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“Heart of Dating” Podcast on How to Spot Red Flags With Pastor Holly Wagner


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On our Project Inspired Facebook group page, we get a lot of questions about dating, how to know if a guy is “The One,” how long you should date before marriage and so forth. I would like to answer a lot of your questions, PI girls, as many of you wonder about being equally yoked to a believer, how to spot red flags and more.

My friend Kait Warman recently started a podcast about Christian dating called “Heart of Dating” and I thought I would share it with you. She has had some amazing guests on, from Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs, the parents of Lauren Scruggs (a blogger and founder of LOLO magazine), to Oasis Church’s pastor Holly Wagner and more!

Click here to visit Kait’s official “Heart of Dating” website.

Click here to subscribe and to tune into the Apple podcast for “Heart of Dating”:

Below, I selected a special podcast episode with author Holly Wagner (wife to Pastor Phillip of Oasis Church Los Angeles, founder of Generosity Water and mom to son Jordan). Holly is a wise woman who has been married for years, has seen many different people go through ups and downs, and has lived out her faith.



Below is a link to the podcast episode where my friend Kait interviews Holly, and they get into the nitty-gritty of how to spot red flags when dating.

Click here to listen to Episode 2: Dating Red Flags with women’s pastor Holly Wagner.

I hope you are inspired by this podcast and make sure to click “subscribe” on the Apple podcast app. If you really want to bless Kait, give her five stars and rate her show by commenting in the app after you tune in.

Holly also has a ministry called God Chicks and an annual conference called She Rises. Go to the She Rises website to find out about how to tune into her conference online, to be added to Holly’s email list and/or to attend the conference if you’re visiting Los Angeles!



May God bless you, PI girls, as you navigate your relationships through dating, courting and pure friendships in Christ. Remember to always seek Jesus and His Kingdom before building your own, and it shall be added, amen?

Comment below for prayer or questions!

Image: Courtesy of Kait Warman


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