3. I, personally, do not usually wear bikinis. I feel uncomfortable in them and have every since I was little. I think if you keep it classy and aren’t about to fall out of your swimsuit, there’s no big deal. You just have to remember that you represent Christ Jesus everywhere you go. What would He hope you do?

    4. Wearing a bikini is literally the same as wearing your underwear. Would you show up to school/work in your underwear? Probably not… Then why wear a bikini to the beach or public pool?

      I can think of just two examples when wearing a bikini is okay
      1. Swimming at your house with close friends or family.
      2. If you are very tall and other swimsuit options are uncomfortable for you.

      If you are tall have tried other swimsuits and can’t find anything comfortable, it’s OKAY. You tried your best to find something else and shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty. Just find a well made bikini and a nice cover up to wear before going in the water and afterwards.

      • “Would you show up to school/work in your underwear?” I feel like this is a very silly point, because I also wouldn’t show up to to work/school in a one piece… Or a leotard, or a sports bra and spandex, which can all be worn appropriately on certain occasions. Modesty is incredibly important, but social context is as well. I would never wear a bikini to a funeral… Not because it feels like underwear, but because it’s completely inappropriate to wear a swimsuit of any kind to a funeral (or work or school.)

    5. I personally don’t wear bikinis, never have, and none of my friends do, but in this discussion, may we keep in mind that it can be just as immodest to wear a V-neck tankini or low-cut one-piece?It became really difficult for me to find a top that didn’t show cleavage, so now I wear a swim shirt (picture a rashguard for surfing). I’m not judging people who wear these, but I definitely think we need to talk about this. Just another piece to the puzzle.

    6. As a someone who has been swimming her whole life I can definitely say that there are times and place to wear and to not wear bikinis. I personally do not have a problem with them but if you know that you will be around a lot of the opposite sex or people who uncomfortable it probably is best to cover up. On my team there are girls who wear bikinis to practice (they are made to be able to practice in) and they typically are the ones who are hit on more or get look at by people walking by our pool.

    7. Honestly I am a christian and I do wear bikinis. I wear them because I am really tall and I am a gymnast so a lot of clothes fit awkwardly on my muscular body lol. I may wear them but I still get as modest as I can with them.

    8. I’m going to be real; It is so much easier to go to the bathroom when wearing a bikini. I have 3 different one pieces, but man, it is awkward when I need to take off everything I am wearing to use the toilet. Personally, I like high waisted swimsuits the best. They cover more skin, make everyone look really cute/vintage, and it’s nice not having to completely strip every time you have to go.

    9. Ok but can we be real here for a second? Why are we not having these modesty conversations with Christian men?
      We talk a lot about how Christian women need to be careful of modesty, showing our midriffs, etc, but we rarely (if ever) talk about men being modest as well. I don’t know about you, but a nice set of abs and pecs on a guy at the pool is probably just as distracting and easy to lust over as my midriff or booty is for that guy. (In fact, I asked one of my bisexual friends this question and she confirmed it), so why are we not having this conversation with them? If we are asking Christian women to cover their midriffs with tankinis, then why are we not asking them to wear a swim shirt? Why should we be the only ones to cover our bodies? Why are they not held to the same standard?
      The Christian environment as a whole needs to reevaluate their stance and standards for men and women alike, especially in the area of modesty. Let’s hold both genders to the same standard, or better yet, focus on the important aspects of Christianity–love, hope and overwhelming grace.

    10. I am personally fine with a bikini depending on the cut and style. I make sure that my boobs and butt are completely covered, and that the cut isn’t too high on the front and sides of the bottoms. I also avoid strong bikinis and trying go for something with thicker straps.

    11. There is a reason God made man, and then woman, differently, and seperately. Because we are different! God wired men and women in different ways, men often being more visual than women. What may look fine to a girl, could lead a guy to be thinking thoughts impure, and now he has to struggle to get back on track. Same with how a true gentleman would not flirt with a girl and lead her on with his words. That could cause a girl to stumble and do wrong things. When I cover up, I do not feel as though I am degrading myself. I am obeying God and being selfless by thinking of my brothers in Christ. Bikinis are defined by as, “1.
      a very brief, close-fitting, two-piece bathing suit for women or girls.” They are immodest.
      Lastly, would you rather the first thing a guy notices about you be your body? Or your intelligence, creativity, love for Jesus, or your personality?

    12. Let’s be real for a minute. Guys are guys and God wired them to be attracted to female bodies. With that being said, wearing a bikini depends on how you want guys to view you. However, it’s not only that. It also depends on what kind of impression you want to make on everyone. For some people, they may only see you the time you where a bikini. I know certain ones cover up pretty well, but do you really want people to see your boobs and butt when they first see you, and that be all they remember about you? Or, do you want to try to dress modestly and maybe have people think, “I wonder if that girl is a Christian?” In all honesty, it is a personal choice, and God loves you the same no matter what. However, his word does mention being modest. Hope that helps!

    13. This is an excellent example of modesty being a heart issue. If you’re prancing around, wiggling your hips in a super modest one-piece, you are not being modest. On the other side, I see very virtuous Christian women that wear a bikini modestly – they don’t prance, they don’t hang out in the sun in one, they just jump in the pool and wrap up after they get out. I personally think a bikini shows too much and is distracting to men (I even am bothered by the sea of skin at the pool).
      I also think that it is interesting many parent don’t allow their girls to wear bikinis until they’re 16. That is the age where boys have extra hormones affecting them, making the temptations harder, and girls are fully developed. If a 6 year old is wearing one, it’s not sexual (although I think that if parents won’t let their older daughters wear bikinis, they should be consistent with that their whole life).
      I also think that the frequent occurrence of very young girls wearing bikinis has pulled girls to be more concerned with body image very young and the desire to look way older. In the ’50s, 10 year old didn’t wear bikinis!
      Just leave with this thought – would Jesus be pleased hanging out at a pool “party” where all the women were wearing bikinis (Christian women)?

    14. It all has to do with the way a bikini is designed! I don’t think a string bikini (the kind with two tiny triangles as the top) are modest. HOWEVER, there’s a huge trend right now with vintage bikinis where the top is a well-supported bustier, and the bottom is a “granny pantie” (high-waisted bottom) and is much more covered than those overly cut-out one-pieces. They flatter any body type and I would love to own one if only they weren’t so spendy!

    15. The fact is that just because God designed my body with boobs and a butt, doesn’t mean I should be ashmaed of that or have any other restrictions that males don’t have because they lack these features. I should not have to limit my life and my clothing choices due to some males who are easily distracted by lust. My brother would say that yes, swimsuits are a distraction, but only if you’re looking for it. Seriously, a man’s lust is no more my responsibility than combing a man’s hair is. Until men are required to wear shirts at the pool, I will wear my bikini as much as I like because although males have different hormones and brain chemicals that make them act differently sexually (i.e. oxytocin and vassopressin), biologically a nice set of male abdomen and pectoral muscles are just as lustful to look at for women as our chests are to men. As long as you are comfortable wearing a bikini, then I say go ahead and wear one.

    16. Why should girls be the ones forced to cover up just to keep guys from looking. It’s hot out bikinis are just swim suits. There’s nothing wrong with them. Guys can easily be just as tempted when we wear tight clothing or a strapless dress. No matter what we wear or do it won’t stop guys from being tempted to do anything. Tankinis, bikinis, or one pieces, no matter what we choose to wear we have the right to wear them. They are made for us to swim and have fun in the sun comfortably. I don’t believe it should be an issue. If guys can go shirtless when they swim and it’s perfectly ok then girls can wear a two piece and not be judged. It’s just a bathing suit.

    17. You should wear what feels comfortable, guys are going to look no matter what you wear. I was wearing a tankini with swim shorts, and I STILL got hit on by a middle aged man, a tankini or one piece isn’t going to change the fact that guys will be tempted (same goes for girls). I don’t think bikinis are immodest, as long as our boobs and butts aren’t hanging out, why should we sacrifice what makes us comfortable in order to keep guys from looking at us?

    18. As Christians, we should be concerned with what we wear. If not, we can attract the wrong kind of attention. Yes, it is up to the guy to keep his thoughts pure, but we also need to dress in a way that won’t make it as hard for a guy to keep his thoughts focused on the right things. Wearing a bikini is like goin out in a bra and underwear(though bikinis usually show a lot more skin). It makes it hard to a guy to be focused on the right things when girls are waking around in swimsuits resembling underclothing. Christian should dress in a way that honors God. If we are to think that it is up to the guy to think pure thoughts, so we can wear whatever, we might as well go around with nothing on. After all, it is up to the guy to not think ungodly thoughts, right?

    19. This is an interesting discussion and something I’ve internally thought about for a while, and I’m in the minority here, but I honestly think that there’s no major issue is a girl wears a bikini.

      As Christians, we’re told often to not adhere to society’s norms. According to many Christians, “society’s norms” seem to be along the lines of this: any form of women’s clothing that would break the rules of your typical high school dress code is inherently meant only to be sexual and to grab the attention of men. Not only do I disagree with this wholeheartedly, but I also pose the question: if we, as Christian women, agree with society saying that anything “revealing” is inherently sexy and bad, are we not then adhering to society’s norms? (Okay, so this whole argument is probably hyperbolic, out of context, and most of you would be able to disarm my argument in seconds, but it makes you think, which was the goal.)

      I’m not encouraging any of you to wear something that makes you uncomfortable. If tankinis and one-pieces are your style, then go for it! I’m sure you could rock any style you prefer to wear. But as someone who has and does wear bikinis, I’m here right now to say that no, showing skin is not inherently sexual. I’m in a committed relationship; what boys do I need to impress? And even if I were single, who says I’m looking to get attention based off what I’m wearing?

      I don’t wear bikinis, crop tops, dark makeup, whatever the beauty trend in question may be, for the purpose of impressing boys. Even when I was neck-deep in the “emo” phase and dressed relatively conservative, in the sense that I wasn’t showing a lot of skin, I was never dressing the way I was as a means to divert or attract another human being’s attention. I dressed in what made me feel comfortable, confident, and happy with myself.

      Some women will never choose to wear revealing clothing, and that’s okay. If modesty, to you, is found in physical appearance, then by all means, rock what you’re comfortable in. But as Christians, and as fellow women, we need to stop policing and judging other women who do choose to dress on the more revealing side. Society has told us that dressing conservatively equates to either prudence or old age, and that dressing revealingly equates to being sexual and wanting a man’s attention. It should not be that way. It is no one’s business why you choose to dress why you do. If you dress conservatively because you feel it helps you honor God, then that is great. I honor and admire that. But if you decide to dress revealingly, I’m not going to assume that your intention is to get a man’s attention. We should never assume that a girl’s intent for wearing a bikini or a crop top is to get a man’s attention or to adhere to society’s sexualization of women. I for one, don’t think my stomach is incredibly sexy or distracting. If I’m showing off my stomach, I’m not internally holding up a big sign that says “Look at my sexy body!” I wear what I do because I think it looks nice on me and I am happy with myself. Of course, I cannot speak for all women who dress the way they do, and that’s why I can understand the opinions here about revealing clothing. My opinion is that you should be able to wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy without attaching an intent involving sexuality to it.

      • No one is judging you for wearing a bikini. Can I just say though, that modesty is in the heart and in the way you dress. My opinion is that wearing a bikini is wrong because it is just like walking around in a bra and underwear just with a different name and somehow okay. I’m against it because I do not want everyone to see my body when there’s just some things that not everyone gets to see. Your body is precious, whether your married or not. The man you are married to or will one day marry is the only person that should get the privilege to see you. You shouldn’t want every other man to see your body, first it probably puts impure thoughts in their mind, its not our fault you could say, but at least we can try and help them. We should strive to dress in z way that pleases our savior, not this world and what it says is okay. We as Christians must not conform to this world, we must be counter culture. My purpose in replying is not to judge you, but to hopefully give u a different perspective on this topic. God Bless

    20. Well I do think teens should wear a tankini or whatever feels comfortable with them. I mean for me it will be so embarrassing or cringetastic if everyone(especially the boys or men) start staring at my body, I won’t really feel comfortable. Then they start whistling at me and UUGH so disgusting.

    21. If you know you are going to be around a lot of boys and it might make them stumble, then you might want to re-evaluate your veiwpoint and realize that preventing boys from “stumbling” is not your responsibility.

    22. I think bikinis are wrong, because it’s just like walking around in your bra and underwear. First and foremost you should dress for your Savior, and also you should think about boys and men and everyone around you. You do not need to show everyone your body, it is precious and if one day if You get married, that should be the only person you share it with. Covering yourself up does not mean your ashamed of your body but rather it’s precious and not everyone gets to see it, only that one special person. Also, it doesn’t me you can’t dress stylish or cute. You definitely can. You just gotta look at the right places. If you wear a bikini, I am in no way judging you, I just hope that after reading this you rethink what you are wearing and from this day forward, save your body for your husband or future husband. And above all dress in a way that pleases God.

    23. Thanks for posting. This article is spot on in my opinion! Personally, I like tankinis and swimdresses best. I think they are cute as well as being appropriately modest. Swim shorts are also a good idea.

    24. It depends on the type of bikini. I do not wear string bikinis or that kind of stuff. Some bikinis do a good job of covering up the chest and bottom area.However, I usually wear a long sleeved rash guard over a bikini (so when I get wet, it’s not see through( with a boy short bottom. I really love swimsuits with boyshort bottoms.

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