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How Sunday Can Transform the Rest of Your Week

If you work all week, are in school or even if you’re at home with your family, the weekend is like a safe haven from the busyness of Monday through Friday. The last thing you want to do on a Saturday or Sunday is think about the end of those precious two days! They’re over far too soon—some days it seems like Monday starts on Sunday night!

While you should definitely enjoy your weekends, utilizing your Sundays effectively can help prevent those Monday morning blues. Taking just an hour or two on Sunday night to prepare for the week can transform your weekday mornings. Not only that, but Sunday as a whole can become a special day of rest and recuperation—just as God designed the Sabbath to be.

Below are three ways that Sunday can impact the rest of your week for the better.


1. Preparation. Preparing for the week might sound like the last way you want to spend your final weekend hours, but taking the time to pack lunches, set out your clothes and look at your upcoming commitments can actually give you more time throughout the week. Here are a few things you can do on Sunday night to help prepare for what’s ahead:

  • Plan your meals. By deciding what you’re going to cook or eat for lunch that week, you save yourself the mental energy of decision making every night. You can make salads in a jar that will last in the fridge for all five days ahead, and can cook rice, beans and chicken in bulk for healthy meals.
  • Set out your clothes. Try hanging up all five outfits for the week, in order from Monday to Friday. All you have to do when you get up is grab your outfit—no early morning decisions!
  • Pack your gym bag. Having your gym gear ready to go makes an early morning workout much more feasible. If you don’t go to the gym, set out your workout clothes and head out for a morning run.
  • Prep your breakfast and devotional time. Make overnight oatmeal so it’s ready to go when you are, and eat breakfast while you do your devotions. You can leave your Bible on the kitchen table or wherever you eat breakfast as a reminder to do the two together.


2. Fellowship. Sunday is a great day to reconnect and spend time in fellowship with other believers. If you don’t already have a church family, now is the time to start looking! Surrounding yourself with believers of all ages and walks of life will give you the wisdom and support you need for your own life journey.

Fellowship is more than drinking coffee together. It’s about real conversations and relationships. These things facilitate a healthy spiritual and personal well-being, which will buoy you through the hard days in upcoming weeks.


3. Empowerment. Sunday can empower you for the rest of your week. By receiving biblical teaching, fellowshipping with other believers, getting outside and preparing for the week ahead, you maximize God’s design for a day of rest. Since Saturday can be taken up with friends, parties and commitments, Sunday can become a day of focus and reconnection—a fantastic way to begin your week.


How do you maximize your Sundays? Share in the comments!

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