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How Good Is Your Memory? Take Our Fun Bible Study Quiz!

Okay girls, I want to see how well you’re remembering what you’re learning in the Project Inspired weekly Bible Study articles. So I’ve designed this quiz to test your knowledge on what you’ve learned during the month of January!

As you read through the 10 questions, write down your answers and then check them against the answers below. Ready?

  1. There are 6 books in the Book-a-Week Bible Challenge. Can you name 3?
  2. The Hebrew word for heart in Proverbs 4:23 is “leb” and it doesn’t just mean your heart. What else is included when this word is used?
  3. In what book is John asked to write letters to seven churches?
  4. The church in Thyatira was praised for doing five things well. Name three of those five things.
  5. The Bible calls this woman a “seller of purple.” She was from Thytira…what is her name?
  6. What does the word “covenant” mean?
  7. “In essence, the books throughout the Bible are different people’s ___________ __________”
  8. According to the book of Revelation, what did the Lord have against the church in Ephesus?
  9. The church in Ephesus tested false prophets and false teachers, finding them to be false. What two things does the article “Important Lessons You Need to Know from the Church of Ephesus” say are required to do that?
  10. According to the article “5 Scriptures to Inspire You in the New Year!” what prophet wrote about forgiveness?


  1. Philemon, Ruth, Ephesians, Ezra, Ecclesiastes and Mark
  2. Heart, mind and will
  3. Revelation
  4. Deeds, service, love, faith and perseverance
  5. Lydia
  6. Promise or law
  7. Eyewitness accounts
  8. They had left their first love
  9. Study and discernment
  10. Isaiah

8-10 correct – Bible Study Ace! Well done–you’ve been keeping up with your Bible Study articles! It’s fans like you who have helped spread the word about Project Inspired and inspired others to check us out. Continue to study the Word and spread the love of God everywhere you go!

5-7 correct – Bible Study Fan! You love the articles you read on Project Inspired and you are doing a great job at studying God’s Word. If you have an idea for a Bible Study article you’d like to see on PI, share it with us in the comments below!

4 or fewer correct – Bible Study Beginner! You like the articles you’re encountering here on Project Inspired but you have ideas for Bible Study topics you’d love to see covered. If this is you, we want to hear your ideas! We’re always looking for input about what you girls want to see more of on the site, so don’t be afraid to let us know.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

How well did you score?!

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