Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping for Your Family

    Christmas is right around the corner! While you certainly don’t have to buy (or even make) Christmas gifts for your family, we know that many of you might want to. Each family has different traditions and ways of doing things, but if you’re looking for inspiration on things to buy (and things you could make), we’ve got some tips!

    If you’re stumped on what to get, you can start by checking the clearance sections at all of your favorite stores. Shops like TJMaxx and popular mall stores like Old Navy often have clearance sections with lots of random goodies to be unearthed. Often, not knowing what you’re looking for is actually less stressful because you can just shop around and wait for the right item to present itself! This is also a good way to stumble onto a great deal.

    In order to get your creative juices flowing, we rounded up a few of our favorite inexpensive store-bought gifts as well as some handmade gifts for family members. Let us know your picks in the comments below, and be sure to share any tips and insights into buying for your fam!


    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.17.12 PM

    Help mom bring a little nature to her kitchen or bedroom with this caterpillar bud vase. Each bubble holds a small bud or two, making a sweet centerpiece she can place on the dinner table. For an added touch, stop by Home Depot and buy six different tiny packets of seasonal florals for her to grow in the garden and pick from throughout the year. (Uncommon Goods, $18)

    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.19.53 PM

    Being a mom is no easy gig, so consider getting yours something to pamper herself with. This foot spa set has it all, with a pumice stone, soap and nail brush in a gorgeous fabric box. The all-natural set is handmade in Bali. (Uncommon Goods, $20)




    Is Dad a fisherman of sorts? Gift him this personalized fishing lure that will be both a thoughtful and highly useful gift! (Simply Silver, $18) Like the concept, but your dad doesn’t fish? You can find tons of affordable personalized and handmade gifts like this on Etsy. Simply search for “Dad Christmas gift” or something specific if you know what you want. Guitar pick keychain, perhaps?


    Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.16.42 PM

    Played one too many rounds of Monopoly with your bro? Why don’t you gift him a new game for y’all to enjoy (and for him to enjoy with his friends as well!). This fast and fun drawing game can even be played alone! According to Uncommon Goods, “One player at a time judges each round by pulling from a stack of 110 cards, reading instructions aloud and flipping the timer. Contestants immediately scribble silly prompts like: ‘Draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain’ or ‘Draw a laughing squid talking on a cell phone while sitting in a bathtub.’ First to finish wins and keeps the card. The player with the most cards wins!” Sounds like it could be hilarious and fun! ($18)



    Track down your favorite picture of you and your sis and frame it in a custom sister frame. We love this rustic, woodburned and engraved frame that sends a sweet message. (Wild Fireflies, $12)



    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.53.50 PM

    Is Gramps always losing his glasses? Help him keep them where he can see them with this adorable eye glasses holder. And just like your grandfather, this artisan piece has great stories to tell! It was created by HSSS, a nonprofit in India that helps underprivileged artisans—who suffer hardships with physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty or being in lower castes—find markets for their wood products. Pretty cool! (Uncommon Goods, $18)


    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.56.56 PM

    Got the kind of grandma who always has candy in her home? You can make going to her house even more of a “treat” with this fun unzipped “plastic” bag made out of glass. She can put pretty much any candy she likes (wrapped or unwrapped) inside! (Uncommon Goods, $16)


    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.46.19 PM

    Why have plain water when you can get a little “spa” water to go, anytime you like? Give your aunt this awesome water bottle with infuser and she can be a mixologist extraordinaire. There are tons of possibilities (lemon and mint, cucumber and basil, strawberries and blueberries.) Plus, carrying a sleek glass bottle is so beneficial to the environment. (Uncommon Goods, $15)


    Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.50.00 PM

    Got an uncle who loves sports or movies? TV? Video games? Whatever it is, he’s going to need some snacks while he sits in front of the television. Or while he’s camping. Or riding passenger seat on a road trip. No matter the scenario, help him go table-free with the Ooma Bowl, whose double chambers keep food separate while being ergonomically designed to remain balanced and comfortable in your hand. (Uncommon Goods, $25)


    • Know how to knit? Lucky you! Knit scarves, gloves or hats are the perfect winter gifts for your family. They’ll love getting something unique that you made for them!
    • Love baking? Well, who doesn’t love to eat? Whipping up a batch of your aunt’s favorite cookies or cupcakes is an awesome way to thank her at the holidays.
    • Get crafty with beauty products. Got a family member who loves her makeup? We’ve shared tons of DIY tutorials on making your own, which would make an awesome gift or project for the two of you to work on together! Scroll through and check those out here.
    • Check out our Father’s Day DIY guide for ideas you could also use at the holidays.
    • Ditto for moms and our Mother’s Day post!
    • Get crafty with ornaments. Make each member of your fam their own Christmas ornament to hang on the tree. They’ll see your thoughtful gift every year as they unpack and decorate the tree!
    • If all else fails, call in reinforcements. If you’re still stumped on making something for your parents, pool together with your siblings to come up with something great you can all make together. Only child? Call one of your mom’s or dad’s siblings (your aunt or uncle) for ideas!

    PI Girls, do you have other ideas to share? What are you making or buying for your family members this Christmas?

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    1. For my mom I am getting a nice, big calendar to keep all the activities straight in our family of 8. My dad asked for us to donate to ForgottenChristmas for his gift so I am doing that for him. I like to mix creative with something material but sentimental for my friends. So they are getting a CD and a bracelet with a personal meaning and also collages of us.

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