Holiday Gift Guide: Christian-Themed Gifts!

    We’re back with our final holiday gift guide of this year: Christian-themed gifts!

    While you certainly don’t have to buy (or even make) Christmas gifts for your friends and family, we know that many of you might want to…it’s so much fun to give during the holidays! As we’ve said, you should first consider talking to your closest pals and family about exchanging gifts before you make a decision on whether or not to get anything. If your pals are low on cash and/or time, they might want to make an agreement not to exchange gifts. While surprises are fun, giving someone a gift who hadn’t planned to give you one back can sometimes leave the other person feeling guilty. So get on the same page as your buds! Maybe you make a pact to make each other gifts instead, or set a limit on what you can spend (say, $10).

    In order to get your creative juices flowing, we rounded up a few of our favorite inexpensive store-bought and handmade gifts for your Christian friends and family. Let us know your picks in the comments below, and be sure to share any tips and insights into buying for the holidays!




    The sideways cross necklace trend is very popular, so it’s easy to find tons of affordable picks, both online and in jewelry stores like Claire’s. This is a beautiful and meaningful gift for a loved one, and even if the sideways trend isn’t your (or their) style, you can always find lots of variations on cross necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. Shopping for a guy? Look online for cross cuffs, male rings and more masculine necklaces. There’s a treasure trove to discover! (AA Accessorize, $10)




    Pick out a Bible for a friend or family member and then choose a personalized engraving of their name or initials for the cover. This is a sweet way to help celebrate both the recipient and the most important book in both of your lives! (, total price dependent on Bible choice, $7 for engraving).




    On Etsy, you’ll find tons of shops offering various Bible quotes printed on necklaces, bracelets and keychains. You can search for your friend or family member’s favorite verse or find a shop that takes custom orders. There are lots of affordable options, and you can shop around for a font and style you know your loved one will like. (KG Designs Jewelry, $24)


    A BOOK


    If you’ve got a family member or friend who loves to read, we highly recommend the Christian-themed Chronicles of Narnia boxed set. The stories are beautiful, meaningful and, with seven books total, will keep a reader busy for months! (Amazon, $30)




    We’ve talked a lot lately about awesome Christian films (see here, here and here), and we know how much many of you girls love movies. Gift one of your favorites to a sibling or friend, and enjoy watching it together and chatting away! (Amazon, $10)


    • Make an ornament! Take inspiration from our recent roundup of Christian-themed ornaments and make your own.
    • Make your own piece of jewelry. Even if you don’t have previous jewelry-making experience, you can find necklace chains and Christian-themed charms at stores like Lifeway and Michael’s and easily make a “simple assembly” necklace or bracelet for a loved one.
    • Create a meaningful journal. Find an inexpensive journal you love (TJMaxx always has some in their clearance section) and write your favorite Bible verses on the bottom of various pages throughout. You can also include notes of encouragement or inside jokes. Your friend or family member can decide how to use the journal and whether to read all of your notes and verses right away or over time as they work through their new journal.
    • Make a mix CD. Create (in iTunes or Spotify) a playlist of Christian songs you think your loved one will adore. Burn them onto a CD and include a letter with a song list and the reason why you included each track. They’ll love discovering new music and hearing exactly why YOU think each song is important and meaningful.
    • Put together a message in a bottle. Use an old glass bottle (ask your parents for one of their leftovers or check for decorative options at discount stores) and stuff it full of notes with Bible verses and/or favorite quotes and messages of love. You can write them on small pieces of paper (or type them up, print them and cut them out) and then fold them up and put them all in the bottle. Create as many as you can and instruct your loved one to either pull one out every day until they run out or just whenever they need a little boost.

    PI Girls, do you have other ideas to share? What are you making or buying for your family and friends this Christmas?

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