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Holiday Snowstorms, Sadie Robertson and Other Things We’re Talking About This Week

Here’s a quick recap of a few things happening in the country this week.

Ferguson grand jury declines to indict officer Darren Wilson. This past week, the grand jury declined to indict a white police officer who shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown. After much deliberation of the witness accounts and physical evidence, the jury concluded that Wilson did act in self-defense after Brown struggled with the officer’s gun in the police car and then, after running from the car, turned and “charged” the officer who was then in pursuit. Brown was earlier seen in a surveillance video stealing from a local convenience store and pushing the clerk. As expected, protests followed the verdict, which later erupted into violence, looting and arson. Officer Wilson has since resigned from the Ferguson Police Department, indicating that he will no longer be a police officer. Read more about this story.

Winter snowstorms hampered Thanksgiving for thousands along East Coast. Major snowstorms caused power outages for thousands over the Thanksgiving break this past week. While many people were forced to delay or cancel their Thanksgiving celebrations, others made the best of the bad situation, not allowing the storm to ruin their plans completely. Power outages lasted for several days for many families. Read more about this story.

Sadie Robertson places second on DWTS. After making a huge positive impact on the reality show Dancing with the Stars, Sadie Robertson of the famous Robertson clan placed second to actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Sadie’s faith played a huge role in her dances. Not only did she strive to be modest in her apparel and dance moves, but she also shared her faith with her fans. Robertson also positively affected the judges, including Carrie Ann Inaba, who said, “Sadie, I think you’re an excellent role model and a representation of what youth should be today. You’re clean, you’re elegant…everything about you I love.” Read more about this story.

What news are you ladies talking about this week?


Which of these recent current events have you been talking about the most?

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  1. vanilla

    Posted by vanilla on December 1, 2014 at 19:14

    Sadie Robertson also launched a line of modest prom dresses! 🙂