Hairstyle How-To: The Feminine Topknot Bun!

    Hi girls!

    I love this topknot bun–it’s really feminine and lets your face stand out! This style is actually pretty easy to do as well. Here are the steps:

    Top Knot Bun 1

    1. Buy a hair donut (Claire’s sells great ones) in the shade that closest matches your hair.
    2. Put your hair into a high ponytail, and then secure with a tight elastic band.
    3. Now slide the hair donut onto your ponytail.
    4. Take your ponytail into your hands, and then take the top section of your hair and place it over your donut evenly, so it covers it completely. The ends of the hair will be hanging off your face. I hope this makes sense!
    5. Take another hair tie and secure your hair as it’s flat on your head covering the donut.
    6. Take the remaining sections hanging off and wrap them all the way around the donut, and secure with bobby pins.

    I hope you girls like the style! What hairstyle do you girls want me to try (and do a tutorial for!) next?

    Top Knot Bun 2

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        • My friend does one in my hair all the time, but every time I’ve asked her how to do it, she says it’s hard to explain. I would really like to know how to do one for myself.

        • I agree also!!! Waterfall braid…. and could it be a video tutorial? Or something with a french braid… I REALLY want to know how to do one, but I can’t get it! Thanks 🙂

      • The waterfall braid is pretty easy 🙂 I usually put my bangs back with it. I start braiding my bangs to the side (like a normal braid) then when I’m closer to the rest of my hair I let the middle strand drop, twist the other two around it, then get another strand of my hair and put in between the same two strands from before and twist them again. Then I just keep doing that until I run out of hair.

      • PolkaDotXO, about the fish tail braid, first I would like to say that it’s better to practice on someone else first, or if you still have a doll with hair in it (like a barbie, I have one in my closet that I practice on ahaha it really does help!) then try practicing first on it. (: It helps a lot! The fishtail braid is also easier to do on people with curly hair. You have to have good arm strength, patience, and determination to try it on people with straight hair. d:

        Anyways, you know how you make three strands of hair when doing a normal braid? Take two instead. Take a small strand of hair from the OUTSIDE of one of the pieces (I use the right side first) and cross it over that side. Combine it with the side on the left. Do the same thing on the other side. Now, you have four strands of hair. The two crossed over in the middle should look like an X shape. Just do that over and over again until you feel like stopping. (: It also doesn’t have to look perfect either, that’s what makes the style so cute! (:

        I hope this helped! xx

      • For the fishtail braid, seperate your hair into two (like piggy-tails but don’t tie it yet). Take a smaller strand from the outside of one of the groups of hair and move it to the inside of the other group. Then keep doing that back and forth between the two groups of hair. It’s pretty easy after you get the hang of it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I would like to know how to do the braid that wraps around the head. Does that make sense?

      Also girls, you can make a DIY hair donut. There are some great DIY hair donuts tutorials online.

      • The braid that wraps around the head is actually really simple! I was so shocked when I found out. (:

        What you do is, on which ever side of your head you choose, make a normal braid. When you finish that braid, do NOT tie it off. Take it and flip it over the opposite side of your head. Like if you make the braid on the right side, flip it to the left. Take a bobby pin, clip, whatever makes you most comfortable, and pin it. (: I would also suggest a little hair spay to help it stay in place. I’ve also found out that when you lean your head back (if you ever do it for some reason haha) the braid slips backwards, as if it’s going to fall off. To solve this, just take some bobby pins and pin the middle and sides of the braid down. (: The amount of pins depends on how many you need to use. Spray that, and you’re good to go. ^_^

        Something else I do when I do this braid is after I flip it over, I tie it off with a hairband and try to tuck it under some other hair before I pin it. That way, nobody can see the tie. (:

        I hope this helped! xx

    2. I love doing buns :3 I always seem to have my hair up when I’m writing so I can concentrate.
      My hair stays in the bun pretty well without a hair donut, though. I only have to use 2 bobby pins, at the most. Maybe because my hair’s curly? haha

    3. I decided to buy a hair donut to try this out! It is so adorable, I love it! My hair donut is going to be my best friend, but I am kicking myself for not buying the lipstick I found for $2… Thanks for explaining it!!!

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