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How to Lean on God When Life Seems Impossible

As I write this post, my husband, two-year-old daughter and I are facing a situation that seems impossible. With each passing day, we are challenged to trust God financially, emotionally and physically—even when that trust is frightening and uncertain. As we approach two months in this situation, we’re having to lean on God like never before.

I share this not for pity, but to embolden you as you face your own impossible situations. It is possible to walk through difficulty free of anxiety and full of joy. It is possible to feel God’s strength sustaining you when everything around you is falling to pieces.

Below are three practices that have carried us through these two months which you can use as you face your own fiery trials.


1. Pray Boldly and Specifically

I cannot emphasize enough how vital specific prayer is to your current situation. Vague, impersonal prayers produce vague, impersonal answers. God delights to answer His children when they ask specifically and boldly—whether that answer is yes, no or “not now,” He always answers!

Over and over I’ve seen God’s faithfulness in this season as I write down my requests and pray diligently, boldly and specifically over them. Each time God has answered in the exact manner in which we prayed. Our situation has not changed, but God has still shown His faithfulness to us—which bolsters our faith to face another day, week or month of difficulty.

Take this season to write out your requests and record the answers (with the date!) so you can look back on a record of God’s faithfulness.


2. Preach the Truth to Yourself

During trial, it’s easy to drift away from the Lord—to push Him away when He is the source of all things good! He is what we need to face trial and difficulty. We do not face impossible situations because God is absent, but because we live in a fallen world. God’s presence is promised to us; it’s what we can hold onto.

Each time you find yourself struggling to trust, preach truth to your soul. Memorize verses that apply to your situation. Write them on cards and post them where you can read them throughout the day. Challenge lying thoughts, doubts and anxious patterns by speaking God’s promises to your soul. This is how our minds—and thus our hearts and actions—are renewed!


3. Take Captive Your Thoughts

Those lying thoughts are sneaky. They come upon us quietly and quickly, and we accept them—mulling them over in our heads when we could be speaking truth to our minds. Learn to take your thoughts captive for Christ. Destroy the deceit of the Enemy with the truths mentioned above!

Your mind is dictated by either the truth of Christ or the lies of the Enemy; you can’t have both at once. Learn to recognize when you are believing something contrary to Scripture. The best way to do this is to be in Scripture daily, reading what God has to say about your situation. In our own experience, Psalms and the book of John have helped keep our hearts set on God’s vision for our future.

Difficulty is never pleasant. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s terrifying and heartbreaking; sometimes both at the same time. But we have been promised the presence of God in trial. He does not leave us alone; He is Emmanuel, God with us. When we need Him most is when He shows Himself most powerful. You can trust Him—even when life seems impossible.


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  1. ChloeJones

    Posted by ChloeJones on August 19, 2017 at 17:36

    Thank you. Everything here was good, but the taking your thoughts captive thing really sealed it for me. It’s been popping up literally everywhere this last week or so, and I felt God was trying to make a point to me. Confirmation 🙂