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Girl to Girl Talk: Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

This month on Project Inspired, we started a group specifically for the Girl Talk questions, which typically come from the Girl Talk chat wall. Click here to safely join our chat group.

One of our PI Girls posted about Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and we wanted to share this with you, too! We must “be in the know” by going to loveisrespect.org and sharing this with others.

I want to help further the missions of two great causes: Love Is Respect and Damsel in Defense.


Love Is Respect

The Love Is Respect organization started out as the National Dating Abuse Helpline in 2007 and was a part of the Liz Claiborne, Inc. National Domestic Violence Hotline. It was also available 24 hours a day as a place for teens and/or young adults who needed help pertaining to abusive relationships. In 2011, the organization connected with Break the Cycle and partnered with Mary Kay, Inc. (according to the official Love Is Respect website). They still are “working to end violence against women,” and even former vice president Joe Biden helped work with them to end the mistreatment of women.

Vice President Joe Biden, who has spent decades working to end violence against women, premiered the text service and sent the very first text message to a loveisrespect advocate.”

[Source: Love Is Respect]


Damsel in Defense

The Damsel in Defense organization was founded by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes to empower and educate women on protecting themselves in relationships. According to the Damsel in Defense website, approximately 1 out of 5 women have been abused by sexual assault, 1 out of 3 women have been through domestic violence and, according to statistics, a violent crime happens every 26 seconds. We must educate ourselves, be wise and aware of our surroundings and our loved ones, and spread the news about these two helpful organizations.

With Damsel in Defense, you can become a partner by selling their products or by shopping on their site, and can speak up to help women who have been assaulted.

The official mission of Damsel in Defense is to “…equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families. Our Independent Damsel Pros are not only arming others and experiencing financial freedom, but also offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault.”

Watch what Damsel in Defense is about here.


Know the Red Flags of an Abuser

If you need help or advice on dealing with an abusive boyfriend or someone you are dating, please notify an adult right away, or if you feel you don’t have anyone to talk to about it, call the Love Is Respect phone line: (866) 331-9474. You must be aware of the signs of an abusive person and be cautious before you end up in a bad situation. Below are some of the warning signs of someone who could potentially be harmful.

Warning Signs to Watch For:

1. Constant belittling or put-downs

2. Extreme jealousy or insecurity

3. An explosive temper

4. Isolation from family and friends

5. Making false accusations

6. Erratic mood swings

7. Possessiveness

8. Checking cell phone and social networks

[Source: Damsel in Defense]


Find Love Is Respect on Social Media

Twitter: twitter.com/loveisrespect

Facebook: facebook.com/loveisrespectpage


Find Damsel in Defense Online

Website: http://damselindefense.net

Hashtag: #becauseofdamsel

Image: Love Is Respect Damsel in Defense


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