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    Girls, I Need Your Help! Where Can I Promote the Anti-Cosmo Mission?

    I’ve obviously promoted this on the Project Inspired Facebook page (there are currently almost 7,000 likes!) and I’m wondering how I can reach more people to sign the Anti-Cosmo petition! I need some ideas on different websites I can contact that would like to feature the petition on their homepage. I strongly believe that if more people only knew about this mission, they would jump on it and be passionate about it, too!

    What Christian teen websites do you frequently go to or like? Or what other popular teen sites in general do you go to? Or, can you spread this petition at your school maybe by making flyers, creating a group that supports this or something along those lines? Let me know if you have any other ideas you have about spreading the word about the Anti-Cosmo campaign. I need you all right now to make this huge change happen!

    If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please click here. It only takes 30 seconds, I promise.

    Thanks so much for your support. We can do this together!

    *And for all of you girls who signed the petition already, thank you so much! You’re going to be a part of history, I promise!*

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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. You could put it on some Christian radio station websites? Like Joy 89.3 or Air 1 and just have them say what you are doing and how people can help. You could also look into a mini commercial or something that could show at movie theaters or something (that does cost a lot though…). 🙂 thanks!

    2. Hey nicole i know this doesnt have to do with this topic but I have a big problem. Well 1 of my christian friend is a new model and well we were talkin and she said she wants to do modeling in the adult industry. I told her it was bad and that ur body is sacred but she says that everyone istryin to put her down by telling her what not to do. She also said its her life and i have no part of it. How do I stop her? HElP!! I dont want her ruined and shred up at the end…

    3. I watched the video covering this issue of Cosmo, and at first I’m like, “ok, so I kind of know what anal sex is, but what’s a three-some?” and when I went to look it up on Wikepedia, I was discusted to see the image that was provided! I can’t BELIEVE Cosmo is giving out INFORMATION THAT ANY TEENAGED GIRL CAN READ so publicly so that girls can go ahead and get pregnant, get an STD(s), and have their heartbroken. Cosmo should switch their name to something like: “How-To-Be-A-Whore-101.” I mean, SERIOUSLY! I don’t want a girl my brother’s age to read this and think that they have to do this crap just to get a man to like them. You are dead right Nicole–women do not need to take their advice in order to win a man’s affection. I am glad I signed that petition. They need to have this pornogrpahy bagged so that only adults will read this.

        • I would LOVE you to! And if you could work it out, get me a ticket to travel down to California and bring out the truth of this magazine! But PLEASE PLEASE do!! I want Cosmo and Playboy right next to each other, in the yellow plastic bag of shame. Thanks so much!! 😀

        • you’re welcome! Soon I’m going to have a surprise giveaway to a project inspired girl for a ticket to LA to hang out with me and have lunch. So look for that!!

    4. I don’t know if you’ve already done this….but you could advertise people to sign the petition on facebook. 🙂 Not only on the project inspired page…but on the right hand advertisement section on everyone’s facebook page. You did this with advertising this site, maybe you could also advertise people to sign the petition the same way. You might have already done this though.
      Also, you could create an “event” on facebook where (for example) tomorrow at 8:00 pm, everyone needs to sign the petition. Once you create an “event” everyone (all the people who have your page liked…AND all of their friends!!!) will get a notification about it in their facebook profile page and also on their normal email address like gmail and etc. Don’t give up! This is definately important! If no one follows you, at least you are one person willing to stand up and be a leader. 🙂 Keep going! 🙂

    5. I just got back from a road trip with my fam, and since there was nothing else to do, I was staring out the window looking at the billboards and I got to thinking. I have no idea how much it costs to rent a billboard or how to or anything, but I think that would reach a lot of people, especially when they’re stuck in traffic lol

    6. there’s a site i go on a lot called polyvore (polyvore.com). it’s for art sets, but people advocate causes on there too. i can post this on my blog too! iamanmandm.blogspot.com
      thanks so much for doing this nicole!

    7. did they really need to express that it’s the “hot” i.e. extra explicit issue? lol they have no shame.

      I wonder what would happen if a big celebrity actually DID lay off the mascara and let themselves be photographed without it?

      • Hey Kailen! I’m actually going to do something very similar to that, and create sticky notes with the Project Inspired logo on them, with short sayings like “STOP COSMO MAGAZINE! GO here…” and I’ll mail a pack of sticky notes for free to all girls who want them.

        • KSBJ is a big christian radio. They are willing to contribute to petitions like these. They are located in kingwood,texas.
          Also, kerry and chris who lead fellowship of the wooodlands have their own professionals who get commercials and billboards. If you talk to them they will listen. They are really big on teens getting active for christ.

    8. Hmm… Maybe you should create a cause on Causes.com (you can raise money for the Anti-Cosmo league!!!). I also suggest e-mailing SPARK Summit, which stands for Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge (which their website is sparksummit.com), and letting you post an article there.

    9. It’s absolutely disgusting to see that cosmo has taken this new spin. It really should be classified as an adult magazine. They don’t openly showcase playboys, so why is this considered okay? I don’t want so many young minds to be tainted with this trash.

    10. I would put it on my websites but I’d forget to and I done have much of any visitors if at all and I think the occasional 1 or 2 views are search engine croakers. 🙁

      I always turn the cosmo prostitute training manuals over to the Olay or whatever advertisement side. (well until now cuz my mom told me not to so we don’t have to buy them if I mess them up)

    11. You could also tell other Christian organizations….. there is a lady named Dana Gresh who a few years ago started a petition to get more modest clothing to be sold in stores for teenage girls… she goes on tours and speaks to teenage girls if you would get in contact with her she might help you get the word out!

    12. I would say you should post it in places where people who aren’t Christian girls can see it! Many other groups of people would probably support the cause. Maybe you could make a printable PDF file that girls could print out to hang up around town?

    13. Hello 🙂 i completely agree and enjoy the site that you have created but i was wondering if you still do “Maxim” magizine?? Cause when i googled your name that was the first thing that came up.

      • No I don’t- that was the last straw that made me quit modeling, and I realized what kind of damage it did to young girls. They seduced me into thinking that lingerie pictures would get me more work, and that it was “beautiful.” well, not only did I never get paid from that shoot, but they still continue to run them this day and make money off it. Maxim is horribly degrading, and harming young women. I would never, ever ever pose for them again. I hope that magazine goes bankrupt again. (Which it probably will.)

        • Wow Nicole that is awful! You are beautiful and they are complete idiots for thinking that you needed the lingerie shots to get you more work! I just googled your name too with “cosmopolitan” after it and it seems like you are getting a lot of good responses! Your videos are up and people are saying really good things about you and your cause! Can’t wait to see Cosmo crumble! 🙂

    14. i understand what you are trying to do with this, but you also need to figure out what u should say….. when you are talking aboout these people and these magizines you are judging them. in the bible its says that we shouldnt judge…. so insted of tlaking about the girls in the magizenes or the issues in the magizines talk about how different there life could be if they had christ or how different the magizine could be if we all got rid of the sins that are promoted in the magizine….. its jsut easier doing that then talking about the girls anyways. i personally think thaat more people would be willing to help that way anyways. i am not wrighting this to sound mean and if i do i apologize i just think you should listen to what you say and ask about everything if that is how god would have put it.

      • Please read my article “why God Instructs Us to Judge Unrighteous Acts.” As Christians, We ARE supposed to judge unhealthy and sinful behaviors of this world. I have prayed deeply about this, and I know God is working through me to make this mission succeed. Thank you so much for your comment!

    15. I just thought I’d let you know that word has definatly spread. I was at Walmart the other day Cosmo was not in a plastic bag but it was in this holder that covered up the sides so you can’t see the innapropriate side advertisments or articles:) It’s definatly an improvement I was definatly excited to tell you!:)

      • Emily! please write an Anti-Cosmo letter to me and explain why you feel it should be sold in a plastic bag and I will mail it to the FTC and to the Senator of California! Let your voice be heard!!

        • i can write a letter but my parent’s won’t let me sign the petition 🙁 but I’ll write a letter real soon!!!! 😀

        • yes please write a letter! Why won’t your parents let you sign the petition? Did you explain the cause of it? Also, you don’t have to put your real address on there so don’t worry about that.

    16. I was thinking about starting a group for this at school when it starts in a few days. I think this is an awesome cause and will pray about it. 🙂 I lead the bible club at my school too, so I can encourage people that come to that to sign the petition too.

    17. Cosmopolitan is awful!!!! I was in CVS today and when we were in the checkout, I saw it on the rack. One glance at the cover and I was disgusted!! This is putting crap into teenage minds!!!! Forget a plastic bag, it should be stopped 100% or at least stop its empty, vile, disgusting advice!!!! I support you 1000% percent, Nicole, Cosmo HAS TO GO!!!!

    18. I’ve seen a little progress!!!! I was at Giant, and the Cosmopolitan magazine was on a rack behind a green cover that blocked the cover. At least they’re making an effort to protect it from kids, but they still shouldn’t really be selling it there…

      • Hey Abbey!!! thank you so much girl, you rock. In the meantime can you write me an anti cosmo letter and include a picture of yourself? And send it to TheAntiCosmoMission@gmail.com. If you already wrote one, just resend it and include the pic 🙂 Thank you so much, you are making a big difference! and i WILL make flyers soon so you can post them at school!

      • I have 60 letters this week to be sent out, it’s going well- I’m going to reach out to women’s studies at leading universities to help support my cause. Also, to get letters from social workers who treat children who have been affected by this. Slowly but surely it’s getting there! The main thing is we won’t stop!

    19. Did you really say that Kim Kardashian has no morals? I’m pretty sure you don’t personally know her, so I think that this is kind of an unfair thing to say about someone. I feel like you judge others a lot more than Jesus would be okay with. And then saying that she needs to lay off the mascara is kind of a low blow. It sounds like something a mean girl would say about someone.

      • You could try talking to FCA groups at schools. That way you could share God’s love and spread your message about how harmful Cosmo is to girls everywhere. Also, you might be able to be a guest speaker for teen girls at churches. The church I go has a thing they call an all nighter. The first part of the night is full of preaching and praising God; the rest of the night is spent having fun as a group.

    20. Nicole… I was wondering. Is it possible for you to send us the address of the person you were sending our letters to? He said it needs to propose a threat, well it does. I would like to take the time to write him about the possible effects this has on the future, when people engage in things that Cosmo promotes, they can develop problems in the future, some people will deal with regret for along time. People are making decisions at such a young age when they haven’t even had the chance to truly form their own opinions. This could cause them to need a ton of counseling/therapy later on. I will actually do some research on studies of people who engage in that type of thing if I can find some solid information. Not only could they need therapy(which there’s nothing wrong with, therapy and counseling are good for all sorts of reasons), but they could also develop drinking and drug issues, regret causes so many negative things. And honestly, I know so many girls who engage in things and end up hurt, and to relieve their pain they turn to negative influences.
      I just think the effects can be harmful, COSMO IS A THREAT. Not everyone is going to agree, because they value different things, but making it so only 18+ can buy it, or putting it in a plastic bag would be beneficial.
      The things described seem more like porn than anything. And to buy porn, you need to be 18, unless it’s written?
      And I thoroughly understand that we’re hormone-driven people, especially at young ages, but the media takes advantage of that.

      I don’t think we should stop sending letters! He’s discouraging us, we don’t know, maybe he likes the magazine, maybe his girlfriend/wife likes it. But what about if he has a daughter? We need to make him think, we need to make it personal. I know I wouldn’t my daughter feeling that pressure, I’d give her room to make her own decisions, but I also would make sure she knows she doesn’t have to be like everyone else, and that things like sex and our bodies, are sacred.

      I also wanted to say that I got my friend to put Cosmo down at the store the other day and pick up Seventeen instead! 🙂 It’s not like I’m proud of it, but I was happy that she agreed with my arguement on the magazine. I don’t care who is on the cover, not having that magazine near me is one less pressure point. I’m not just saving myself, I’m helping keep a friend away from things like that. Especially considering we’re at a college where this stuff is all around us.
      Stay strong everyone! 🙂 Just because temptation is there, doesn’t mean you have to give in! Have your own beliefs and stick to your values! People make mistakes, people slip, but especially if you have God, he will always keep you strong enough.

      • thank you SO so much Kristen for your amazing and wonderful note- it means SO much to me you have no idea. My new Anti Cosmo video will be up on the site either by tonight or tomorrow- and I will list the address of the FTC and how you can contact Mr. Leibowitz directly, also please share the Change.org petition on FB, and tell your friends to please write me an Anti-Cosmo letter too! And make sure they include a picture because it’s more powerful to include in the letter. And most importantly, pray that we will get it sold in a plastic bag!!

    21. I have just discovered your website recently and I am loving what you are doing! I am so excited that you are asking what we think about this issue! You can try partnering with Susie magazine. It is a christian magazine that was once Brio girls. Here is the website. http://www.susiemagazine.com/Home.aspx
      I think it would be great if this could replace the empty spot for cosmopolitan in the grocery stores 🙂

    22. This magazine is protected under the 1st Amendment. They have the right to say whatever they want. In no way is this magazine “promoting” promiscousity. Not once has it ever said that all women are valuable for is sex, or anything along those lines. There is no law that says that you have to read Cosmopolitan. Just because you dohn’t like this particular magazine, doesn’t mean that you should outlaw it to every one else. Some people ligitamately enjoy reading that magazine. You have no rite to take that away from them.

    23. hey i go to a highschool and I’m a freshman and i know a lot of students are very responsive to no drug campaigns and stuff like that bullying things and so maybe if you get some schools to sponser it may help 🙂

    24. you could reply to this comment i copy it and paste it to my Facebook status i have tons of girl/teen friends
      PS write it how u want it to look on my page..i will also post it in all my websites.google,yahoo,amazon,all those places have a lot of visitors u can make ads there!

      • first, i am so inspired by you nicole to even begin this!! i never really thought about the impact it would have on younger girls and it REALLY is a serious problem. I was thinking if theres a possibility you could get on a news show? that seems kinda hard but thats my idea!:) best of luck!!!<3

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