God’s Perfect Creation, By PI Girl Sarah

    You’re an artist. You’re a beautiful, wonderful, famous artist. You have created some of the most amazing pieces in the world.

    Today you start off the day with a buttered bagel and grab some orange juice. Today is the day you will finally paint that masterpiece you have been dreaming about for the past week. You’ve been very excited about working on it and today is the day you will begin.

    After breakfast, you begin collecting all your supplies for the masterpiece. Once everything is in place, you take your seat in front of the easel. You begin painting.

    After hours of painting, the masterpiece is finished. It’s perfection is beyond words. It’s perfect. The way YOU have created it.

    You have decided that, as a birthday present, you will be giving it to your best friend. The day of their birthday arrives and you surprise them with masterpiece you love and worked very hard on.

    Your friend thanks you for the present but takes a moment aside to stare at the masterpiece. You question your friend saying, “Do you not like it? I believe it is beautiful the way it is.”

    The friend stares again at the painting. Your friend sighs and reply to you, “There are so many imperfections.”  Your friend continues to explain all the problems with the masterpiece. They again point out all the flaws.

    You simply reply with, “The way I made it is perfect. No one should change it.”

    God is the artist. You are the friend given the painting. Why would you criticize a perfect creation? Why do we criticize ourselves, when God has made us perfect in His sight?

    Written by PI Girl Sarah

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