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How to Get Out of Your Rut

Some days are more inspired than others, but what happens when you’re having a series of bad days and you just can’t seem to climb out of the rut? Something has to change, right? If it isn’t the circumstances, it’s going to have to be you. That’s the good news—you can do something about it!


  • Find your peaceful place: What calms you? Is it praying with the lights down low? Taking a bath by candlelight? Walking in nature? Listening to your favorite music? When we’re in a rut, we can get lost in all the things we SHOULD be doing, but in order to think more clearly, the best thing we can do is take time to chill out and listen for that still, small voice. Think about the times you feel the calmest and try to replicate that so you can think about your next step.
  • Ask yourself what the message is about where you’ve been stuck: Sometimes, we’re not paying attention. So God may send annoyances our way to get us to pay attention. If, for example, that mean girl at school is trying your patience and being kind to her isn’t doing any good, it’s time to try something else. Maybe taking a different route or sitting somewhere else will provide you with the reason she keeps coming into your world. The important thing is to learn the lesson God has for you or He will keep sending that mean girl in a different form. Look at how Israelites had to wander in the desert for 40 years before they were allowed to enter the promised land (Exodus 2)!
  • Change your routine: If you’re in a rut, it could be you that’s keeping you there by not veering off the path and wandering on your journey. Life is about discovery and learning God’s will for your life. What could you do differently that would get you out of your rut? It might be as simple as changing what you’re having for lunch or wearing unmatched socks inside your boots (only you will know!). The important thing is you veer from your regular routine to see what you might be missing.
  • Stay in the Word: Reading our Bibles keeps us open to the possibilities that God has for us. If you always read your Bible in a certain way, what about opening it randomly and seeing if God has a new message for you today?
  • Discover what you love and do it: In a world filled with homework, youth group, after-school sports and college apps, we can forget who we are inside and what we love to do. If you love to sketch and algebra has crowded out your drawing, schedule in some time for yourself. Remember who you are in order to find inspiration!
  • Let go of fear: “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). If you’re in a rut and you know that God has more for you, test the waters—step out in faith. Your inspiration is out there waiting for you!


Image: Lightstock | Athena Grace


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