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How to Ask for Help When You’re Struggling with an Addiction


We’ve discussed addiction a lot on Project Inspired. Addiction can completely debilitate lives, so it’s imperative that those who are battling an addiction get a handle on it.

Some addictions are more difficult to overcome than others. And some are more difficult to face ourselves, let alone share with others. But one of the steps in fighting an addiction is asking for help. And that in itself can be a challenge.

So how do you ask for help when you’re struggling with an addiction? The following tips are a good start.

  1. Recognize that everybody struggles. It makes it a little easier to ask for help once you understand that we all struggle with sin. This certainly doesn’t make your addiction okay, but it’s a reminder that we all fall short. So don’t beat yourself up. Just understand that you do need to get help.
  2. Put aside your negative emotions. Oftentimes, negative emotions like fear, shame and guilt can stand in the way of asking for help. But you have to shove those sentiments out of your heart. They’re Satan’s way of keeping you down in the darkness of sin.
  3. Choose someone you can trust. Whether it’s a parent, teacher or pastor, reach out to someone you know has your best interests at heart and will want to help you defeat your addiction. Pick someone strong in their faith, who will hold you accountable. Pick someone who has compassion, but won’t back down when you look for excuses to fall off the wagon.
  4. Pick the right time to ask for help. This may not always be possible, especially if you’re feeling desperate, but if you can, maybe arrange a get-together with the trusted person. Revealing an addiction is not something you can blurt out. You want time to share your story without being rushed. Pick a private location where you can speak candidly and where you and your trusted person can speak and react freely.
  5. Just be honest. The life of an addict is a lie in itself. You’re constantly hiding, deceiving and lying your way through conversations and interactions with people. There’s no point in hiding the truth now. If you want to leave addiction behind you, be honest about the hold your addiction has on you. If you share the whole truth, it’ll relieve a ton of stress.
  6. Be prepared for an emotional interaction. You and your trusted person will go through a whirlwind of emotion during this process, so be prepared. Don’t let the interaction upset you. Know that it’s inevitable that there will be tears, but recognize that now you have an advocate to share in your struggle.
  7. Pray. God is the only one who can help you overcome your addiction, so pray with your trusted person. Pray that God gives you both strength and courage to work through the ups and downs together. And there will be many of those. Remember to continue including God in your recovery.

Ladies, an addiction is not easy to beat alone. You need someone on your side who can help you, and shining a light on an addiction makes it easier to conquer.

Ladies, are you struggling to beat an addiction? Share your story. We love hearing from you.

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  1. Kymberstanley

    Posted by Kymberstanley on February 18, 2015 at 11:49

    I love this post. I personally struggle with an addiction to pornography when I was 15 and 16. I felt very overcome by my negative emotions. I had no idea how to truly move on. Especially when my sin weighed so heavily on my heart. Eventually I knew I had to make a change so when I was 16 my New Years resolution was to stop watching porn. I was successful and only relapsed once in June. It took me over a year to tell anyone because I was still suffering from the guilt and shame of my actions. In February 2013 when I was 17 I told my therapist about my struggle with porn. She helped me realize that I was still a lovable person that made a mistake. I’m not the first and I am certainly not the last. Today I still have complications from watching porn and I don’t think the images will ever leave my mind. Also don’t be caught up in erotic fiction it is just as bad as watching porn. I will never regret having this struggle because it has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am currently at a Christian university and it is one of the best decisions I ever made! I pray for all of you struggling with addiction! Never forget you are not alone! The first step in healing is admitting you have a problem. Seek wise counsel and confide in someone you trust. Don’t live in sin! God created you for so much more. If any of you are struggling with pornography please reach out to me! I am more than willing to walk you through the process of healing!

    With all my love, your sister in Christ, Kymber

    • imorox

      Posted by imorox on February 22, 2015 at 09:18

      Thanks for that post, Kymber. It was very inspirational.

    • Project Inspired

      Posted by Libbyelle on February 20, 2015 at 01:03

      Okay so I’m a relatively new user so not sure if this is weird lol but I so admire your courage to post this “so that those who come in may see the light”! I just wanted to encourage you because you’re obviously allowing God to use you to expose pornography for what it is and putting yourself in a position to help others by being honest about a very real addiction! So long story short, you’re awesome and keep letting your little light shine girly!!

      In Christ,

    • Project Inspired

      Posted by christlover1714 on February 19, 2015 at 14:33

      Hi Kymber Stanley, I am too a 17 year old girl struggling with the same addiction. I am focused on pursuing theLord even more since I relazed my addiction was taking over my life and its been a few days now that i have gone without. I would love your advice on what to do next. Thanks!

  2. God loves you 95

    Posted by God loves you 95 on February 17, 2015 at 00:36

    this was very well written and very helpful , 🙂