Girls, I Need Your Help! Where Can I Promote the Anti-Cosmo Mission?

    I’ve obviously promoted this on the Project Inspired Facebook page (there are currently almost 7,000 likes!) and I’m wondering how I can reach more people to sign the Anti-Cosmo petition! I need some ideas on different websites I can contact that would like to feature the petition on their homepage. I strongly believe that if more people only knew about this mission, they would jump on it and be passionate about it, too!

    What Christian teen websites do you frequently go to or like? Or what other popular teen sites in general do you go to? Or, can you spread this petition at your school maybe by making flyers, creating a group that supports this or something along those lines? Let me know if you have any other ideas you have about spreading the word about the Anti-Cosmo campaign. I need you all right now to make this huge change happen!

    If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please click here. It only takes 30 seconds, I promise.

    Thanks so much for your support. We can do this together!

    *And for all of you girls who signed the petition already, thank you so much! You’re going to be a part of history, I promise!*

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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Uhm, I do agree that a lot of the things in the magazine aren’t necessarily true to get a boyfriend but I also feel that when it comes yo young girls, its also the parents job to educate and watch them. If you don’t want them to read it, explain why. If they buy it themselves, no allowance. Idk, I feel like parents aren’t parents anymore. I read cosmos and im 18. I have been reading it since 16. But my parents were parents, so I know what everything is already so I have no curiousity nor do I have any intention of doing it. These kinds of things have always been out there, but nowadays parents feel the need to blame others rather than themselves.

    2. Well, I don’t know of any websites, but I do think there is a way for you to contact more people with this issue. I think if you were able to schedule a ‘tour’ type of thing at Christian Universities (and secular ones, if they’ll agree to let you go) you could present your ideas to the people there. I know many of the girls (and guys) at those colleges/universities would rally behind you and help spread your movement even further. Just a thought =]

    3. You can go to local churches, and hand out flyers, or make an announcement there. And f your traveling, go to any churches. Actually, i wish you lived in florida so you could make a presentation. My church would love that. 🙁

    4. What if you made a tumblr focused on the issues of body image and use your campaign as a way to do something about it. Blog unrealistic images, share your heart on how girls are beautiful inside and out. Many teenagers are starting to get into it, and many are seeing photos of beautiful skinny happy people. It is just a thought. It would be a new platform to try out at least.

      • where did you send the letter? Can you please resend it through Share the latest article about the FTC writing me back on your Facebook wall, and ask your friends to sign it! Get your mom and dad and siblings to sign!

    5. Dear Covergirl,

      I am really disgusted with the “sex tips and advice” you offer in your magazines. You guys are setting a very bad example for teen girls today. Our bodies are more than sex toys. Those body parts are meant to have children. You guys should know that hormones make teens crazy for sex at times, but sex is for marrige. You guys should be ashamed. You turned an innocent magazine into a sex guide. Please stop those nasty porn junk. We Christians are offended. Nicole tries to knock some sense into you and you ignore her. Nicole deserves to be heard and at least have some respect for girls who hate porn. Seriously, please stop making girls turn themselves into sex toys just to please their man. Love isn’t about sex. It’s about two people who love and care about eachother. Those girls who pose for the porn in your magaine need some phsycological help. Apparently so do you guys. Have yu no decency for the nature of women’s body parts? God created us this way for a reason. Please stop the disgusting pornography. You have ruined many futures due to your sections. Please stop.

      – Hannah Allen

      Nicole, I amon your side and you deserve to be heard. God is on our side.

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