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How Do I Maintain My Relationship With My Boyfriend After High School If We’re Going to Different Colleges?

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This week on Project Inspired, one of the girls asked how she can keep a long-distance relationship going after high school.

How do you discern if you want to keep a relationship going that is far apart distance-wise if you’re both going to different colleges? Is it even realistic to have a long-distance relationship?

Sometimes after high school, relationships can come to an end—or in some cases they end up being serious and those are the high-school sweetheart stories we hear about.

First off, you should ask God if this person is meant for you in the long run and if God has brought you both together. Also, ask a solid counselor or advisor you can trust and who has a rapport with both of you. Next, I would talk to your boyfriend and see how he is feeling about the direction of the relationship and if you should remain in a romantic commitment or be friends.

Relationships aren’t easy and take a lot of time and selflessness. We need to remember to outgive one another and love each other as we would ourselves. We must be realistic with our lives, commitments and needs. Ask Jesus, and ask a mentor around you for guidance. And ask yourself if you see this relationship as long term.


10 Tips to Help Determine Whether to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Pray and ask God for His will.

2. Ask your boyfriend if he sees the relationship going past college.

3. Get some guidance from a mentor or role model you trust and who knows you both.

4. How far you are away from each other can determine how often you will see each other to maintain the relationship. Are you both willing to keep the romance going or do you want to just keep the friendship?

5. Will both of your love languages be met from a long distance?

6. Do you see each other being long term, possibly for marriage?

7. What are your goals and future aspirations? Do they match your significant other’s goals and aspirations?

8. Ask yourself if you’re both on the same page.

9. Do you grow closer to Jesus being with this person?

10. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and wisdom about the next chapter of your life.


We’re praying for those of you in this situation because it’s so hard to move into a new chapter of your life and to say goodbye to so many people you love—whether it’s for a season or for a couple of years.

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PI Girls, are you going through this season, and if so, what are you asking your role models and what are you leaning into the next four years of your life? Comment below for any prayer requests. We are here for you girls!

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