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High Schooler Uses Instagram to Anonymously Share Kind Words with Classmates


Imagine scrolling down your Instagram feed and seeing your yearbook photo posted on an anonymous account with a special message crafted just for YOU. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a few graduating seniors at East Valley High in Yakima.

Last year, high school valedictorian, Konner Sauve created an anonymous account (@thebenevolentone3) to post photos of his fellow classmates along with a unique and thoughtful message for each of them. Up until recently, no one knew who was behind the mysterious account. Then, on graduation day, Konner announced that he was the one responsible for spreading joy and happiness to over 650 of his classmates. When asked why he did it, he said:

“I wanted to focus on the better aspects of people…to shed a positive light on each individual, make them feel appreciated, and to know that someone cares.”

How sweet! Here are just a few of the photos and messages that were posted to the account. Take a look and get your “aww” on!

Yahayra Rodriguez First of all, you have SO beautiful, how is it that you aren’t on magazines or featured in newspaper ads because you have such a unique and distinguishable look about you. You’ve grown up so much, but still remained so quiet ha! Yet you found an outlet over these years, an artistic and influential outlet. You’re more than just an artist, you’re a master with any medium you choose to use. We are all in awe of your abilities because they are so breathtaking and so professional! I hope you continue this passion for the arts and enter contests, art shows, art displays and galleries, maybe even sell some of them! You’ve done an amazing job throughout your high school career and I expect you’ll keep doing the same 🙂 A photo posted by Its About You. You’re Next.☯ (@thebenevolentone3) on

Image: UnSplash


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