Glam for God: Our 10 Favorite Spring Looks for 2015!

    PI Girls, spring is here and a new season has begun not only literally, but also in the fashion world. Here are some of the LATEST trends and looks that are hot this spring that I love, and that suit a modest PI Girl. I hope you are inspired by my favorite outfits and/or accessories! God bless you girls! Remember, modest is hottest!

    Look #1: Bangs, Bucket Bag and Denim Chambray

    I am loving this chic look with the bangs, the capris, the button-up jean top and the cute bucket bag. You will be seeing more of these purses in style this season, as well as tons of denim! Have fun with jean-on-jean or just a casual button-up top!





    Look #2: Flowy or Loose Shorts and Floral Patterns

    I love these shorts because they are cute and can be more modest than skirts in a way. Also, they are casual yet dressy and can be cute for the beach. You can find some in floral patterns, which will make them even more appropriate for spring.



    Look #3: Gingham Patterns

    Gingham patterns are all the rage this season! You can achieve the look by getting a shirtdress, blouse or shorts.

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    Look #4: Pastel, Baby Blue, Blue and White

    I love these light blues—they definitely remind me of spring, Easter and those lovely pastel palettes. What is your favorite pastel color? I love baby pink, yellow and baby blue…so fresh. The blazer adds a sleekness to the look of the girl on the left, and the skirt softens the outfit of the girl on the right to make it more of a feminine look. The black and blue bag is positioned there for the trend because, as I mentioned, black and blue is in this season.



    Look #5: Flared Pants…That ’70s Look

    The ’70s disco fever is back and the style is in session this year. The hippie/bohemian look with the hats, flared pants, fringe and the jeans is super trendy right now. Ask your mom, aunt or relative if they have any good boho blouses or keepsakes—you may just find what you are looking for!



    Look #6: The All-White Look

    White is one of the colors that is so clean and chic, and can look so fresh. Spring reminds you of newness, the flowers in bloom and even the thought of starting over with spring cleaning and so forth! White is just classic and looks good with jeans. This season you will start seeing the all-white look from head to toe, so don’t be afraid to explore this fashion statement, of course with the appropriate pieces. White jeans with a button-up blouse would look nice. You don’t want to look too baggy and don’t want to look too washed over. Pair your items, one loose and one tighter, to balance the look.

    Bad example: Don’t wear a white shirt and a baggy white skirt.

    Good example: A loose, flowy blouse with form-fitting white jeans will look chic and classy.



    Look #7: Black and White

    I guess you could say you can never go wrong with black and white; this pair is a staple in fashion. Whether you combine a solid black and white top with pants, or polka dots and/or patterns, you can be pretty fashionable with these two colors. I love these chic, feminine, yet casual looks. They are so effortless. Would you wear them?


    Look #8: Hats, Coats, Kimonos, Light Colors

    I love this pretty pink coat, the hat and the overall look. This season, kimonos, jackets, pastels and trench coats are in. I love kimonos because they can add to your outfit and dress it up or just can be a comfortable cover-up.



    Look #9: Paisley Tops and the Bohemian Look

    I love paisley tops with jeans and a cute wedge or heel. This look is cute for spring and is comfy and casual. Do you like it?




    Look #10: Stripes 

    Love this casual, yet fashionable look. I love that this girl paired a dress underneath a cute sweatshirt-type top with wedge heels. Super cute for spring, and stripes are very in this season.


    PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite outfit? Comment below! 

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    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.

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