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How to Guard Your Mind From Dangerous Media

Dangerous media? That sounds serious! What kind of media is actually dangerous?

Well, most won’t seem very dangerous—at least not at first. The movies, TV shows, music and books we consume present themselves as harmless entertainment. Many times, that’s exactly what they are! But as believers in Christ, we are called to live holy lives, honoring God with what we put in our minds. If our goal is holiness, there are some forms of media that endanger our purity. But how do we know what these are, and what do we do about it?

There is no quick answer to this question. God doesn’t outline what media is right or wrong to consume outside of some fairly basic guidelines, but He does give us His Spirit to help us walk in His will.

The problem comes when Christians would rather pursue entertainment than honor the Spirit of God within them. When they choose amusement that endangers the purity of their minds, it eventually affects how they live. It also numbs them to the voice of God when they need to hear Him most. To guard your mind from dangerous media, here are three tips you can implement today.


Think About What You’re Watching

This sounds pretty simple—but how many of us really do it? Do you think about what messages your favorite TV show is planting in your mind? Do you think about whether they are consistent with the truth of God or whether they conflict with what you believe about relationships, truth and sexuality? These are questions we need to ask. When we really analyze what we’re watching, and check it against God’s Spirit and our worldview, we make better media decisions.

This might mean you stop reading certain books. You might set aside an old favorite TV show. Or maybe you stop watching TV completely for a season! I’ve had to do all these things at different times in my life so that my relationship with God would come first.


Think About Who Is Watching YOU

Second, think about who’s watching you. We have a responsibility to bear witness to Christ in this world. What we fill our minds with affects how we talk, what we endorse and even how we behave. Our sense of humor is shaped by the media we consume. Would an unbeliever know that you follow Christ based on what you’re watching?

Weaker believers and newer Christians are also seeking answers in their walk with God. It’s important that we help them achieve that end! We do so by showing them what a heart that loves God looks like, not putting a stumbling block in their path for the sake of our own freedom.


Think About the God You Serve

Finally, think about the God you serve. If giving up a certain TV show or book seems extremely hard to you, or like just another rule to follow, you probably aren’t in a close relationship with the God who died to save you. Sure, you may believe in Him—but you don’t love His presence. When you love being with God and following Him, your tastes for certain media change. You stop desiring the things that grieve God and start loving what He loves.

If you’re not there yet, God will help you! It starts by asking Him to give you a desire for relationship. Then, you must make time to seek His face. Learn to listen for Him through His Word and prayer, and let Him change the desires of your heart. Once your desires change, your mind will be guarded from dangerous media by the peace of God himself.

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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by Roses20 on February 11, 2018 at 17:55

    This was so helpful! I definitely struggle with dangerous media!