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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    Here Are 8 Cute and Fun Ways to Decorate Your Summer!

    This article was also written by a Project Inspired reader, Addy Garner! She is very creative, and so I thought I’d share her ideas with all you girls, too!

    Here are eight FUN crafty things you can do this summer to make your life FABULOUS!

    • 1. Tied shirt                                                    price: free!

    This is my absolute favorite thing to make and wear in the summer!  It’s stylish and SO easy to make! My friend Whitney showed me how to do this. Here’s what you do:

    1. Find a T-shirt in your closet that fits a bit too big.
    2. Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface.
    3. Cut slits about 1 ½ in. deep and ½ in. wide all the way down both sides.
    4. Cut the top of the slits (on the outside of the shirt) all the way down.
    5. Double knot the strips together.
    6. Pull GENTLY on the bottoms of the shirt after tying to stretch it out and make the knots tight.
    7. Pair it with an ah-dorable tank or cami underneath. (my tied T-shirt is orange and I pair it with a white cami underneath!)

    Here’s a similar tutorial with pics!

    • 2. Decorated flip flops                                    price: $4-$5

    This is another favorite of mine. It just take some studs and hot glue to make them stay on! So cute! I’ve found it works best with Old Navy flip flops. Here’s a video tutorial with an even easier method!

    • 3. Bedazzled tank                                             price: $1-$3

    Take the leftover gems and studs from project #2 and hot glue them on a favorite tank!

    • 4. Headbands                                                     price: $4-$5

    These are so cute! Really cool for summer.

    • 5. Hair clips                                                         price: $0-$3

    Not big on headbands? Try some hair clips. Just hot glue some fake flowers or buttons on an alligator clip and let them dry. Here’s a super cute tutorial on a pretty summer hairstyle that shows you how to make a flower clip at the end:

    • 6. Stained Glass Sunglasses                          price varies

    These are really cute!

    • 7. Disc curtains                                                    price $0-$3

    I loved this one so much that I made these curtains for my room! All you need are some old or scratched CDs (everyone has them lying around) and some yarn or string. Here are instructions and a supply list from ehow.com:

    Supply list:

    • Non-toxic black marker
    • Non-toxic paints
    • Paper clip (optional)
    • Wall mounting squares (optional)
    • Fishing line (optional)
    • Wooden dowel (optional)
    • Curtain rod (optional)


    1. Use a black marker to draw mosaic shapes on the shiny side of one of the compact discs. Wait for the drawing to dry. Paint the shapes with your choice of non-toxic paints. If you prefer an abstract look, simply paint the CD’s surface with one color. Repeat the process for the number of CDs you want to decorate.
    2. Give the painted discs at least an hour to dry completely. To continue with the abstract décor, straighten a paper clip and use it to scratch shapes into the painted CD surface.
    3. Affix a wall mounting square to the back of each CD. Layer the decorated CDs over each other to create colorful wallpaper. To create hanging CD art, thread several of the painted CDs with fishing line. Tie the ends to a wooden dowel and hang it from the ceiling using additional fishing line. To create a CD curtain, tie the fishing line securely over a curtain rod.
    • 8. Pom pom curtains                                         price $3-$5

    Here’s a brighter alternative to CD curtains if that’s what you’re looking for. Here are step-by-step instructions from ehow.com:

    Supply list:

    • yarn
    • lots of pom-poms
    • tapestry needle (the really big ones)
    • scissors
    • dowel or shower curtain rod


    1. Cut about 40-50 pieces of yarn into 5/6 foot pieces (or however long the doorway is)
    2. Tie a knot at one end of the yarn
    3. Thread the yarn onto the needle
    4. Thread pom-poms onto the yarn, leaving a 2-3 inch space in between pom-poms (you do not need to knot the yarn between poms, they will stay in place on their own)
    5. Repeat until you reach the end of the yarn leaving a 5-6 inches on the end
    6. Repeat step 5 until you run out of pieces of yarn
    7. Cut or make the dowel/curtain rod the length of the closet, and place in between the two walls of the closet doorway (the tension should hold the rod in place)
    8. Tie the top piece of the yarn (the part with the extra 5-6 inches left) around the rod.
    9. Repeat step 8 until you run out of yarn with the pom-poms on it.
    10. Depending on how wide you doorway is you might need to thread more poms otherwise your done!

    Sell ’em

    Does your town have a local craft sale? If not, you can sell these cute crafts you’ve just made at a garage sale, too. If you love the cute things you’ve made, odds are other girls your age will, too!

    I hope these projects will help you have a fun-filled summer!

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    1. Cool!!! i think im gonna try the hair clips! They are adorable and functional. I can make them for me my sisters and my whole family (well the female part of my family). My new baby sister will love them and so will I!!!! Thanks for the idea and instructions!!!

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