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This isn’t your usual “help” page. This is more like, what do you need help with? Here are some ideas I came up with to get you started…

1. Modest is hottest! Get the winning look.

Here are tips on keeping your wardrobe cool but modest.

2. Want to do something to protect your rights and those of other teen girls?

Sign the Anti-Cosmo petition and join the fight against this vulgar magazine!

3. Christian music you’ll love

Find out what other Christian teen girls are listening to, including country music!

4. Five amazing prayers that will make you proud to be a Christian

Here are my favorites. Read all of my favorite Bible versus under the Prayer tag.

5. Dating advice for a Christian girl

Five things to consider before you start dating.

6. The real scoop about celebrities

First of all, be sure to read my story. Get the truth(!) behind what you see in the media.

7. Advice on dealing with bullies

Here are my top five phrases to use when someone’s being mean.

8. Be heard

Got a story or advice to share? Tell me and you just might get published.

9. Struggles with my looks and self-esteem

Here are my thoughts on what makes a person truly beautiful. Do you need help seeing your true beauty?

10. Find out what other Christian girls think

Take our polls and see the results.