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    How Old Is Old Enough for Makeup?

    Just recently, a blogger and mother admitted to putting makeup on her 4-year-old daughter. I’m not talking about a little lip gloss while she was playing dress-up at home, either. I’m talking a full face of makeup for events and occasions outside of the home.

    Why do women wear makeup? The main reasons are to look older; to look presentable, attractive, pretty or beautiful; to cover blemishes, scars and birth marks; and to create a consistent skin tone. With these reasons defined, do you think it justifiable for a mother to make her 4-year-old child up with cosmetics?

    Even though this mother has received a lot of backlash, she also has received a lot of support from other mothers who do the same thing (although I’m guessing their show of support may be an attempt to justify their own actions). But isn’t 4 too young for makeup? Aren’t these mothers making their young daughters look attractive, even if it’s unintentional? And if 4 is too young, how old is old enough?

    The answer to this is obviously subjective, but I do think 4 is much too young. I also think age 10 is too young. In my opinion, 13 is the best and most appropriate age to start experimenting with makeup, but to a very limited extent. Why? Here are some of my reasons:

    • A child has no business trying to look pretty or attractive. Her physical self, as far as beauty, shouldn’t be an issue. Her focus should be on behavior and internal beauty, such as being good.
    • All girls should be comfortable in their own skin before making it up and covering it over. If girls get into the habit of wearing makeup every time they leave the house, they’ll never feel complete without it. And that’s just a bad habit to get into.
    • Girls shouldn’t wear makeup to make themselves look pretty. Sure, it can highlight or define features, cover flaws and soften the skin, but if you think you aren’t pretty without it, then that’s a problem.
    • Girls should have stages to look forward to as they grow. Girls have such a limited time as children, but so many years to be a grown up and do grown-up things. I believe wearing makeup should be a fun thing to look forward to when a girl gets older. If girls are wearing makeup and high heels when they’re 4, what do they have to look forward to? What do they have to establish each level of maturity in their lives as they get older?
    • Young skin is very sensitive, especially a child’s complexion, and makeup is not healthy. It clogs the pores.

    I also believe there should be a progression when it comes to introducing makeup into your daily life, and that progression should be determined by your age. I think it’s okay to begin including makeup in your regimen at the age of 13. Following is my progression suggestion:

    • 13 years old–lip gloss
    • 15 years old–face powder, lightly tinted eye shade and lip gloss that enhances your natural coloring
    • 16 years old–foundation, mascara, moderately tinted eye shadows and lipsticks that define your natural coloring
    • 18 years old–eyeliner and more defined eye shadows and lipsticks, including lip liners

    You shouldn’t wear makeup to cover your face. If you look completely different once your makeup is removed, then you’re putting on too much. Makeup shouldn’t mask your face, it should highlight it.

    Ladies, what do you think about moms who let their little girls wear makeup?

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    T.M. Gaouettehttp://www.tmgaouette.com
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit tmgaouette.com for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on www.facebook.com/TMGaouette and https://twitter.com/TMGaouette .


    1. At 18 years old, I would think that that is the age of independence. I understand and respect your progression suggestion, but I think it’s a little extreme for me. I don’t wear makeup and my mom says I can if I want to, but she doesn’t restrict the kind of makeup that is available to me. Thankfully, I don’t have to use foundation or concealer. Parents should have a choice to restrict certain things and allow others. At 18, I just believe that the girl will most likely be at college and making her own decisions. Every parent is different. I do not agree with you on putting makeup on a 4-year old. That is different, but as you said, activities outside of the home is the only times the makeup is applied. At least she’s not doing it everyday.

    2. I’m almost 13 years old, and I don’t wear makeup. Just lipgloss. :p Four is way to young, especially if it’s like MASCARA. Girls that are 14 (at my school!) wear so much makeup, they sometimes look like raccoons. It’s not very attractive. I mean, when you wear so much eyeliner that you look like you have bruises? Um.. And then really dark lipstick. Ugh. I can see it being on girls when they’re having, I don’t know, say.. Dance recitals. But wearing makeup all the time and so much that it makes you look like you’re a clown? So not cool. And what mom would let her four-year-old daughter wear soo much makeup? I know that if I was a mom, my daughter could wear LIP GLOSS but never lipstick and mascara and stuff. But that’s just my opinion. I think that makeup kind of masks girls’ beauty sometimes. (Sorry for the long paragraph. But wow! FOUR year olds?!!)

    3. haha one time i was at a party and a four year old got her hands on a tube of lipstick and started smearing it onto her forehead! I myself think that for tweens, makeup can be okay if you wear it lightly and don’t obssess over it;it should just be for fun at that level, because you are beautiful without it!(That is true for any girl, any age)As you get older you can start wearing more, but you still should never think that you “need” it. God made you just the way He wanted; and if you look around you can see that He did not want us all to look like Barbie!

    4. Personally I would never let my (future) daughter where makeup like that as a child, lipgloss for play is fine but not out in public.

      The progression for make-up is pretty much how my mom let me where make-up. Except she let me where Mascara when I was 13 because it sort of helped me quit picking at my eyelashes since I didn’t want it on my hands.

    5. When I was in grade school, I sometimes wore Lip Smacker flavored lip glosses just for fun and for the flavor. And even though I’m old enough to wear make up if I wanted to, the last time I wore make-up was for homecoming in October. I agree with your guidelines for make up completely. Thanks for this article and the one about heels! 😀

      • Hi Natalie- Honestly, I think that the progression I laid out in the article is appropriate and for the reasons I stated, so I think that lip gloss and foundation at 11 is too young.

        • What’s the problem with lip gloss? It’s just for fun. Most of it taste good, or is sparkly and fun.

        • Thanks for the advice- maybe I should just stick with scented lip balm and medicated pimple cream. 🙂

        • I think lipgloss is fine for an 11 yr old(its not like they’re wearing blood-red lipstick),but i dont agree with foundation:P

    6. I think it’s OK for someone who’s 4 if they’re just playing. I used to put on blush and lip gloss for things like tea parties. Now, I usually just wear some lip gloss and occasionally some eye shadow. I can’t figure out how to do more than one color (because of where stuff is – crease?), so it’s pretty simple.

    7. I think its fine to wear light foundation at 13. Just around the nose, chin, and mouth where girls tend to get a little red. But i don’t think anyone needs to put it all over your face, it just looks like a facemask. But at 4, chapstick is suffice. No more. When I was 6, my mom would put powder on my face just for fun, and only when we were at home. NO kid under 12 needs to wear makeup.

    8. I have to disagree. When I was little (as young as three), my mom put some makeup on me occasionally. This was NOT every time I went out, mostly it was just for getting my picture taken, to make my face show up. I did feel pretty with makeup, but that doesn’t mean I felt ugly without it. As I got a little older, I played with bright lip gloss and eyeshadow in the same way that I played dress up. It didn’t ruin my self esteem. I am now 14 and I only wear makeup about half the time I’m out. Even then I just wear lipstick and mascara, and occasionally eyeshadow. The only times I’ve ever worn powder were for theatre.
      I do believe there is a distinct line between makeup for fun and exploitation, but this mother has not crossed it. She seems to have the right attitude, and the amount of makeup she gives her child is hardly noticeable. If she were a “Toddlers and Tiaras” type of mom, then I would be concerned.
      Also, about the little girl saying “It makes me look pretty.” To adults, this means she’s obsessed with her looks. To her, it means she feels like a princess. She doesn’t sound like the kind of child who depends on makeup. I think it’s just a game to her.

    9. I’m fifteen and I wear the same amount of makeup that you say an 18 year old should wear, minus the lipstick. I’m not a fan of lipsticks though. But I quite liked my transition into the makeup world, and if I ever have a daughter, it will be the same way that she does. My mom let me start wearing light pinks, purples, and brown eyeshadows, brown mascara, and light lipglosses when I was 12. And then as the years went by, I slowly added items to my list. I started wearing full foundation and black mascaras and eyeliners when I was about 14 and a half.

    10. Little kids can play with make up (like smear it all over their faces, I’m pretty sure everyone here’s done that before) BUT, this woman was teaching a four year old proper applying techniques and the 4 year old goes outside with it on. This is bad, mainly because it can hurt her self esteem, she could start to think that she’s not pretty without it. The mother should start talking to her child about inner beauty, and that while she should look presentable in public, she should focus more on what she is inside.

    11. i think its appriopiate to wear make when your 15. Younger then 15 is maybe a bit too young, i started when i was 14 with mascara and then when i was 16 i started to use eyeliner, and tinted moisturizer, i usually try to stay away from foundation unless i’m going somewhere important, or when i ever feel like dressing up, but other then that i try to stay away from foundation because i want my skin to stay good for as long as possible;)

      I LOVE make up, but not because i want to hide my face, more because i LOVE to play with different looks and dressing up;) but i think you need to use make up with moderation, for example when your wearing heavy make-up on your eyes, you need to wear nothing on your lips, or when you wear lipsticks wear almost nothing on the eyes, that way you wont over do it.

    12. Back in middle school , I used to wear nothing but fruit flavored lip gloss . As many months progress , I started wearing make up not for the enjoyment of it , but for insecurity reasons . The truth be told , I think that a girl should test herself by answering a few simple questions on why you want to wear make up . The questions should vary depending on the person and their reasons . The testing should start when she is around the ages of tweleve or thirteen . This test can be easily sumed up by asking the most important question : Am I wearing it because I enjoy make up and having fun ; or am I wearing to impress a boy ? I personally enjoy wear but eyeshadow , and wearing a modest amount of it .

    13. Are you kidding me?!?? 4 YEARS OLD!! Thats ridiculous! That little girl is going to grow up thinking that her own mother doesn’t even think shes pretty without it. I started wearing make-up when I was 10. And that was just eye shadow that was just enough to see. I am 14 and STILL only wear eye shadow. Its a little more than when I was 10, but thats cause I’m older now. I grew up knowing that my family thought that everyone was prettier and more natural looking WITHOUT make-up. 4 YEARS OLD IS RIDICULOUS and STUPID to do! That girl should be young while she can. Cause when you hit your teens adulthood already slowly starts. I am completely against ANY make-up on girls younger than 10 unless its messing around INSIDE the house.

      • Correction….not stupid…I just HIGHLY disagree with what this mom has decided to do. And if the make-up on little girls is necessary for a play or something, that would be fine. I don’t agree with putting make-up on 4yr olds to make them look pretty…little girls are supposed to be cute and adorable. Not attractive.

    14. My parents are pretty conservative (I’m thankful for that) so I’m pretty protected from a lot of worldly stuff. My Mom’s main rule for makeup is that I wear it to HIGHLIGHT features, not put it on all heavy and look like a prostitute. :p And I personally like the natural look, I don’t want people to know I’m wearing it.
      1. At 11 I was allowed to wear clear/sparkly little kid gloss, like the flavored stuff from the dollar store :p
      2. At 12-13ish I could wear pink lipgloss (not bright)
      3. When I turned 14 my mom let me get a brown mascara (same color as my lashes) and some light powder and blush.

      I don’t wear the powder, though. I wear light mascara, blush, and a mineral veil (sparkly clearish powder that gives a natural glow to skin) to church and special occasions. I turn 15 in the fall, and next fall (when I’m 16) I’ll probably be allowed to wear eyeliner. But, still I prefer natural I don’t really get the attraction of eyeliner and orange skin…. really, guys hate it too, so why do girls think it’s attractive?

    15. I’m 16, and all I wear(most of the time) is black mascara and blush and lipgloss. I can’t put on eyeliner to save my life! But anyway, I think that’s really a good idea. I do have some acne, so I cover it up with concealer and powder. But that’s it. And it’s very natural looking. I look at all the girls at school and they look too made up. They have eyeliner on under and over their eyes that makes them look like racoons. They put sparkly lip gloss on and bright eyeshadow. It makes me wonder what they look like with all the makeup off…
      But anyway, I would say for a 4 year old, that is NOT appropriate. When I was four, I had fruity chapstick. And then I went on to have the flavored clear lip gloss. And that’s all I did. No color, no nothing. Just something to smell good and taste good. And that’s all I think a 4 year old needs.

    16. i think its not good for little girls to put on make up. here’s why. girls wear make up and sometimes boys get the wrong idea and have 1 thing on their mind which i am not gonna say. but you can start wearing make up at the age of 13 or 14. its not bad to wear it but you can apply a little bit once in a while but i have some friends who put make up on in school. but if someone calls you a name and you go overboard and start wearing make up, here’s my advice, you’re beautiful on the inside. don’t let anyone get in your way. God made you in his own image. that is the great thing about you. God bless you all 🙂

    17. Foundation should really only be used if a girl truly needs it. I personally wear foundation about 80% of the time. I have very dry, pink, patchy skin and some occasional blemishes. I use a very light amount, just to even out any discoloration. I try to focus on using healthier products to sort out my “skinsecurities”, such as moisturizing cream. (I like Cetaphil the best.) When I’m having a healthy, clear skin day, I skip the foundation and go totally natural!

    18. 12 year olds already wear foundation, mascara, lip gloss. I think your progression suggestion is too little. Girls want to feel beautiful and because of media, make up is the answer. We cant change media. I dont get what the big deal is with controlling make up. Now, every parent has their own desicion to make but this is just my opinion. Nice Article 🙂

      • I agree with you that for most girls, this makeup progression is probably too slow, but did I seriously just read “Girls want to feel beautiful and because of media, make up is the answer?” That is the entire point of this website – to give girls something else to turn to OTHER than media. I wear makeup all the time, and I dont see anything wrong with that at an appropriate age, but if the only reason someone is wearing makeup is to follow the crowd, then they are dong it for the wrong reasons 🙂

    19. My mother grew up in the 80s … And she still likes to wear the bold eye shadows and stuff. Lol. .. So she more tried to get me to wear makeup, and I would reuse. I started wearing a little bit of foundation when I was 12, because my skin gets horribly red and uneven. Then through the summer after 6th grade and going in to 7th I started wear foundation regularly .. And in 7th grade some mascara. At the beginning of 8th grade all I wore was foundation and mascara. Throughout the year, I started trying new things. Now, I’m about to promote to high school and I regularly wear (except on Saturdays), foundation, most of the time eyeliner, mascara, and blush. I absolutely HATE lipstick and lipgloss. I don’t think I’ll ever wear those. As for what I wear, I really don’t think it’s overboard one bit. I think the guidelines are a little extreme, but it should all depend on your child and their personality.

    20. i think girls younger than 13 can wear lipgloss my mom let wear it when i was 10 and eyeshadow when i was 12. i will probably let my daughter wear lipgloss when she is 10 and eyeshadow when she is 12 but wait for blush, mascara, concealer, ect, till she is 14 but then she can wear all the makeup.

    21. Psshh lip balm is my makeup and im 13. I feel like makeup is a lie smothered aaaalllll over my face. I went to shephora to get my makeup done proffes. and I told her to go as natural as possiable.I looked awful in it. My friends agreed,Makeup doesnt look good on me. I asked them why do they think makeup looks awful on my face they said “You’re face is naturally clear and pretty so your natural beauty oustands the lie on your face.” And I agree with them. Makeup does not look good on my face. Not even nude eyeshadow! Makeup = not my thing.

    22. I just started wearing make up (mascara and light eye shadow) today. And I’m 13. I started wearing lip gloss around 10, but i never really liked it that much. I felt like my lips were going to stick together!! Personally i prefer just light eyeshadow. Mascara can get messy and just not look good!! And I’m totally against make up on kids!! Even though I kinda wanted to when I was younger, I didn’t. Because I just wanted to be a kid! To be free and just have innocent fun!!

    23. This is a good post. I’m 16 and personally love to wear makeup. An everyday look for me is natural eye shadow color (I’m too scared to wear color on my eyes), THIN eye liner, and mascara. For more formal events I add concealer and occasionally foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, etc.- but a limited amount. the reason I wear makeup is not because I’m self-conscious about my face, it’s so much fun defining your best features. There are even those lazy days where I go out wearing absolutely no makeup.

      • Very true. My cousin started wearing make-up around 9 and I told her you really shouldn’t you look great with-out it. One time, we went out in public and she looked like a raccoon with so much eyeliner! I always tell her but she says she looks horrible with-out it. She always wears it, even if she is just at home, it’s ridiculous! When I talk to her again on Skype, I will defiantly show her this article.

      • Yeah..its a really good post…I’m also sixteen though in college so I wear full makeup and stuff. I try to choose natural colors and used colored eye-shadow for special event. I believe makeup isn’t for anyone who doesn’t believe they look good WITHOUT makeup. I am also very conscious about my face because its so oily that it can produce cooking oil for a whole nation…looool…so I try to use makeup that helps reduce the oiliness of my face. Overall, everyone should just appreciate your beauty before slapping on random products all o’er your face!

    24. I started wearing makeup at 12, I would wear mascara, a light eyeshadow and lipgloss, I’m 13 and at the begining of the year I wore eyeliner (on my waterline), mascara and lipgloss but I hardley wear any makeup anymore.

      People would kill for a 4 year old’s smooth complexion, why is she clogging her daughter’s skin with makeup?

    25. Make up on a 4 year old is very unhealthy. Children’s skin is extremely sensative. If these moms are putting adult make up on their children it could be potentially harmful for them. All the chemicals that are in make up could make these children very sick expecially if they are inhailing all the fumes and powders or injesting some of the lipstick. Also, ages 4,5,6 are about learning self help skills like dressing themselves, eating without help, and learning manners. Their brains are still developing rapidly at this point and learning about make up isn’t age appopriate.
      I agree with nicole about her progression of make up. Although i never wear makeup, the process seems appopriate and fitting. I’m not against makeup as long as your are trying to only highlight you natural features. The girls that walk around looking like racoons look very unhealthy and fake for that matter.

    26. “A child has no business trying to look pretty or attractive.”
      ^^^ You went a little too far on that one.
      Since I was about three years old, I wanted to be a princess. My name even means princess! I would walk around the house in “clicky shoes” (little plastic heels)and a feather boa and maybe even some glittery pink eyeshadow. Of course I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with me, I just wanted to dress up and be pretty! My mom is a cosmetologist, yet she almost never wears makeup on herself anymore. When i was little, I had a mini eyeshadow/lip gloss palette! I’m now almost 13 years old, and I love experimenting with makeup! I don’t think that makeup should make you look different; I think that it should highlight your natural beauty and bring out your features. My mom is totally okay with me experimenting with makeup and learning about beauty tools, as long as I don’t rely on those things to give me confidence…And I don’t! A lot of times I’ll go out of the house without anything on, but usually I dab a little tinted moisturizer (Like Laura Mercier’s SPF tinted moisturizer) or BB cream on and lightly line my lids with brown-black color and whip on a little brown-black mascara (and then I comb my lashes out so there’s no clumping and it looks natural)and spread on some regular chapstick (no tinting, shimmering or any of that fancy stuff… I very strongly dislike lip gloss D: ) I’m almost 5’8″, and feel no need to wear heels or anything that makes me look taller. My point in all of this is that a young girl has EVERY right to look pretty, as long as they don’t base their self-esteem on that. I believe that a girl can start experimenting with makeup at any age she wants, but she should never try to COVER the beauty that she already has. Oh, by the way, my dad is a pastor. He has no problem with me experimenting. I’m not trying to be rude or unpleasant, I’m just trying to state my opinion

      • little girls- they want to be pretty T.M. are you saying a little girl should not dress up, play princess or stuff like that? i do think 4 is to young for makeup but a little girl can dress in pretty clothes!

      • EXACTLY!!! This is exactly how I feel!! I love to experimant and play and make crazy looks just to have fun and bond with my sister. To go to school I’m almost always natural (no makeup), to go to church I always wear fancy, but classy makup. To go out to dinner or other places I wear eye shadow, blush, eyeliner(I love how eyeliner makes my eyes look) and concealer and all that stuff haha. I have made a habbit of going to school natural to keep me knowing that that’s not what makes me beautiful, Jesus is. My dad is also a pastor and I always ask him how I look before I go out with makeup. If he thinks it’s a little too much, I’ll change it, but I’ve gotten really good at making it not to caky. I am 15 years old and I wear all kinds of makeup. I really wish this had a “like” button ‘cuz I would TOTALLY like your post 😉

    27. I’m 14, and I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 13. And I wear more that just lip gloss. I just started wearing light foundation, but I’ve been wearing blush, mascarsa, eyeshadow, and eyeliner for over a year. And not always light colors of eye makeup either. I’ve worn bright green eyeliner, black eyeliner, and green and purple eyeshadow, as well as light colors like white or shimmery skin-tone. Lately I’ve been wearing really light makeup though.

    28. I’m sixteen and I just started wearing makeup less than a year ago. I think you should wear makeup only to compliment your beauty, not to cover your blemishes!!! I think you should only wear makeup after you feel confident with yourself and know that God loves you, no matter what you look like!!!!<3

    29. For once I actually agree with ya, T.M. 13 is the perfect age to start experimenting with makeup! Not too young, but young enough to be good at it by the time you start dating/courting and such. 😉
      I actually didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 14 or 15, because I didn’t know how, and mascara brushes scared me.
      I knew this one girl who was really a terrible friend, but she showed me how to put on mascara, and for that, I am forever grateful. XD

    30. Personally I think that you may have put your stages too low. I think that at the age of thirteen girls should be able to wear lipgloss and mascara. Depending on how you use it! Makeup is basically about how much you put on a thirteen year old could put on the same stuff as you have listed for the eighteen year old and still look great and not over the top if she didnt go overboard with it.

      As for me, I am thirteen (hehe could you tell?) and i wear a little mascara and a little eye pencil about once a week (cuz im lazy and its kinda a hassle to put it on) and i put the eye pencil only under my eyelashes (remember how much you put on is important!) I think how much makeup i put on is appropriate. Oh and i only wear browm mascara and brown pencil…color is important too!! Maybe blacks can come with age!

    31. I started wearing makeup when I was 14 and I wore cover up, eyeliner, and mascara but my mom showed me how 2 put it on so that I didn’t look like I was going 2 a club or something:) I definitely think middle school is a good age 2 start

    32. I think your progressing lines are a little too strict, e.g. I’m 15 now, I do wear mascara, eyeshadow(sometimes) and eyeliner, just because I like my eyes and I want to highlight them. I also wear a little of foundation, but only to cover my blains (I don’t have so many, but I don’t like other peolpe seeing them too much). And I never ever wear lipstick (I just don’t like it) and only very rar times lipgloss. I only use this lip balm to make them look healthier.
      And I personally know I use a lot less make up than other girls at my age, but I’m 2 grades further then they are and I noticed that as time goes by, many older girls with 17,18,… wear less make up, so maybe because they think they’re pretty enough without?!
      And for the 4-year-old: I think if the girl put it on for playing, it’s just fun (I remember myself experiencing with my mums make up when I was 8 or something because I just found it funny!!!) but if her mum puts it on her for making her looking better, more beautiful,… I don’ agree.

    33. I’m a dancer, so for performances I wear eyeshadow, eyelashes, blush, and pretty much any type of makeup you can think of 🙂 but I only started doing that at thirteen (I’m fourteen now.) I mostly don’t wear makeup because my school doesn’t allow it, but when I do I usually only wear mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss.

    34. I went from wearing zero makeup to a full face of makeup at thirteen (I’m now sixteen), because “Santa” brought me a bag of makeup that Christmas 🙂 Ever since then, I’ve worn mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and powder. Pretty much the only time I go completely without makeup is in the summer when my tan makes up for it, and even that is rare. I think that wearing makeup is fun but you should never feel like you have to wear it, and I think that once youre in seventh or eigth grade it’s okay to wear.

    35. When I was 12 I started wearing lip gloss. I’m now 14 and I just recently started wearing mascara. I think that lip gloss at any age 6years and up is fine, as long as it blends. Little girls love to dress up! You never said anything about mascara, I think its perfectly fine to wear at 12years and up. What does everyone else think?

    36. i am 15 and i wear foundation, mascara, and eyeliner on my water line. i think thirteen is old enough to wear mascara not just lip gloss. but i do agree that too much make up is gross and that make up is not supposed to change your face, just to highlight it(:

    37. I don’t think it’s healthy for a 4 year old to be wearing make up! I understand playing with make up (did it at almost all my sleepovers when I was younger) but wearing regularly? No. As for your guidelines, I agree with them but also believe that it depends on a girls maturity and whether or not she and her parents think she’s ready for make up. I’ve been wearing light lip gloss (sparkly or light pink) since I was about 11 and sometimes when I go out some place special I’ll put on some mascara and a light foundation.

    38. I don’t think you should set specific guidelines for all girls to follow. I will be 18 in a matter of days and I got my first make up at either 13 or 14, but I didn’t care to use it. Now all I use is some mascara, eye shadow in natural shades, a copper colored eyeliner and some lip gloss. You don’t have to go over the top. I don’t wear it every day, I just wear it when I want to look nice,like today when I went out with family for my birthday lunch. You don’t have to wear a lot of make up and you don’t have to feel insecure about your looks to wear make up, it’s just really there to help bring out our inner beauty. I agree that 4 is a little too young for that, because little girls might get the wrong idea and come up with the idea that it is essential to wear make up every time they leave the house, and that is absolutely absurd. There are exceptions with that, if you have an uneven skin tone, or have acne or other blemishes and are trying to cover and/or heal them, but other than that there is no real reason to wear make up every day. You are the most perfect you without make up, and by wearing a lot of make up, you cover that beauty, and some people you meet might not be sure how you are on the inside if you wear a ton of makeup, and might get the wrong idea about you.

    39. You’re not supposed to wear lip gloss before age 13??? You’re kidding me right? I was wearing lip gloss when I was 7, honestly, there are CHAPSTICKS that show up more than certain lip glosses. Lip gloss only makes your lips shiny and it tastes good sometimes (I get my favortie kind at Bath and Body Works; Lemon Pomegranate from CO. Bigelow, it tastes really good). I do understand your concern with five year olds wearing makeup, and I agree with you completely on that subject, but it’s really up to their parents to decide what age they should wear makeup, and you’re practically ASKING for negative comments with your Progression Suggestion.

      • You’re right! It’s absolutely up to your parents, but not all girls get guidance from their parents, and they visit PI looking for a suggestion. Which is what this is…a suggestion. I don’t think I’m asking for negative comments, just a discussion. You can totally disagree…and many of you do…some more rudely than others. My guides often go against what many young girls are doing today, so I’m not taken aback by negative comments.

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