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    How to Dress for Your Body Type: Plus Size Edition

    Hey PI Girls! We are doing a series of posts on “How to Dress for Your Body Type,” asking ladies who have made it work and love their figure! See the other body types: “Petite Edition” and “Tall Edition.”

    Body type: Plus Size

    Name: Emma Newsom, plus size model

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    Question: What are some signs that you’re “plus size”?

    Answer: Here are a few signs:

    • Pants never quite fit you right because they always gap in the waist when they fit in the thigh.
    • You become friends with your tailor because none of your clothes fit just right.
    • You own a lot of mix-match swimsuits because one size doesn’t fit top and bottom.
    • You almost always hit someone in the face with your booty when scooting to get to your seat in a movie theater or concert. Sorry ’bout that!
    • No thigh gap, no problem!


    Question: Who are some of your style icons with your body type?

    Answer: My #1 style icon is Jenna Lyons, the J.Crew creative director, even though she is a different body type and is tall and slender. But I love getting style ideas from everything she wears and pulling it off in my own way! That’s what fashion is to me—knowing your body and having fun dressing it! Other fashionable favorites are Christina Hendricks and Mindy Kaling. I also love plus-size style bloggers The Curvy Fashionista (founder Marie Denee has a lot of great style ideas for plus women) and Reah Norman—she too has such great style advice! These two blogs are where I find a lot of plus clothes I like and want to try! They always have the latest style news!

    Question: What are some clothing brands you have found that work well for your body type?

    Answer: I usually buy pants that have some stretch in them and I’ve been lucky enough to find great ones at Old Navy. The Rockstar jeans are awesome! I also love to shop at H&M, J.Crew, ASOS and Target!

    Question: When and how did you began to love your body type?

    Answer: I really started to love and appreciate my body when I was about 21. In high school, I was just the tall, curvy, nice girl. I was everyone’s friend and didn’t date anyone. I just saw myself as a girl. Then, around 21, I really started to see myself as a woman. My curves became more defined, I started to understand how to dress them and I fell in love with how they made me feel! This is also when I was encouraged to start modeling, and through that adventure, I truly fell in love with my body and embraced everything I saw as a flaw when I was younger.

    Question: What are a few tips you’ve found helpful in dressing for your body type?

    Answer: My favorite tips:

    • A well-fitted bra is a great first step to any outfit!
    • When ordering online, always order two sizes and send back the ones that don’t fit.
    • Find a GOOD tailor! She will be able to take in your pants, dresses or jackets in all the right places!
    • When buying a belt to cinch your waist, make sure it’s medium to thin in width so it doesn’t completely take over your waist. You want to accentuate it, not cover it.
    • Look for tops that have a V-neck, scoop neck and other necklines to give length to your neck and draw attention to your face.
    • Look for clothes that skim the body or come in at the waist.
    • Fuller skirts aren’t always your friend—go for A-line or pencil.
    • Shift dresses will never work. It’s a bummer, but true. They will usually gap around your stomach area. Go for a wrap dress or one that softly flows out around the hips.
    • Look for jeans that have stretch and a mid rise. Low-rise jeans aren’t always the most flattering.
    • Skinny or straight-leg jeans work best to balance out our curvier hips. Flared can be a little more tricky.
    • When it comes to shoes, wear something with a little heel. This will add length to your leg and lift things just right!
    • Ultimately, if you love something, give it a shot! Fashion is meant to be enjoyed! Be conscious of your body; but don’t be afraid of trying different trends, prints, or styles. Just wear it with confidence! 🙂



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    Do you love your body type?

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